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How to climb the Wealth Pyramid with speed

To climb the wealth pyramid and join the top 20%, these are thus the three things you must do.



How to climb the Wealth Pyramid with speed

There is a ″Wealth Pyramid″ in every society and in almost every country that distributes wealth using the metric: 1%, 4%, 15%, 60%, 20%.

For many decades, this wealth pyramid has refused to change. It has remained the same despite the numerous New Year resolutions, wealth empowerment programs, technological advancements, and all the governmental wealth redistribution programs.

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Today, 60% of any given population barely gets by. They have a myriad of financial problems. 20% are broke, and find it hard to meet basic needs. 15% have their personal and family needs covered and can afford to save and invest. 4% are prosperous and can afford to live in luxury, while the last 1% are super-wealthy and can afford anything money can buy.

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So why are there only a few people at the top of the wealth pyramid?

The answer is simple and there are two reasons for this.

The first reason is that people are trying to climb the wealth pyramid all by themselves. Doing it alone is the longest, most painful, and laborious way to climb.

The second reason is that people are becoming rich and becoming poor almost at the same time. Long-lasting wealth is now a thing of the past. While wealth has increased over the past decade, a lot of it has been lost due to the lack of discipline, skills, and character to preserve wealth.

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To climb the wealth pyramid and join the top 20% there are thus three things you must do.

The first thing you must do is understand that the odds are against you. The second thing you must do is have a plan to improve the odds. And third, you must do is create a system that channels some of the wealth to you. Below I explain these three points in detail.

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1. The Odds are against You

If you are a working-class professional and among the bottom 80%, the odds are stacked up against you. This is because you gain your wealth from a system. That places a limit on your income. The No 1 rule for climbing to the top of the pyramid is to never have a limit on your income. When you depend on one source of income that is limited. You limit your chances of ascending to the top. You also put yourself in one of the worst categories of people in the world.

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There are three categories of people in the world. The first category is those with the least likelihood of success. The second category is those most likely to succeed. And the third category is those most likely to gain Power.

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  • Those with the Least Likelihood of Success

The majority of employees fall under this category and employees are those with the least likelihood for success. According to research, over 95% of them will end up in retirement a burden to their loved ones. And there are only a few wealthy employees in the world. This is because employees fetch from a wealth system that trade-off maximum income for a secure monthly stipend. There are like the proverbial man who goes to the ocean with a teaspoon. Although there is an enormous amount of wealth that can be earned from their employers. They are limited by the security option they choose. Climbing to the top on the back of a limited income is almost impossible.

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  • Those Most Likely To Succeed

Employers and Business owners fall under this category. They are the ones most likely to succeed. Business Owners are the wealthiest people in the world and they are the ones with the capacity to climb to the top. Yet not all businesses are created the same. Certain businesses have a higher likelihood of success than others. There are two categories of businesses. The First category is wealthy businesses. Those with huge assets, employees, and cash reserves. The second category is struggling businesses. Those with irregular and sporadic income. These are called SMEs. Successful businesses have a higher chance of success than SMEs. According to Research over 75% of SMEs fail after the first 10 years. They fail because, small business owners enter the business world without the right skills, knowledge, and mentorship. They try to climb the wealth pyramid on their own and destroy their limited resources in the process. No one ever climbs the wealth pyramid all by themselves. Everyone was helped to get up there. So if you want to move from SME to a successful business you must get the help you need to thrive.

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  • Those Most Likely To Gain Power 

The people with the highest chance of gaining power are politicians and government officials. There have the power to create and annul laws. But despite their enormous power they and deficient in wealth. Power without wealth is still a disadvantage so to make up for this. The government and politicians occasionally collaborate with successful business owners. Who are custodians of wealth to gain a certain wealth advantage. In exchange, they give the business owners some leg in the power play. The Government unlike employees and SMEs use what they have which is Power to get what they need. They use their power advantage to draws some of the wealth of successful business owners. Employees and small business owners must learn to do the same.

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So now that you know your odds and how difficult it is to climb the wealth pyramid, how then do you climb the wealth pyramid with speed?


