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Dangote stocks rally Nigerian stock market to 7th consecutive weekly gain

Forty (40) equities appreciated at price during the week, lower than Sixty-eight (68) equities in the previous week.



NSE, Gainers and Losers, Nigerian Stock exchange

The Nigerian bourse ended the trading week cumulatively on a bullish note.

The All-Share Index and Market Capitalization appreciated by 1.56 and 1.59% respectively to close the week at 31,016.17 and N16.207 trillion respectively.

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  • Similarly, all other indices finished higher with the exception of the NSE-Main Board, NSE Insurance, and NSE Oil/Gas, which depreciated by 0.62%, 1.32%, and 0.77% respectively, while the NSE ASeM Index closed flat.
  • A total turnover of 2.067 billion shares worth N22.64 billion in 25,187 deals was traded this week by investors on the floor of the Exchange, in contrast to a total of 1.909 billion shares valued at N23.610 billion that exchanged hands last week in 23,578 deals.
  • The Financial Services industry (measured by volume) led the activity chart with 1.575 billion shares valued at N13.725 billion, traded in 14,521 deals; thus, contributing 76.21% and 60.63% to the total equity turnover volume and value respectively.
  • The Consumer Goods Industry followed with 178.57 million shares worth N3.609 billion in 4,669 deals.
  • The third place was the Conglomerate Industry, with a turnover of 102.697 million shares worth N155.195 million in 599 deals.
  • Trading in the top three equities namely Access Bank Plc, FBN Holding Plc, and Zenith Bank Plc (measured by volume) accounted for 686.338 million shares worth N7.599 billion in 4,557 deals, contributing 33.21% and 33.57% to the total equity turnover volume and value respectively.
  • Forty (40) equities appreciated in price during the week, lower than sixty-eight (68) equities in the previous week. Twenty-four (24) equities depreciated in price, higher than Six (6) equities in the previous week; while ninety-seven (97) equities remained unchanged, higher than ninety-four (94) recorded in the previous week.

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Top gainers

  1. LIVESTOCK FEEDS PLC. up 30.86% to close at N1.06
  3. DANGOTE SUGAR REFINERY PLC up 19.57% to close at N16.50
  4. CAP PLC up 13.02% to close at N23.00
  5. LASACO ASSURANCE PLC up 12.50% to close at N0.36
  6. CORONATION INSURANCE PLC up 10.00% to close at N0.44
  7. PORTLAND PAINTS & PRODUCTS NIGERIA up 9.59% to close at N2.97
  8. REGENCY ASSURANCE PLC up 9.09% to close at N0.24
  9. DANGOTE CEMENT PLC up 9.06% to close at N174.50
  10. CONSOLIDATED HALLMARK INSURANCE PLC up 8.82% to close at N0.37

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Top losers

  1. INTERNATIONAL BREWERIES PLC down 11.80% to close at N6.50
  2. AXAMANSARD INSURANCE PLC down 9.09% to close at N2.00
  3. LINKAGE ASSURANCE PLC down 8.89% to close at N0.41
  4. CUSTODIAN INVESTMENT PLC down 8.26% to close at N5.55
  5. NEM INSURANCE PLC down 8.07% to close at N2.05
  6. BUA CEMENT PLC down 5.49% to close at N43.00
  7. MUTUAL BENEFITS ASSURANCE PLC down 4.76% to close at N0.20
  8. JULIUS BERGER NIG. PLC down 4.48% to close at N17.05
  9. UNION BANK NIG.PLC down 4.46% to close at N5.35
  10. UNION DIAGNOSTIC & CLINICAL SERVICES PLC down 3.85% to close at N0.25



Nigerian bourse ended the week bullish W/W. In spite of the strong volatility seen lately in global financial markets, Nigerian investors increased their buying pressure across the market spectrum, pushing the All Share Index to its highest point this year, as it hovered above N16 trillion.

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  • Significant buying interests in NSE 30 Stocks like Dangote Stocks, GTBank, triggered the All Share Index to record its seventh-consecutive weekly gain.
  • Nairametrics envisages cautious buying amid expected price swings on the basis that the earning window is closing down, hence stock traders and investors would shift their focus on Tier 1 banks, as their earning results would trigger a significant degree of price volatility.

Explore Data on the Nairametrics Research Website

Olumide Adesina is a France-born Nigerian. He is a Certified Investment Trader, with more than 15 years of working expertise in Investment trading. Message Olumide on Twitter @tokunboadesina. He is a Member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Society.

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    In a period where there should be a lot of capital allocation to emerging markets like Nigeria, a major deterrence to this is our FX situation. Investors have issues getting their money out of the Nigerian economy.

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