Nairametrics| Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State earlier this week announced plans to ban the popular yellow buses, known as Danfo, which have become synonymous with the state and replace them with modern bus transport systems. According to him, this is to re-position road transportation system in Lagos in line with its mega-city status.

However, the majority of reactions trailing the announcement have not been positive as Lagosians cannot see how this will help the common man on the street. Nairametrics also had a say during the week in a blog post

Here are 4 reactions, as culled from Vanguard, which aptly describe how the majority of the populace feel about the ban.

“What is the alternative to those buses? Government should get the necessary alternatives first before it bans those buses. I would rather subscribe to enforcing some simple regulations on the drivers and their operational rules among others. Banning those buses without providing an alternative would put a lot of people into hardship and create more havoc on our depressed economy.”- Babatunde Adedeji, Student.

“The Lagos state government seems not to care about her citizens. Despite the situation of the economy, the only thing a governor is concerned with is, “Mega city”. Will the so called Mega city put food on my table? I am a fashion designer by profession, but due to the economic crisis, I have combined it with commercial driving which I have been doing for a while. How will I feed my family of four, my aged mother and younger ones, if my means of livelihood is taken away? Governor Akinwunmi Ambode should think well otherwise the crime rate in Lagos will increase, I promise.”- Nwosu Chukwuemeka, Part-time commercial driver.

“The Lagos state government should know that this can’t work in Lagos state. The Yellow buses are more efficient than waiting and depending on BRT long queues. How many modern buses can Lagos afford? Also, this will lead to many losing their source of livelihood and more hardship for the average Nigerians.”- Peter Kehinde, Artisan.

“I am so disappointed that the government could think in this direction. Regardless of what the Megacity syndrome is all about, it is important to know that many people will be rendered jobless and the state will be in disarray. Already, the country is experiencing serious hardship, there is hunger in the land and if the next step is to further frustrate Nigerians and subject them to pains, it is unfortunate. Many families will suffer. I hope, this is a joke because it will not work.”- Chima James, Journalist.

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With these views, it becomes obvious that the top-down approach to leadership in Nigeria is very much in force with the government not considering the wishes of the people before coming up with this plan. The worry of most Lagosians remain the loss of jobs and increased waiting times at bus terminals, which given the already difficult economic situation of the country, may just be too much to bear.


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