To climb the wealth pyramid with speed you need a system that increases your odds. And the only system that works well is to use the advantage you have to get the advantage you need.

But how exactly do you do this?

The fastest way to achieve this is to master the art of solving important problems for wealthy people.

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2. Solving Problems for Wealthy People

The fastest way to climb to the top is to solve problems for those already at the top. And there are a few problems that are important to them. The first problem is how to increase their wealth and remain at the top. And the second problem is how to protect and preserve their wealth from dying. Anyone that can solve these problems ends up with a share of the wealth.

Now you may be saying to yourself, why would I want to help those who already have plenty of money?

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The answer is simple.

The only way to grow rich is to solve problems for many people. And who best to solve a problem for than the person with the most capacity to pay you.

If you solve problems for poor people especially before you become wealthy. You get a lot of prayers, kisses, and thank you but no money. Worse of all is that you postpone your own financial success and become financially drained yourself. The best time to help poor people is when you are already Rich yourself. This is the only time you can truly help them.

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So helping wealthy people solve their income problems is the fastest way to get to the top. See it as a fair trade-off. You are helping them only because it can help you get to the top. And when you offer this kind of help make sure to offer it the right way.

There are two ways to offer help to wealthy people. The first way is to become their worker or subordinate and collect monthly or hourly wages. This is the path to limited income. The second way is to become a peer, independent helper, or advisor and get paid strictly on a performance basis. This is the path to maximum income.

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All businesses are based on Performance-based income. So when you trust yourself enough to accept payment based on measurable results you gain the respect of wealthy people and become elevated to more wealth.

Workers and subordinates are treated with less respect. They earn poor income because of the guarantee that comes with their income. While you may still be a worker today you want to find opportunities to leverage on performance-based income. To do this successfully you have to elevate your capacity to the level where you are comfortable with earning based on results. It is the fastest way to get to the top.

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So now that you know what to do to increase your odds and earn more income how exactly do you channel some of the wealth to yourself?

There are two ways to channel more wealth to yourself.

The first way is to create wealth from scratch. This is the hardest and longest way. You are creating money from thin air usually all by yourself.

The second way is the Channel some existing wealth to yourself. Here the money already exists all you need to do is give the owner of wealth what they want by solving a problem for them and get what you want in return. This is the fastest way. To do this you need a wealth connection system.

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3. The Wealth Connection System

The wealth connection system function like any other connection system in the world. Let’s use a water connection system as an example.

Imagine for a moment that you need water in your house and the only place to get water is in your neighbor’s house.

What is the fastest way to get some water into your own house?

You can build rapport with your neighbor and increase your chances of getting water or You can hate, condemn, and despise your neighbor for having water, and ends up starving.

If you succeed in building rapport with your neighbour there are two choices to make.

The first is to negotiate a Bucket system where you come every day to your neighbour’s house to fetch water. This is time-consuming, back-breaking, and demeaning to mention the least. Worse off is that you can never truly build your own water reserves. So you will continually depend on your neighbor for water. This seems to be the case with most employees.

The second thing you can do is to negotiate a Pipe connection system that channels water directly into your house. This is a smarter move and the fastest way to build your own water reserves. This is the way of performance-based income.

Hating, condemning, or despising those at the top will not make you wealthy. All you need is a connection system that gives you access to their wealth.

The problem is this system rarely exists and when there do only a few people have access to them. To solve this problem we have created our own wealth connection system. Our goal with this system is to help you connect to the wealth of the wealthy and increase your chances of achieving financial success. With this system, we will be creating a new Tribe of working-class professionals called “The Wealthy Middle-Class”. Although the wealthy middle class is people with the least likelihood of success we are helping them break the odds and achieve financial success.

If you want to know more about how you can join the Wealthy Middle-Class, what to do to get to the top of the wealth pyramid and how you can create your own wealth connection system and draw from the wealth of the wealthy send an email to [email protected]

The entire world is a giant Pyramid system. There is an unequal distribution of wealth and advantages. Presidents are more powerful than citizens. Employers are wealthier than employees. Religious leaders have more influence than their congregation. And men have more advantage as leaders of their homes than women and children.

