Financial Literacy

Articles and analysis on Financial Literacy from a Nigerian perspective

A Review Of Nigerian Bitcoin Exchanges, Nairaex And Naira4dollar

While the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as well as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) have sounded notes of caution, they have not...

Gyrations Galore As Bitcoins Prices Fall Below $1k on Thursday

Bitcoin price fell 14% on Thursday to about $970 as the Cryptocurrency fell to the gyrations of market volatility. According to reports, the price...

These 3 Stocks Just Joined Pension Index; See What It Means For Your Portfolio

The Nigerian Stock Exchange released its 2017 first half review of its major indices on Tuesday. Of particular interest to us was the NSE...

Bitcoins Surge Past $1k, Post 124% Return in 2016

Nairametrics| Bitcoins on Monday January 2 surged passed the $1k mark making it one of the best performing asset class for the year. Bitcoins...
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6 Key Areas Technology Can Help Nigerian SME’s Reduce Cost

18 months ago, in June 2015, whilst the rest of the country was still caught up in the euphoria of a newly elected government,...

A Little Bit More about Bitcoins For Nigerians

More into the world of bitcoin

How I Got Introduced Into Bitcoins

An introduction to bitcoin
Avoid paying taxes

6 Key Clarifications On The FIRS Tax Amnesty Program (Updated)

New Update Subsequent to our recent tax alert on the ongoing tax amnesty, we have received further update from the FIRS regarding eligibility for the waiver. The initial...
Investment Unit Trusts

What are Investment Unit Trusts?

A unit trust is an investment fund contributed by several investors for investment in a portfolio of securities – stocks, bonds, money market instruments
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5 Ways Having A Co-founder Can Improve Your Startup

Being an entrepreneur is very hard. Having a co-founder(s) could be one of the most important decisions you will make in your business and...

The CEO OF a $1.2m Nigerian Company Has 17 Pieces of Advice for Startup...

Mark Essien, the CEO of Hotels.ng, Nigeria’s biggest hotel booking site had some advice for Nigerian startup founders. In a recent post on his...

The Term Stock Market Volatility

Stock market volatility is clearly explained in this article

​ ​ Who Are Venture Capitalists? 

Deep analysis of the role of a venture capitalist

The Term Capital Structure

Capital structure is the mix of the long-term sources of funds used by a firm. It is made up of debt and equity securities...
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Nigerian start-ups can learn from this American start-up that raised $9million using 9 slides

Nigerian start-ups can learn from this American start-up that raised $9million using 9 slides.

The Term ‘Counter-party’

A counter-party is described as an entity or other party that participates in a financial transaction. In the financial world, every transaction must have...
co-founder, startup

A Theory Of Share Allocation For Startups

A theory on how to determine who gets what in a startup is proposed.

A-Z Of Investing In Bitcoins From Nigeria

Finally, a Nairametrics take on the world's leading Crypto currency.
Avoid paying taxes

Nigeria’s Excess Dividend Tax Explained

It is typical for companies in a particular year, to pay dividends out of retained earnings and/or current year profits. But it could come at a cost.

Who is a Custodian?

When you think of a custodian in layman’s terms, you think of someone who has responsibility for taking care of or protecting something. In...

What is a Coupon Rate?

Bonds are issued by governments and companies to raise money to finance their operations or for capital projects. When an investor buys a bond,...
Credit Rating

What is Credit Rating?

A credit rating is an evaluation of the credit risk of a prospective debtor (an individual, a business, company or a government), predicting their...
market maker

Who is a Market Maker and how they influence stock prices. 

The term Market Making is the act of entering bid and offer prices in the automated trading system for a specified security under the...
Pension funds

Conditions For Nigerian Pension Funds (PFA) To Invest In Shares

The Pension Reform Act of 2014 allows Pension Fund Administrators (PFA's) to invest funds in companies listed in the Nigerian Stock Exchange or any...

Bellwether Stocks In Nigeria And What It Means

Bellwether stocks are key stocks that serve as a gauge of general market performance or general economic performance. Investors view these stocks as key...
Nigerian Economy: Solution To Fixing Buharinomics

How To Know When Nigeria’s Economy Is In A Recession

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of an economy is the value of goods and services produced in an economy like Nigeria. GDP is basically...

What The Term “Blue Chip Company” Means

Here are the Features of a Blue Chip Company Blue chip companies are widely known for good financial performance, product acceptance, high quality management and...

Why Companies Issue Commercial Papers

When you invest in a commercial paper, you purchase at a discount to receive the full value at maturity.

How Per Capita Income Of A Country Is Calculated

Per capita income measures the average income earned per person in a given area (city, region, country, etc.) in a specified year. It is...