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Year in, Year out, Warren Buffet auctions off a three-hour lunch date tagged The Power Meal. This is an exciting adventure for those who can afford it as they get a chance to learn many business lessons as well as the biggest deals in the world. 

Earlier this year, Buffet was supposed to have one of these power lunches with Bitcoin entrepreneur, 28-year-old Justin Sun, the founder of cryptocurrency platform Tron, who paid $4.6m for a lunch date with warren buffet but it was postponed at the last minute. 

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Sun has now come out to talk about why he postponed the meal with the fourth richest man in the world and when he plans to reschedule it. Sun had said in a Twitter post that he had to reschedule due to medical reasons as he had issues with his kidney.  

Also, in a live stream, Sun made it known that he was inviting more people to join him in the rescheduled power lunch with Buffet which he said would happen soon. Some of the invitees include crypto entrepreneurs, Charlie Lee and Jeremy Allaire as well as the United States President, Donald Trump 

As for Buffett, he’s being gracious as always. In a statement released to the press, he said, “I’m delighted with the fact that Justin has won the lunch and I’m looking forward to meeting him and his friends. We are going to have a good time and Glide will use his contribution to help many thousands of people.” 

While you might be wondering why one will have to pay such a huge amount to have lunch with the billionaire and what the money is used for, Nairametrics understands what the real catch is. Buffet auctions off lunch date to the public for the highest bidder. This is in order to support one of his charities called the ‘San Francisco’s Glide Foundation’ with its profit. 

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About San Francisco’s Glide Foundation: Glide was founded about 50 years ago. It is a foundation that focuses on stopping the cycle of poverty in San Francisco and provides aid and advocates for marginalised individuals and families. 









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