Everything in life is arranged in a pyramid system from top to bottom.

And you have three choices:

  • Fight the pyramid system and wear yourself out.
  • Use a Bucket system and become perpetually dependent.


  • Create your own wealth Connection system and become massively wealthy.

Our goal is to increase your chance of climbing to the top. Your role is to seize the opportunity.

About author

Grace Agada is The Senior Financial Happiness Director @ Create Solid Wealth. She is an Author, and Column Contributor in Six National Newspaper. She is a contributor at BellaNaija, Nairametrics and Proshare and she is on a mission to help working-class professionals and CEOs become more financially successful. To learn more about Grace and how she can help you send an email to [email protected]



  1. Joshua Makolo

    December 5, 2020 at 2:10 pm

    Thank you Grace for building capacity through your knowledge sharing information.

    • Emmanuel Ifeanyi

      December 6, 2020 at 8:38 am

      Good one, thank you Ma. Where’s the place for Leveraging other people’s skills and earning potential?

    • Okwuoma Odogwu

      December 7, 2020 at 12:32 am

      Thanks a lot Grace. This write up is very inspiring and gives a helpful insight on what to do. But the area I would want you to do more is to find and connect these rich families to your students. Remain blessed.

  2. Ngene Joseph Ikechukwu

    December 5, 2020 at 4:12 pm

    In fact this pieces is highly motivational and inspired,Ma you’re a gift to the new generations. Thanks for this powerful eyes opener
    I love it

    • Kalinda

      December 6, 2020 at 7:45 am

      This sound like the reality in the Whole World which nobody wants to believe . I love it

  3. Anonymous

    December 5, 2020 at 9:51 pm

    Thank you so much, this is very useful for me

  4. Tobi Nelson

    December 6, 2020 at 2:46 am

    I am highly impressed by your inspirational messages and so motivating.l will appreciate it more if I can receive more informations or ideals of life.

  5. Eke Emmanuel

    December 6, 2020 at 3:37 am

    This is all an illusion. If the writer know all these, which category does she belong?

  6. Isaac Omosebi

    December 6, 2020 at 7:28 am

    Much thanks for this well articulated and eye opening article.

  7. Mr Solomon

    December 6, 2020 at 10:28 am

    Wow! This was a very captivating content. I couldn’t stop as soon as I started. Great job. Do keep it up.

  8. Kel Johnson

    December 6, 2020 at 10:32 am

    Thank you

  9. Buki

    December 6, 2020 at 12:37 pm

    Fantastic analysis! Altruistic!!

  10. Mazino Samuel

    December 6, 2020 at 2:09 pm

    Impressive! This is ancient truth but hidden in plain sight

  11. MSO

    December 6, 2020 at 2:12 pm

    Impressive! This is ancient, but its been hiding in plain sight.

  12. Anonymous

    December 9, 2020 at 3:20 pm

    I quite appreciate ur thought. Very expository.

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How to fund your business without a debt sentence

The lack of funding is a great excuse for people who are not really ready to start a business. 



5 things you can do to attract equity funding for your business

According to Mark Cuban, one of American’s entrepreneurs, owner of Dallas Mavericks, and TV Personality, the biggest mistake most people make is to think that they have to raise money to start a business.

As a financial advisor, I totally agree with Mark. There is no such thing as a successful business that became successful because of funding. Yet every week I receive tons of emails asking for advice on how to raise money or if I would invest in their businesses.

The answer always is “No” and you will discover the reason at the end of this article.

While I understand that certain businesses genuinely do need funding, and while funding is necessary at certain stages in a business, I do not think that every business needs funding to get started. And in fact, the majority of funding needs are not real funding needs, but the lack of ability to create money from thin air.

Most Funding requests are disguised gap in creativity and sales skills. Because with the right sales and creative skills, you can create the amount of money that you want. And you can also break down your business into the version that you can fund with your own money.


