What OAS helicopters stands to gain by partnering Abu Dhabi Aviation

After a two year period of discussions, OAS helicopters has finally signed a partnership agreement with Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA). The partnership will be beneficial to OAS in several ways.


  • The company gets access to foreign trained manpower and equipment. The aviation industry in Nigeria is one that is highly dependent on foreign inputs.
  • Some of its staff would have exposure to world class training, at a reasonable cost.
  • The depreciation of the Naira in 2016 led to a massive increase in cost for companies that have foreign inputs. Many aviation operators in the country have to take their aircraft out of the country for maintenance, and in addition employ expatriates.
  • Going into partnership with a foreign organization will also improve the perception of the company by potential clientele. OAS began its helicopter services in 2006, while ADA has over 40 years experience in that segment


  • ADA also stands to benefit as it will have inroad into the Nigerian aviation market. That gives it opportunities for extra revenue, especially as the market grows.
  • It also serves a buffer whenever business is slow in the Middle East. The company can move its helicopters to Nigeria to operate.

About both companies

OAS (Odengene Air Service) was registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 1992, but commenced helicopter services in 2006. The Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) had in February this year, briefly taken over the company due to its indebtedness. OAS had one air crash in 2011 that claimed the life of Mrs Josephine Kuteji, MD of Bacita Sugar Company in Osun state.

ADA, founded in 1976 is the largest commercial aviation operator in the Middle East. The company has a fleet of 61 helicopters and three aircraft, and employs over 900 personnel. In addition to its core area of servicing offshore oil, engineering and construction activities, the company also engages in medical evacuation, and aerial spraying of crops.

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