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How SARS “robbed” me – Yele Bademosi, CEO Bundle

Bundle Founder, Yele Bademosi has told of how he was abducted and ‘robbed’ by SARS.



Following the End SARS protest which currently ongoing in several parts of the country, many victims of the atrocious activities of the Police unit have been coming forward to narrate their unpleasant experiences.

One such victim is Yele Bademosi, a tech entrepreneur and CEO of Bundle – a social payment app for cash or crypto. Bademosi took to his Twitter handle @YeleBademosi to narrate how he was abducted by the officers, harassed, threatened and extorted from last year, in the Lekki axis of Lagos while on his way home.

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“On October 2019, I got kidnapped by SARS. I was less than 2 mins from my home, they refused to listen to anything I said and took me from Lekki to Ajah then all the way to Ikoyi, whilst stopping and harassing other young adults, I’m not sure how many cars they stopped and robbed,” he narrates.

Bademosi said that even after identifying himself to the officers and explaining to them his line of work, his phones and other devices were seized from him as the officers insisted he is a “yahoo-boy.” Fearing for his life, Bademosi allowed the officers access into his devices where they took the little he had in his account even though they initially insisted he must give them a million naira before he could be set free.


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“They took my phones, wallet, house key, my Apple Watch, they didn’t care about my ID cards and claimed I was a Yahoo Boy because I had messages on telegram with foreigners. They demanded N1m from me, made a “fake” phone call to their commander, and said I would sleep in prison. They stopped at the end of Eko Bridge and demanded more money before driving me to somewhere on the mainland near the international airport. I don’t keep a lot of Naira on me as I am long Bitcoin, and only had N51,000 in my account, which they asked me to withdraw at a UBA ATM. They forced me to open my US bank accounts and said I should transfer USD from my Bank of America account to my GTB account. I cried and prayed because I didn’t know what to do and couldn’t understand why and how this was happening. It was one of the scariest experiences of my life,” he said.

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The serial entrepreneur said he thought to himself that these errant officers could kill him and no one would even know. All he could do was pray to God to deliver him. He however didn’t disclose how he was eventually able to…., but insists, “SARS must be banned! They have no place in Nigeria and we must hold our government and leaders accountable. This could be any of us, we shouldn’t wait until we lose a loved one before we take action!”

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In the last three days, the call for the disbandment of the notorious Police unit has continued on social media and on the streets of some Nigerian cities with protests and demonstrations led by celebrities and social media influencers.

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A few days ago, the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu had banned the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS) and other Tactical Squads of the Force including the Special Tactical Squad (STS), Intelligence Response Team (IRT), Anti-Cultism Squad operating at the Federal, Zonal and Command levels, from carrying out routine patrols, it is yet to be seen if the warning will be heeded.

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  1. manager

    October 10, 2020 at 6:04 am

    SARS needs Reform not ending SARS, if it were armed robbers that caught you…you may not be alive to tell the story, Armed Robbers will finish Nigerians in one month if government end SARS.

    • Rochet

      October 11, 2020 at 7:30 am

      Who then are the armed robbers if not SARS? Majority of the high and low profile cases that have taken place in this country were committed by SARS operatives. Despite my personal experience, I won’t support an outright ban of SARS, I would rather support reform. The problem with the entire Nigerian Police Force is that their recruitment process is flawed: many “serving and retired criminals” easily found their ways into the Police Force during recruitment exercises. At times they used money to buy their ways into the Force. If SARS should be outrightly banned, honestly, we would end up having more problems and challenges than we currently have. My position is, let us try and reform SARS by all means and at all means, even if it requires inviting other countries to come and assist us with Police recruitment.

      • Matthew

        October 11, 2020 at 2:19 pm

        They should be banned. Because they are Killers. Even the armed robbers we are talking about knows that nobody carries money around this days. And even if they steal your phones they can be tracked. SARS have longed been in Nigeria but I have never heard that SARS has at anytime intercept with kidnappers. Are kidnappers not still operating in Nigeria? They are only good at oppression.

  2. Anonymous

    October 10, 2020 at 10:10 am

    If this actually happened to a citizen of the nation where Ruling government I think it’s unfair

  3. Ifeanyi

    October 10, 2020 at 11:11 am

    Every Sars official should be probed by efcc, but it’s not possible because they are brothers in crime even our leaders their oga at the top will protect them. We will only comment and do nothing but I know that what ever a man sow he will reap one day

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53,460 3G and 4G Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) deployed in Nigeria – Prof. Danbatta

The 3G and 4G base transceiver stations deployed in Nigeria in the last 5 years increased from 30,000 to 53,460.



Buhari reappoints Danbatta as NCC Vice Chairman/CEO

A total of 53,460 third-generation (3G) and fourth-generation (4G) base transceiver stations (BTS) have been deployed in Nigeria in the last five years.

This was disclosed by the Executive Vice Chairman of Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Prof. Umar Danbatta at a briefing session for the new Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, Engr. Festus Yusuf Daudu.

According to Danbatta, the effective regulatory regime put in place by his leadership has created the desired impetus for the increased deployment of infrastructure by various telecoms operators, which in turn, has helped to improve the broadband penetration and other related service delivery in the telecoms industry.