Thus funding problem is majorly disguised creativity and sales problems. And quite frankly the lack of funding is a great excuse for people who are not really ready to start a business.

I know this because great entrepreneurs are not stopped by funding challenges. And the greatest entrepreneurs in the world all started in spite of funding challenges.

Amazon started out from the garage of Bezos’ in Bellevue, Washington. He started out with funding of almost $250,000 from his parents.

Facemash now Facebook started in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and a group of friends. They started out with sweat equity, technical skills, and the ability to sell their idea and build a solid community.

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Apple started out in Jobs’ garage on April 1, 1976, by college dropouts Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They started their business with sweat equity, technical skills, and the ability to sell a not so perfect Apple 1 product without a monitor, keyboard, or casing.

Bill Gates and his business partner Paul Allen built the world’s largest software business, Microsoft, from technological innovation, keen business strategy, and aggressive business tactics.

You will find a similar story for Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, Dangote, and so on.

These men built their businesses from the ground up with sweat equity, the right attitude, personal savings, or support from families. Funding did not stop them and funding will not stop you if you are serious about entrepreneurship. Quite frankly funding at the early stage of a business increases business stress, dilutes control, and expands leadership complexity.

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So while you may fantasize about some strange investor sent by God coming along. To lift your business off the ground. In reality, this rarely happens. You must find ways to fund your way to a proven business model. Investors rarely fund ordinary ideas or struggling businesses. They fund businesses that are already succeeding but need funding to expand that success. This is why banks rarely lend to SMEs but do so easily to successful businesses. And why the majority of successful business owners started off on their own

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So why do people still waste time looking for funding?

People gravitate towards funding for three reasons. The first is the Fantasy of overnight success. The second is the desire to use another person’s money to fix fundamental problems. That can only be solved through discipline and hard work. And the third is to make an already successful business even more successful.

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Among these three reasons, only one is of interest to the investor.  Investors are not on a mission to rescue your business or make you rich. They are on a mission to increase their wealth and achieve more financial success. They will only invest in businesses that can help them achieve their goals. And until your business develops this capacity you are not yet funding worthy.

Thus the only purpose for funding is to transfer investor’s idle funds or funds that are less optimized to a profitable business vehicle. That has the capacity to generate higher profits. This means that your business must have the capacity to turnaround investors’ money very quickly. If your business is not yet at this stage. You should focus on bringing it up to this stage and then attracting investor’s funding can become easy for you.

The key to successful funding is to answer the three funding questions. First, is my business fundable? Second, do I need funding for wealth-creating purposes? And third is my business at the stage where it can turn around investors’ money without losing it? Answering these questions is key to funding your business.

A business is ready for funding when it has certain key attributes. There are seven key attributes that attract investors and make a business funding worthy.


Watch out for the next part of this interesting series

About author

Grace Agada is The Senior Financial Happiness Director @ Create Solid Wealth. She is an Author and Column Contributor in Six National Newspaper. She is a contributor at BellaNaija, Nairametrics and Proshare and she is on a mission to help working-class professionals and CEOs become more financially successful. To learn more about Grace and how she can help you send an email to [email protected]


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How to reduce your electricity bill in Lagos

Find out a few tips on how you can reduce your electricity bill.



With the recent hike in electricity tariff, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs, especially if you already have a prepaid meter installed at home. Currently, the new tariff increase since October 2020 is over 100%, meaning everyone would start paying twice what they previously paid.

Things are hard enough as it is especially in a place like Lagos, and if you don’t plan to pay double, you have to adjust accordingly. Although you would certainly pay more, but knowing how to reduce your electricity usage in Lagos would do you a lot of good. Read on to find out a few tips on how you can reduce your electricity bill.

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How to Reduce Your Electricity Bill in Lagos

To start with, you should know that for these tips to work for you; you need a prepaid meter installed. Without a prepaid meter, your bill pretty much runs on estimates and leaves you with little room to contest its accuracy. If you want to save power, start by getting a prepaid meter installed at home.

