Salary earner

Become a “rich salary” earner today by following these simple steps

There is a general belief that you cannot be rich working for someone else. Here is how to prove that wrong.
protect your bank accounts

How to protect your bank account from phishing attempts

We often hear stories of people being defrauded of thousands, or even millions of Naira. As scary as the stories sound, we oftentimes still fail to take certain precautions to ensure we don’t fall victim.
Financial Risk Management

Financial Risk Management Tips for Individuals and SMEs

Poor financial risk management is one of the factors responsible for the failure of businesses in Nigeria and across the world.
reducing expenses

Strategies to Reduce Expenses and Save Money

In everyday language, consumption is nothing other than expenses. So, by reducing your expenses, you will be in a better position to save more.
sticking to a budget

Here are the Rewards of Sticking to A Budget

Here are the Rewards of Sticking to A Budget #Business #Money #Savings #Startup #Business
how to measure the performance of your investments.

This is how to measure the performance of your Investments

In my last piece, I talked about why you should measure the performance of your investments. I also promised to talk about how you can calculate the performance measurement metrics needed to appraise your investments.
All you need to know about target saving plans, specifically an education plan

All you need to know about target saving plans, specifically an education plan

How can you save to meet a predefined target in the future? For example, if you want to save to hit a future target sum for the education of your child, how can you implement a target Saving Plan?
how to measure the performance of your investments.

Why you should measure the performance of your investments

Investment performance is best understood after understanding what an investment is. Simply put, investment is the initial forfeiture of something of value, now, in exchange for the anticipated benefit of getting back more than what was forfeited.
Estate Planning

INSIGHT: Understanding estate planning, asset protection, and asset transfer

Estate Planning is all about planning for risks such as ill health, inability to earn income, untimely death, etc. It is also about the transfer of property
MMM Cooperation

Nigerians are falling yet again for MMM as it makes a come back

Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM), the Russian-founded Ponzi scheme which wrecked the lives of so many Nigerians in 2017 is back in business.
Getting a loan

Financial Expert lists 5 things to consider before taking any loan

Financial Expert, Kalu Aja, has enumerated what anybody who wishes to get a loan should consider before getting one. According to Aja, there are five things that must be considered prior to getting a loan. 
Saving Money

INSIGHT: Here’s a reliable way to save money from your monthly salary

Developing the habit of saving money consistently is one of the most difficult things to do on the planet. There are a lot of reasons why this is so.
Bank Charges

A look at how you can minimise your bank charges

Nigerian banks are profitable entities, as evidenced by their annual financial statements and the performance of the banking index. However, one aspect of the banking industry in Nigeria many people dislike is the fact that the bank charges seem to be a lot and on the high side.
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GTBank, acquisition

GTBank in acquisition talks

Chief Executive Officer of GTBank Segun Agbaje has said that the bank is making plans to expand its market base beyond its present locations.
Frus, FBI, 80 Nigerians

FRAUD: FBI releases names of 80 Nigerians

Not less than 80 Nigerians have been put in the public domain by the United States Government over fraudulent activities, the FBI termed to be one of the massive frauds that have gone down in history.
FBI, Jenna

FBI’s list of 80 Nigerians indicted for fraud : Nigerians react

Following the FBI’s release of a list containing about 80 Nigerians who were involved in a money laundering case, Nigerians have taken to social media platform, Twitter to react and express their views on the matter.