Lagos, Nigeria, January 06, 2020: Over 5,000 staff of the United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, started the new year with a lot of cheer as the bank yesterday announced its promotion to new grades as well as salary upgrades with immediate effect this January.

Those who are beneficiaries of this exercise will receive up to 170% increase in their salaries and benefits, whilst a good number have been moved to higher grade levels.

In a carefully planned restructuring embarked upon by the bank in the last quarter of 2019, UBA has transformed its grading system and processes to become one of the most competitive within the industry. The bank crashed its grade levels to 12 levels from entry-level to the top of the pyramid where previously it had been 16 levels. This means that staff will now find it much easier to attain top leadership management positions at UBA as their careers progress much faster.

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In a massive recruitment drive, over 4000 new staff members resumed in the last week of December 2019 in Nigeria alone at the bank. UBA currently stands as the highest employer of labour amongst Nigerian banks with a staff strength of close to 20,000.

UBA’s Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Kennedy Uzoka, who announced the bank’s new staff improvement initiatives to the excited employees, noted that UBA is continually seeking new ways to improve the fortunes of its staff as they are the backbone of the organisation.

Uzoka who spoke to the staff in a bank-wide live broadcast said, “As a leading financial institution, we do not take issues relating to our staff lightly. We take great pride in being a listening bank that has the ears of our employees as they turn the wheels which make the organisation successful for our customers and shareholders. UBA recruits highly talented staff who perform at the best standards and deserve to be remunerated accordingly’

Continuing, Uzoka said ‘ we have also taken steps to ensure that our bank remains at the top tier as it relates to talent pool. We want to train the best and we have crashed the grade structure to make it easier and faster for our employees to progress along their careers. With this new grade structure, it will be possible for a new graduate employed at UBA to rapidly chart their own careers and become GMD by the age of 36.”

UBA is one of Africa’s leading banks with operations in 20 African countries. The bank also has presence in the global financial centres of London, New York and Paris. UBA provides banking services to more than 17 million customers globally, through diverse channels.

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  1. Jesus,UBA is wicked,the worst bank,what about the mass retrenchment when they advised workers to write resignation letter against their wish

  2. This is the worst corporate lie of the decade. They forgot to disclose that they sacked over 6000 staff yesterday night who have contributed immensely to the growth of the organization. This is what they can’t do in any African countries. Shame to our government who can’t protect thier citizens from capitalist
    God will judge them

  3. 😂😂😂 my nigga was part of dis oo… He was sacked by Uba yesterday after helping to train the new workers… I couldn’t stop laughing wen he told me dis… Only for me 2 come and see dis

  4. UBA is a scam bcoz they releave about 4000 staff that have spent about 13years in active service on Jan 3rd to replace 4000 of their new staff. I’m a leaving witness cos my wife is among. So newly intake job not secure. But just appealing to pay all their dues.

  5. Why are you this mean as management?
    Too much of propaganda.
    You treat the labour force like trash.
    The retrenchment was random rather than being objective. How would u handpicked people, even your best hands.
    Be real for once.
    When will you stand for the INTEGRITY you preach?

  6. UBA indeed, there was no report that U secretly dismissed more than 10000 staffs just yesternyte not considering these ones av served d bank for 13yrs and they av families to cater for, U are not bin fair on d side of ur dismissed staffs at all. Pls d new staffs shud be wise and vigilant too.

  7. Gosh!!! This report is one-sided. What about the 2nd part? They failed to report that they sacked staff who have worked over 10years with them. Imagine sacking them after using them to train the newly recruited staff and they are forced to write resignation letter. That’s not fair. Nigeria! what a country.

  8. As many people have spoken,I sincerely wish the GMD can get to read this. The bank is so full of inhuman practices,worst of all is the latest act (forcing employees to resign as against their wish). Where on earth is the government of d land? Where is d labour unions? This is so disheartening !!!!

  9. Uba simply sacked old staff and replace dem with contract staff so they won’t have to pay them well… Uba treats his staff and costumers like trash and it’s just not acceptable… I wish we have a functioning government

  10. The bank is a very wicked, sacking someone because he was not promoted in 13years.Now, is it his fault . I think Central Bank, senate of Nigeria should investigate this action of UBA.

  11. I am from Mozambique and I was excited here when reading that report as UBA has a small representation here. Could never think it was such a lie. Shame of it. As Africans we need to play a better game in doing business and make diference.

  12. Good morning Sir,

    Please I would love to work with your bank.
    I have for long time ago been admiring this particular financial institution United Bank of Africa, but have not gotten the opportunity to apply for job and feels this is an opportunity for me to secure a job in your bank

    Kindly grant me the opportunity to apply as I can’t see any opening for application.

    Thank You

    Lilian Nwigbara


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