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Cadbury Nigeria Plc is one of Nigeria’s leading operators in the fast moving consumer goods market. The company has a wide array of consumer goods that are loved and consumed by many Nigerians daily.
After a tumultuous 2016, largely due to poor financial performance, a new Chief Executive Officer was brought onboard to try and redirect focus. So far, it is safe to say that the man in question has performed considerably well.
 However, not a lot of people seem to know who the CEO is. This brings us to the question of the moment who is the CEO of Cadbury Nigeria plc? Well, his name is Mr Muhammad Amir Shamsi, and he is Nairametrics’ CEO of the week. Get to know him.

Shamsi’s background: his nationality and educational background

Mr Muhammad Amir Shamsi is a Pakistani national who assumed office (on February 1st, 2017) as the Chief Executive Officer of Cadbury Nigeria Plc. Mr Shamsi is an alumnus of Southeastern University’s Pakistan campus, Greenwich University. There, he bagged a bachelor’s in business administration (Marketing) in 1998. He also studied for a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at the same institution, graduating in 2001.

His professional experiences 

Having worked in companies located across continents such as Asia Pacific, North America, and of course Africa, Mr Shamsi can best be described as a globally experienced corporate personality. Since 1998, which also happens to be the year he graduated from university, he has been working different jobs in different companies around the world. This gives him some twenty-one years’ experience as a business executive.

Details of his rise through the corporate ladder

According to information contained on his LinkedIn page, Mr Shamsi’s first ever job was his position as an Assistant Brand Manager at O.J Foods, a licensee of Nabisco International. He worked this job for two and a half years, precisely between July 1998 and October 2000. Between November 2000 and October 2001, he was an Account Planner at Orient McCann Erickson. He later left Orient McCann for GlaxoSmithKline, where he worked in the Consumer Health care segment between November 2001 to September 2004 as a Brand Manager.
Between October 2004 and May of 2009, Mr Shamsi worked in the Pakistani paint industry where he occupied different key executive positions such as Marketing Manager and National Sales Manager. These companies include Wall Paints Pakistan, and ICI Paints Pakistan.

His foray in the biscuit business: June 2009 to September 2013

Between June 2009 and July 2010, Mr Shamsi worked as the General Manager (Marketing) at Continental Biscuits, a joint venture partner with Pakistan’s Kraft Foods. He would later work as the Director of Marketing at Kraft Food between August 2010 and July 2012, and then as the Head of New Categories and Innovation at the same company from August 2012 to September 2013.

Joining Mondelez International, the parent company of Cadbury Nigeria Plc

Shamsi worked as the Marketing Director of Mondelez International’s West Africa (Cadbury Nigeria) operation between October 2013 and December 2015. For one year, he worked as the Global Innovation Director at Mondelez International’s headquarters in Chicago.
He was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Cadbury Nigeria Plc in early 2017, after the expiration of Mr Roy Naaman, the former CEO.

How has the company fared under him? 

For full-year 2017, Cadbury Nigeria Plc recorded increase in revenue which stood at N33 billion, compared to N29.9 billion in full-year 2016. The company’s profit after tax for the year also stood at N299.9 million, marking a 200% increase compared to the N296.4 loss after tax that was recorded in the preceding year.
The company is projected to declare yet another profit for full year 2018, judging by the unaudited financial statement for the third quarter period so far released. According to the result, revenue stood at N26.9 billion compared to N24.3 billion in 2017. Profit after tax for the Q3 2018 period also stood at N171.9 million, compared to a loss after tax of N64.4 million.

In conclusion

So, now you know who the CEO of Cadbury Nigeria Plc is; just in case you never did. And it is not wrong to state that he has already started off on a good note. In the meantime, however, Nairametrics will continue to observe Cadbury Nigeria Plc’s performance under Mr Shamsi.
Mr Muhammad Amir Shamsi, signs partnership with Nigerian Football Federation on behalf of Cadbury Nigeria Plc


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