After that, here are a few tips on how to reduce your electricity bill in Lagos:


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1. Sniff out background power consumption:

Many don’t know this, but turning off a device while leaving it plugged in does not cut off the power supply. The device still consumes residue energy called vampire or stand by power. To avoid this, cut off power to a device by turning off the socket and the device’s power switch.

2. Replace all your bulbs at home with energy-efficient models:

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Although non-energy-efficient bulbs are cheaper to purchase, they become more expensive in the long run to use. This is because they consume far more power than energy-saving bulbs. For example, the average wattage of an ordinary bulb is around 60 to 200. However, energy-saving bulbs are as low as 7 to 11 watts. This means that one would consume more than ten times the other’s power; the choice is yours. Also, it would help if you become more cautious with how long you leave your bulb on. Turn them off during the day, and when you want to sleep at night; especially your kitchen, toilet and bathroom lights. Only leave security lights on.

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3. Limit your fan and Air conditioner’s runtime:

The ceiling fan is one of the home’s highest passive power consumers. You might not know it, but your fan practically runs all day and night, which significantly impacts your power bills. One thing you can do is replace all your fans with energy-efficient models if you have the means. However, if you don’t have the energy-efficient model, simply regulate how long the fan runs. The energy-consuming capacity of an air conditioner is well known. Keep it running for a day, and it would make a telling impact on your bills. A 1.5hp (1119watts) Ac running for 10 hours at a rate of N60 per kilowatt would cost you well over N30,000 alone. You can shuffle run time between your fan and air conditioner, depending on how many units you purchase per month. Limiting your fan to running only about 8 hours a day can save you hundreds of naira.

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Stanbic IBTC

4. Revisit your refrigerator:

This is another appliance that consumes the most power at home. The average watt consumption of a refrigerator is 1200 watts per day (depending on the model), which means they consume one of, if not the highest power at home. You can reduce consumption by purchasing a smaller freezer, which is the more expensive approach or doing the following:

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  • Move the refrigerator to an area with adequate air circulation, as it helps it become more power-efficient.
  • Your fridge should also be at least 2 inches away from the wall and not stand directly exposed to sunlight.
  • Another thing you should do is not stuff up your refrigerator. This reduces the overall efficiency of the unit because of the lesser space available for air circulation. It also means that the unit would draw more power to meet the demand. Ensure you defrost the fridge regularly too

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Asides from the tips mentioned in this article, you should also sit down to study your home. If possible, create a list of all your appliances and their watt rating. Start trimming down consumption by replacing the device with a more energy-efficient model, or reducing its use.

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Personal Finance

How to fund capital projects debt-free with high interest yielding investments

These are the four things you need to fund your capital projects debt-free.



The one thing that will reveal to you the gaps in your current financial situation is capital projects. A capital project is any project that is beyond your current and future financial capacity to execute. For most people, capital projects lead them into debt. Debt and Capital projects go hand in hand because the income of most people is still struggling to meet basic bills. And in instances where income is high, expenses overwhelm income. So whether you are a high-income earner or a low-income earner, the chances are high that you will struggle to fund certain capital projects in your life.

To fund capital projects, you need four things to be working simultaneously in your life. The First thing is your ability to earn high incomes. The second thing is your ability to keep a major part of that income. The third thing is your ability to grow that income without losing it. And the fourth thing is your ability to build solid Passive Income that exceeds your current Active Income. These are the four things you need to fund capital projects debt-free. Unfortunately, only a few people know how to do all four things correctly. Certain people hardly thrive in one area. But, if funding capital projects debt free is important to you. You must know how to do all four things well or surround yourself with people who can help you.

Funding a capital project debt-free is a difficult task to achieve if all you have is a modest income and meager savings. The lower your income the more things become capital projects to you. This means that what is a capital project for you may not be capital projects for another person. To help us unify our definition of capital projects. Let us use an example of capital projects that we all agree is the most difficult to fund debt-free. This example is Homeownership.

