Assuming someone wakes you up one morning and asks you to explain why you prefer dollars to other currencies, chances are you will smile broadly and answer thus: “because it’s money na. Who doesn’t like money?” But seriously, why do we like the dollar even more than our very own naira? For many years, the dollar has been the most preferred currency in the world. 

According to data obtained from the International Monetary Fund’s COFER, many countries of the world prefer to keep their external reserves in dollars. The data shows that out of the world’s leading currencies such as the Pound Sterling and the Euro, the dollar holds about 61.63% of all the allocated foreign reserves as of Q2 2019.  

Why is this the case? Well, it’s all about trust. The US currency is probably the only currency in the world that is not backed by any gold or silver reserves, as it’s often the case with other currencies. This has been the case for many years, partly due to the country’s hegemonic powers and strong economic might.  

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Financial expert Kalu Aja, also noted yesterday that people around the world have developed a very strong confidence in the United States Government and its ability to repay debts as and when due. Many thanks to the country’s strong economy, it is assumed that the US dollar will always be strong and valuable. And it has, indeed, been valuable for long and will probably continue to be for years to come. 

Still on why the dollar is beloved: For people living in places like Nigeria where the inflation rate can often be stubbornly high, the dollar can also be used as a hedging tool. This is actualised by simply buying more dollars and by so doing converting your money to dollars. This helps to ensure that the value of your savings is not eroded due to the devaluation effect of inflation.  

So, do you love the dollar? Of course, you do! The very fact that you can use this globally-recognised currency anywhere you go in the world is enough reason to love it.  


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