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Nigeria's debt profile

Taxes you need to be aware of if you are about to start a...

In Nigeria, all persons in employment – individuals who own a business, non-residents who derive income from Nigeria as well as companies that operate...

Analysis: Are Expenses Incurred Outside Nigeria Tax Deductible?

Tax Deductibility Of Expenses Incurred Outside Nigeria: Are Days Of Arbitrary Awards Over? The increased pace of globalisation has not left Nigeria and Nigerian companies...

A Little Bit More about Bitcoins For Nigerians

More into the world of bitcoin

[INVESTING 101] Meaning of a Commercial Paper

A Commercial Paper (CP) is basically an instrument that a company issues to the public when it wants to borrow money. Commercial Papers are...
Credit Rating

What is Credit Rating?

A credit rating is an evaluation of the credit risk of a prospective debtor (an individual, a business, company or a government), predicting their...

Richard Branson teaches best ways to become a good business leader

According to Richard Branson, the most important thing to do when running a company is to always bear in mind that a company is made up of a  group of people.

Explained: Why LIRS wants to tax loans you got from your employers

The Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) recently issued a public notice (the Notice) with respect to taxation of interest benefits accruing to employees...

Guys, never look this way if you want to keep your job in Nigeria

Even with dress codes stipulated by most companies, guys still find a way to express their sense of fashion without breaching the code. Gone...
Avoid paying taxes

6 Key Clarifications On The FIRS Tax Amnesty Program (Updated)

New Update Subsequent to our recent tax alert on the ongoing tax amnesty, we have received further update from the FIRS regarding eligibility for the waiver. The initial...
Emerging Market and a Frontier Market

This explains the difference between an Emerging Market and a Frontier Market

Emerging Markets An emerging market economy is a nation’s economy that is investing in more productive capacity and are progressing toward becoming advanced, as shown...

8 stock market terms you can add to your knowledge this week

There are many Nigerians who are interested in participating in the stock market, trading shares and making profits. For many, though, their inability to...
Valentine's Day gift box

4 incredible financial gifts for your partner on Valentine’s Day

Here are 4 financial gifts you can get your significant other this Valentine's Day.

These 3 Stocks Just Joined Pension Index; See What It Means For Your Portfolio

The Nigerian Stock Exchange released its 2017 first half review of its major indices on Tuesday. Of particular interest to us was the NSE...
How to Calculate Deductions for the Employee Compensation Scheme

How to Calculate Deductions for the Employee Compensation Scheme

In 2011, the National Assembly replaced the Workmen's Compensation Act with the Employee Compensation Act (ECA).

Bitcoins Surge Past $1k, Post 124% Return in 2016

Nairametrics| Bitcoins on Monday January 2 surged passed the $1k mark making it one of the best performing asset class for the year. Bitcoins...

A guide to investing in a Call Account

A Call Account or Call Deposit is a flexible instrument that allows you save and earn interest while having access to your funds should...
Real Estate in Lagos

Everything you need to know to become a real estate investor

If you are looking for a way to invest your savings, why not consider real estate? See details how by clicking the link below-

Why your stocks can be placed on full or technical suspension

Movement in share prices is caused by a lot of factors. Some of these factors are external and beyond the control of a company....

When is it appropriate to ask for a salary raise?

This ranks as one of the most asked questions in a working environment. A lot of people feel like they deserve a raise but...
Who pays for VAT and WHT

Who pays for Value Added Tax and Withholding Tax?

Let's explain this once and for all.
monetise your hobbies

These are ways you can monetise your hobbies

If you play your cards right, there’s a chance that you can monetize it.

How to invest in Nigeria’s FGN Savings Bond

The Debt Management Office of Nigeria launched a new retail investment program called the FGN Savings Bonds. In this article, Nairametrics will explain what...

The Good And Bad Of “Kobo” Stocks

Someone once told me he was buying a particular stock in droves because he thought the shares was so cheap the share price couldn't...
EXPLAINED: The reasons why many Nigerian startups fail

EXPLAINED: The reasons why many Nigerian startups fail

Popular Nigerian realtor and human rights activist, Mr Segun Awosanya, has explained why many Nigerian startups fail. 
Share reconstruction

What Is A Share Reconstruction and How It Affects You

Share Reconstruction A Share Reconstruction otherwise known as a reverse stock split is a process whereby a company reduces the total number of outstanding shares it...

REVEALED: This Is The Man Who Created Bitcoins

Craig Wright who Gizmodo and Wired reported as the man behind digital currency, Bitcoins had finally confirmed to the world that he indeed is...

DON’T MISS These Reports If You Invest In Shares or Plan To Someday

  Emma is an avid football fan and a supporter of Arsenal football club. Every morning, afternoon and night he gets alerts via a number...
Severance package

What you should not do when you just receive a severance package

Through the experiences of people who have squandered their severance packages and those who made very good use of it, we provide you a step by step guide.

FIRS Says NNPC Is Owing Over $300 Million In Tax

Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Babatunde Fowler, disclosed yesterday that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has an outstanding tax debt...
Jim Ovia, Chairman of Zenith Bank Plc

Company Indoor Management: What CEO, MD and Chairman of a company actually means

It’s no news that the average Nigerian enjoys title more than anything else. Some see it as a form of identity and failure to...


Billionaires club: The current owners of MTN who need to sell for you to...

If you are one of those very active social media enthusiasts on WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook, then you must have come across the image...

MTN Nigeria has signed a N200 billion loan deal that effectively shuts out any...

MTN Nigeria's debuted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange by listing over 20 billion shares at N90 per share. Since then the stock has gained 20%, increasing its market cap by over N360 billion to N2.2 trillion.
CBN begins process for proposed Payments System Vision 2030

CBN begins process for the proposed Payments System Vision 2030

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has begun the process of developing the Payment System Vision 2030 strategy, which will define the strategic agenda for the Nigerian Payments System for the next ten years.