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Homeownership is a type of capital project and one of the most popular capital projects because many people want to achieve it. By the time you are an independent adult, the desire for homeownership is already burning inside of you. This desire comes from parent influences, external pressure, and the frustration of paying rent to a homeowner. Owning a home is thus one of the most universally accepted capital projects with a global desire. It is also the most expensive capital project to fund. Yet despite its expansiveness, most people want to achieve it. Every year millions of people attempt to climb the homeownership ladder. A few of them make it. Many of them are buried in debt. And many more fail to achieve it. This is because the desire for homeownership does not automatically translate to owning a home. And here is why.


Many people are trying to own a home on the fragile back of a low income and low savings. The truth is one income, and low savings cannot fund the homeownership project. To fund your dream home you need multiple streams of income and big portion savings. Second, you need to overcome the temptation of owning a home too soon. Many people rush to own a remote and low budget home. A home where people struggle to come to due to its distance and neighborhood. Owning a home is not about being the first to own a crappy home. It is about being the first to own the dream home in a dream location and to do it debt-free. Attempting to own a home too soon is the reason most people end up with crappy homes that are way below their league. Homeownership is best achieved at a time when you are most financially capable to fund it. This is not to say you just sit and do nothing before then. But to say that you use that time to build the solid cash reserves you need to fund your dream home.

So how then do you fund your dream home?

To fund your dream home there are three paths you can take.

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The first path is the Loan path. This is where you borrow money and end up in debt. The second path is the bootstrap savings path. This is where you painstakingly save your way to homeownership. Only a few people ever achieve this. The third and most effective path is to create your own interest-free solid cash reserves and then use them to fund your dream home. This is the Path we will be dwelling on in this article.

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So how then do you create your own interest-free cash reserves?

To create your own interest-free cash reserves there are four things you must do.

The First is to develop Income security skills. The second thing is to leverage a complementary Side Hustle. The third thing is to establish a Financial defense System. And the fourth thing is to use a multipurpose, high interest yielding investment vehicle to build your cash reserves. Below I explain each of these points in detail.

Develop Income Security Skills

There is only one way to secure your income in the world. This way is not to secure your job. But to develop high-income skills that preserve your ability to earn high incomes. The truth is there is no job security out there and since homeownership is a long-term process. You need certain skills to guarantee a continuous flow of cash. There are three income security skills that can help you achieve this. The first is problem-solving or creativity skill. The second is Relationship building or Networking skills. And the third is marketing and sales skills. These are the three skills you need to secure your homeownership income. And ensure you are never recycled back into the pool of broke people. Developing income security skills is thus critical for funding your dream home. The key to success here is to invest in developing and refining these skills. And to put them to practice and perfect them. If you need help developing these skills or practicing and perfecting them send an email to [email protected]

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Get a Complimentary High Income Side Hustles

No homeownership project can be funded debt-free from a single meager source of income. Thus to fund your dream home you have to grow your main income and add another source of income to it. To grow your main income you need to rise to positions that have a direct impact on profit and revenue. Then you need to find a side hustle that complements your main income.

Stanbic IBTC

The problem is most people do not know the side hustles that complements their main income. They are also concerned about whether or not they will like this side hustle or make the desired income out of it.

The key to identifying the side hustle that is right for you is to consider these three things. The first is your interest. Can you do and promote this side hustle easily? The second is the income speed. How soon before this side hustle produces the kind of income that you desire. And the third is the workload and time requirement. How much time do you have to invest to generate the kind of income that you desire? Adding a side hustle that increases workload. Consumes time. Reduces job efficiency and drains current income is a mistake. The key here is to identify side hustles that complements your main income. And ensure that your side hustle has the high-income capacity and is aligned with your area of interests

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To find this kind of side hustle you need to identify your current area of interest. So if you are reading this article right now. Chances are high that you are interested in making more money and funding capital projects debt-free. If you can find other people within your circle who are also interested in making more money. And funding capital projects. And if you and these people are willing to invest in products and services that can help you. You can make a high-income side hustle from it. Granted that the product or service you promote solves a high-income problem. Thus to earn high incomes you need to choose side hustles that can pay you high income. Getting rich through a side hustle is thus about first solving your own problems. And then showing other people how you can help them solve the same problem. This is the fastest way to get on the High-income side hustle ladder. Every other way takes time, produce low income, and increases your workload. To fund your dream home debt-free. You must choose side hustles that require you to work less earn more and produce income in less time. This is the fastest way to fund your dream home.

