Estate Planning

INSIGHT: Understanding estate planning, asset protection, and asset transfer

Estate Planning is all about planning for risks such as ill health, inability to earn income, untimely death, etc. It is also about the transfer of property
Saving Money

INSIGHT: Here’s a reliable way to save money from your monthly salary

Developing the habit of saving money consistently is one of the most difficult things to do on the planet. There are a lot of reasons why this is so.
insurance covers

Try these insurance policies if you own a business

Unforeseen circumstances that occur anytime when it comes to running a business. However, with the right insurance covers, you can scale through such times without tears.
CBN reacts to Naira float

Does one’s fat salary automatically guarantee wealth?

We often determine how wealthy a person is by taking a look at what he earns and how he lives. However, as the saying goes, looks can sometimes be deceptive. So what does wealth accumulation entail? And what does it require? Let us find out.
Investment diversity

Fixed Income expert explains why investors should diversify their investments

A Nigerian fixed-income expert, Igho Alonge, recently shared on Twitter reasons why investors should always embrace the idea of diversifying their investments.
how to become an effective negotiator

CAREER TIPS: What you need to know to become an effective negotiator

The art of negotiation is an important skill you must learn if you wish to become an effective professional capable of maintaining good relationships. You also need to master it in order to be able to close satisfactory deals.
Why your business should define its target market

Why your business should define its target market

Simply put, your target market is the group of people you’re making your products and services for. Other terms used to describe this group are "target audience" and "target customer."
Start-ups Funding Rounds

From Pre-Seed to Series D: Startup Funding Rounds Explained

Raising equity funding for your startup is a long, difficult, and often demoralizing process. However, if you are successful, you walk away with money that will help your startup grow and become everything you hope it could become.
Retirement Savings Account

Everything you should know about the Retirement Savings Account

The Retirement Savings Accounts are powerful accumulators of compounded investment returns because they have a tax-exempt advantage for cash contributions and investment returns.
game of Chess

12 lessons on business strategy from the game of Chess

Are you a chess player? Well, not a lot of people are. Therefore, if your answer is no, you really need to try it. After all, it is called “the game of kings and queens” for a reason.
MSME's, Development plan

14 ways to turn your small business into an asset of value

As an entrepreneur, there’s only one goal you should be aiming at – "To turn your business into a wealth-creating asset of value.’’ This perspective is according to renowned Venture Capitalist and Business Growth Accelerator, Pavlo Phitidis. 
Tax Waivers for startups - Emotional intelligence

6 easy ways to market your new business on the internet

Internet marketing is a necessity for every business that wants to go far. Having an online presence will help you establish your expertise.
Tax Waivers for startups - Emotional intelligence

Why you need emotional intelligence to successfully run a business

Basically, emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to recognise, understand, and manage one’s feelings and emotions, as well as those of others.
Fifty important skills that will earn Nigerians Forex

Fifty important skills that will earn Nigerians Forex

Earning money in foreign currency is a smarter way to beat inflation and earn amounts significantly higher than the minimum wage.
How to standout in a saturated market

How to standout in a saturated market

One of the most effective ways to break into a saturated or oversaturated market is by offering a product that is new to the industry or improving upon one that already exists.
Tax Waivers for startups - Emotional intelligence

Building a side business as a 9-5 worker? Here are the things you should...

In a world where everyone is looking for extra income through numerous side hustles, it is a great idea to know how best to balance one's regular day job so that it does not conflict with the hustle.
Nigerian billionaires

5 habits of Nigeria’s business billionaires you should emulate

Billionaires inspire us to be great just as they are. However, they didn’t achieve success by mere luck. Find out the habits that have helped them to.
Investment diversity

A Fixed Income Expert shares thoughts on how to grow one’s net worth

A Fixed Income Manager, identified as Igho Alonge on Twitter, recently shared some insights on how to grow one's net worth.
As fears rise over the sustainability of America’s Social Security Fund...

As fears rise over the sustainability of America’s Social Security Fund…

The path to extinction seems to be the route on which the famous Social Security Trust Fund of America is on as at moment.
Tax Waivers for startups - Emotional intelligence

Oluwatosin Olaseinde explains why many businesses cannot kick off in Nigeria

Nigerian entrepreneur Oluwatosin Olaseinde (@tosinolaseinde) took to her Twitter page over the weekend to explain why many businesses can't kick start in Nigeria.
10 Books you should read to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset

10 Books you should read to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset

To start and grow a thriving business, you need to make books a regular part of your diet. Just like food is for the nourishment to the body, so are books the nourishment to the mind.
Tax Waivers for startups - Emotional intelligence

10 Financial management tips to guarantee the survival of your startup

Have you just obtained the funds you need to start your startup? Kudos! Now, let's talk about how you can properly manage that money to ensure the success of your business.
Young employees

Younger employees don’t understand the concept of promotion – Ugo Obi-Chukwu

According to Ugo Obi-Chukwu, young generation workers do not understand the need to wait for two years for promotion or raise.
Why entrepreneurs should speak out more about their failures

Why entrepreneurs should speak out more about their failures

Kola Aina recently took to his Twitter page to shed light on the need for entrepreneurs to open up about their failures just the same way they talk about their success.
financial management

Financial management tips every serious couple should try

Issues faced by couples are not just because there’s no love or respect. They are not even about sex. Instead, most of the issues arise due to poor financial management.
Nine Nigerian youths on the 2018 Forbes' 30 under 30 Africans

Must entrepreneurs be in their twenties in order to succeed?

Nowadays, it seems like the sermon everyone is preaching is “entrepreneurs shall inherit the earth’’.
To become a millionaire, here are some net worth benchmarks to set

To become a millionaire, here are some net worth benchmarks to set

Many work hard their entire life and never get the chance to enjoy much. Some retire with a meagre pension that sometimes is denied them.
True wealth is defined by how much you have

Your salary is a bribe to make you forget your dreams – Awosanya

In recent Twitter thread, @segalink argued that salary earners are wasting their time working for others, when they should be creating wealth for themselves.
technology and software

You can pursue a career in tech without knowing how to code!

There are so many things you can do in tech that will not require you to touch a line of code. Click the link to see some of them.
online terms and conditions - nairametrics

Lessons from Feranmi: What I learnt from my failed business

A Nigerian entrepreneur identified as @A_Feranmi on Twitter, recently shared how he became a millionaire at age 19, and then lost it all a year later due to bad business decisions.


the best mobile banking apps

See the best Nigerian mobile banking apps in H1 2019

See the best Nigerian mobile banking apps in H1 2019 #Banking #Apps
President Muhammadu Buhari, new minimum wage

FG’s new minimum wage implementation does not apply to everyone

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the immediate implementation of the N30,000 new minimum wage, but it is not for everyone.

SCOOP: MTN workers to stay home as students reportedly picket headquarters [Update]

Staff of @MTNNG have reportedly been told to stay back at home after the company received a warning of a planned protest by Nigerian students.