Austin Okere

Austin Okere, the man who founded leading IT firm, CWG Plc, recently spoke on the importance of putting the right persons to head key positions in any business organisation.

Speaking during a recent episode of Business Insight with Austin Okere, the business executive emphasised on the positive results that flow into a company when the right individuals are hired to manage things.

According to him, the success of any company strictly lies in putting the right people in the right place. It is not always about micro-managing, he said. He then added that his experience running the biggest technology company that is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange revealed this to him.

“In my 25 years of founding and running the biggest technology company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, what I come to realize is that it is not about micro-managing. It is about putting the right person in the right place.”

According to him, there is a significant impact in transformative development, when you put round pegs in round holes.

He went further to cite some individuals who have done tremendously well in their field because they were the right people for such roles.

He listed people like Tony Elumelu, Peter Obi, Dr. Ernest Ndukwe, and others who used their gainful insights to transform the areas they found themselves in.

Importance of putting the right in the right place: The kind of people a company hires determines the level of growth and success the company will record in the future.

Without a core team of quality and effective people, it is impossible for any business to stand apart, build a brand, and develop a unique experience.

In any company, people are the most important and valuable asset. Without workers, there is no business on the planet that could possibly operate efficiently and successfully.

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By putting the right persons in the right positions, a business will move in a positive direction and will continue to grow both in the present and in the future.


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