The BTS, fibre optic cables and other related infrastructure are central to the provision of improved service experience for Nigerians by their respective telecoms service providers.

“The licensed Infrastructure Companies (InfraCos) are also expected to add 38,296km to optic fibre cables when they commence full operations.


What they are saying

According to Prof Danbatta:

  • The Commission will continue to put in its best in the discharge of its mandates, especially in facilitating the deployment of broadband, which is central to diversifying the Nigerian economy and national development”
  • “Also, it is our belief that the communications industry, under the leadership of the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, will experience more quantum leaps and retain its current leadership role in the telecommunications space”

In his reaction and comment, the new Perm Sec, Engr. Festus Yusuf Daudu said:

  • “I want to thank NCC for its contribution to the Nigerian economy so far. I am not exaggerating about the achievements of NCC, in terms of contribution to GDP and how NCC’s effective regulatory role has been helping the economy in so many ways

What you should know

  • The BTS system is part of a GSM network that is responsible for the reception and transmission of radio signals from mobile phones.
  • A Base Transceiver Station is a general description of equipment consisting of the telecommunication technology and the air interface of the mobile network (GSM, UMTS etc.).
  • The deployment of the 3G and 4G base transceiver stations (BTS) increased from 30,000 to 53,460, in the last 5 years
  • While the Fibre Optic Transmission cables expanded from 47,000km to 54,725km
  • As at November, 2020, active telephony subscribers stood at 208 million with tele-density standing at 108.92%
  • Active Internet subscriptions of 154.9 million were achieved with broadband penetration rate of 45.07%
  • The number of subscriptions to DND service hit over 30 million as the service empowers Nigerians to be able to protect themselves from the menace of unsolicited text messages and calls.

Why this matters

Having more Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) is quite imperative for driving an improved broadband/telecoms service delivery to Nigerian subscribers.

The poor services currently experienced by many telephony subscribers, especially in areas not sufficiently covered by Base stations, will now be a thing of the past as even subscribers in the remotest rural areas can conveniently receive and make calls and as well as enjoy other subscription services, without hitches.

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Steps to take to get your NIN

Getting your national identification number is free and would not take you a lot of time if you follow the right steps.



You cannot fully claim to be a citizen of a country if you don’t have a means of identification. There are several means of identification for Nigerians like the international passport, voter’s card, or driver’s license. Still, the most recognized and widely accepted means of identification is the National Identity Card which carries a unique number.

Your national identification number is required for almost anything you do in Nigeria these days, including opening a bank account and get a sim card. Getting your national identification number is free and would not take you a lot of time if you follow the right steps. There are three types of enrolment processes:

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1. Self Service:

In this case, you walk into an enrollment centre and apply by yourself. All you have to do is feel an enrollment form, submit it to the officer available and do your biometrics, after which your NIN would be given to you.


2. Assisted Service:

For the assisted service, you walk in and get assistance from a support officer who helps you fill your form correctly and make sure your application is submitted. This service is mostly for people that can neither read nor write. It makes the process easier for them and helps to avoid time wastage.

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3. Mobile Service:

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You also have the option of walking into a mobile enrollment centre in your neighbourhood, and either do a self or assisted service. Check online for the mobile enrollment centres close to you.

To get your unique national identification number, there are some steps you have to take. They include;

Step 1: Walk into the nearest NIMC enrolment centre with the required documents (any means of identification and your BVN if you have one). Make sure you have not enrolled before, if you have, go along with your old national identification number.

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Step 2: Get and fill the enrollment form providing all the required information.

Stanbic IBTC

Step 3: Submit the filled form to the enrollment officer, who then inputs your details into the online enrollment application.

Step 4: Verify and confirm the enrolment data on the system to avoid mistakes.

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Step 5: Capture your headshot photo, fingerprints and signature

Step 6: Give the enrolment officer your supporting documents to scan

Step 7: Your enrolment is acknowledged, and two slips are generated for you. The first slip should be a transaction slip and the second slip should be a NIN slip indicating completion of enrolment.

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The federal government recently made it mandatory for all Nigerians to link their NIN with their sim, so it is essential for you to get your NIN if you don’t have one. Getting your NIN should not be difficult if you have the required documents and follow the steps stated above.

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FG commences NIN enrollment for foreign diplomats

The NIMC has announced that it has started the enrolment of NIN for foreign diplomats in Nigeria.



FG invalidates SIM integration using BVN generated NIN, applicants must visit NIMC offices

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) announced that it has started the enrolment of NIN for foreign diplomats in Nigeria.

This was disclosed by the NIMC in a statement on Friday.

“The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Ali Ibrahim (Pantami) in his bid to ensure seamless enrolment of all diplomats in the country for the purpose of the ongoing NIN-SIM linkage and other need, directed the setting up of the enrolment center at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja,” the agency said.

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The enrolment of diplomats started on Monday, 18th January 2021.


NIMC assured Nigerians that it would ensure the enrolment of all Nigerians and legal residents into the National Identity Database.

READ: FG invalidates SIM integration using BVN generated NIN, applicants must visit NIMC offices

What you should know: Nairametrics reported earlier that the Federal Government on Sunday announced the mandatory National Identity Number (NIN) enrolment for foreign diplomats in the country.

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