Build Your Own Personal Financial Defense System

The worse way to try and fund a capital project such as homeownership is to do it without a financial defense system in place. A financial defense system is a system that can provide you income in the presence or absence of a Job. This is important because homeownership is a long-term project. And you need the continuous flow of income to survive.

So how do you build a solid financial defense system that protects you throughout the homeownership process?

To build a solid financial defense system there are four things you must do. The first is to hit a big portion savings target. The second is to make your savings failure-proof. The third thing is to shield your savings from financial distractions. And the fourth is to spend in the direction of Freedom.

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  1. Achieve a Big Portion Savings Target
    Saving is a critical part of every investing activity. So if funding your dream home is important to you. You must save a significant part of your income. To save 50% of your income for example there are two things you can do. The first is to increase your income, to the point where it overwhelms your expenses. To do this you need high-income skills and high-income side hustles. The second thing is to reduce your expenses to the point it becomes lower than your savings. The fastest and most effective way to do this is to focus on increasing savings and not reducing expenses. And there are two ways to increase savings. The first is to increase savings by 1% every month until you hit a big portion savings target. Your expenses will adjust accordingly. The second way is to deduct a big portion of your income as savings from the source. And figure out how to live on what is left. If you survive after a month it means you can live on what is left. These are the two smart ways to increase your savings and invariably adjust your expenses.
  2. Make savings Failure Proof
    One of the abilities you must have if you want to fund your dream home debt-free is the ability to consistently save without skipping it. Skipping savings is postponing your financial freedom and homeownership dream. Thus if you want to save without fail, you must make your savings failure-proof. To make savings failure proof you need to deduct savings from the source. Use compulsory savings vehicles such as group contributions or standing orders. And be accountable to someone you trust and respect.
  3. Shield savings from Financial Distractions
    The biggest killer of all the savings in the world is financial distractions. The inability to stop unplanned events and people from stealing your savings. Financial distraction derails your saving from its original purpose. And this elongates your ability to own your own home. To own your own home you must shield your savings from financial distractions. To shield savings from distractions you need certain protective investment vehicles. You also need to assign a purpose to every idle fund. And to work with a mentor to keep idle funds tied up for the right purpose. This is the only way to fund your dream home in record time and without delays.
  4. Spend in the direction of Freedom
    There are two ways to spend money. The first is to spend in the direction of freedom and the second is to spend in the direction of poverty. To Fund a dream home debt-free you must spend in the direction of freedom. When you spend in ways that use up big portions of your income. You are facing the direction of poverty. And when you spend in ways that save up bigger portions of your income You are facing the direction of freedom. The key here is to save more than you spend and spend in the direction of where you want to go.

These are the four things to do. To build a solid Financial defense system that supports you throughout the homeownership process.


Choose a Multi-Purpose High-Interest Yielding Investment Vehicle

There are many investment vehicles in the world. But the most suited and effective investment vehicle. For funding capital projects is the multi-purpose high-interest yielding long-term investment vehicle. This is a special purpose vehicle that has been designed to fund capital projects. It is a multi-purpose vehicle because it can fund many capital projects within the same time frame. It is also safe and high interest yielding because it is a long-term investment vehicle. So if you are considering owning a home debt-free at some time in the future. This is the best investment vehicle for you. The key to investing is to never lose money, especially when building towards a capital project.. Once you choose the right investment vehicles that preserve your investment. You will fund your dream home in no time.

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The truth is you will remain the same person year after year except for your ability to make more money. Your ability to keep more money. And your ability to grow that money without losing it. The more you master these three abilities the richer you become. And the easier it will be to fund your dream home. There is nothing as powerful as having zero cash worries when you want to fund your dream home.

If you want to own your own home, make extra income, or fund capital projects debt free we can help you. Send an email to [email protected]

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