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Financial management tips every serious couple should try

Issues faced by couples are not just because there’s no love or respect. They are not even about sex. Instead, most of the issues arise due to poor financial management.
Nine Nigerian youths on the 2018 Forbes' 30 under 30 Africans

Must entrepreneurs be in their twenties in order to succeed?

Nowadays, it seems like the sermon everyone is preaching is “entrepreneurs shall inherit the earth’’.
To become a millionaire, here are some net worth benchmarks to set

To become a millionaire, here are some net worth benchmarks to set

Many work hard their entire life and never get the chance to enjoy much. Some retire with a meagre pension that sometimes is denied them.
True wealth is defined by how much you have

Your salary is a bribe to make you forget your dreams – Awosanya

In recent Twitter thread, @segalink argued that salary earners are wasting their time working for others, when they should be creating wealth for themselves.
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You can pursue a career in tech without knowing how to code!

There are so many things you can do in tech that will not require you to touch a line of code. Click the link to see some of them.
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Lessons from Feranmi: What I learnt from my failed business

A Nigerian entrepreneur identified as @A_Feranmi on Twitter, recently shared how he became a millionaire at age 19, and then lost it all a year later due to bad business decisions.
Managing "emotional returns" in investments is key to staying on track

10 quotes that would help you invest better

Not everyone has the patience to read 640 pages of The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, or John Bogle's The Little Book of Common Sense Investing.
Mutual Fund fees

Understanding Mutual Fund Fees: Management Fee

Mutual fund managers, hedge fund managers, pension fund managers, and other fund management companies, all charge fees. This is how they get rewarded for managing your money.
Akin Alabi

Akin Alabi gives advice to potential sports business entrepreneurs

According to Akin Alabi, potential entrepreneurs in the sports betting space should be prepared to pay out as much as 90% to 97% of income to winners.
Africa's wealthiest billionaires

4 Secrets of people who have made it in life

Everybody likes stories about success. And the good thing about achieving success is that it is not exclusive to some select group of people. Therefore, I make bold to tell you today that "you sef fit make am".
Treasury Bills

Daily Update on Bonds, Treasury Bills, Forex, and Oil Price.

Daily performance of major economic indicators and highlights from tradings sessions and key statistics such as Treasury Bills, bonds, etc.
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This is why Nigerian Fund Managers deserve a pat on the back

Nigerian fund managers deserve some bottles of Champaign and a pat on the back for a job well done in 2018.
financial security

If you’re in your 20s & 30s, here are some ideal investments

It struck me that I have peers who are struggling and confused about how and what to invest in while young, in order to ensure financial security at old age. So, I wrote this article...

Richard Branson teaches best ways to become a good business leader

According to Richard Branson, the most important thing to do when running a company is to always bear in mind that a company is made up of a  group of people.
True wealth is defined by how much you have

True wealth is not just about the accumulation of paper money – Awosanya

It is too shallow to limit wealth to only making money, because there are better ways true wealth can be truly defined.
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Things you should know before starting a business

The CEO of AfriSwiss Capital Assets Management Limited, Kalu Aja, recently shared some important tips on how to run a successful business. Take a look...
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Important tips on how to profit in a bearish market

Do you want to achieve financial freedom? If yes, then you need to know how to make wise investment decisions in both bull and bear markets.
Stephanie Idolor finally gets N2m for making the viral schoolgirl video

Stephanie Idolor finally gets N2m for making the viral schoolgirl video

Stephanie Idolor, the young Nigerian woman who videotaped the young schoolgirl that was sent out of school for failure to pay her tuition, has finally been compensated.
Managing "emotional returns" in investments is key to staying on track

Managing “emotional returns” in investments is key to staying on track

Let’s examine the recent performance of a couple of different asset classes in recent times to demonstrate the importance of managing emotional returns in investments...

How to plug your spending leaks

Before you spend, ask yourself if it is really worth it.
Akin Alabi

It takes more than a connection to keep a job – Akin Alabi

According to Mr Alabi, only resourcefulness, a good attitude, and work ethics would help you keep your job at last.
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How to protect your deposits during a bank merger or acquisition

Upon hearing that the bank you do all your monetary transactions with is being acquired by or merging with another bank, your first thought goes to your money.
How to save money in 2019

Nigerian lady narrates how the FGN bonds helps her save properly

FGN Bonds are considered the safest of all investments in domestic debt market.
Zainab Ahmed, Minister of Finance

8 Key Facts about the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy

With the general elections now over, it seems a good time to reflect on one of the major success stories of the current government...
Businesses in Nigeria | Make money from a single product

How to make $1bn from a single product in Nigeria

Nigerian businesses owned by foreign nationals have thrived. Here's a look at how they did it.
Nigeria's GDP grows by 2.01% in Q1 2019

Nigeria could learn from Ray Dalio’s ‘How the Economic Machine Works’

When I read the book “Principles” by Ray Dalio, I immediately made a decision to adopt him as a virtual mentor.
Opportunity cost of your investment

Why you must consider the ‘Opportunity costs’ before investing

In investment, opportunity cost has to do with the cost of choosing one investment over another one, which has the potential to earn a higher return.
Get a loan in 24hrs, no collateral, no plenty questions

Get a bank loan in 24hrs, no collateral, no plenty questions

Wthin twenty-four hours or even less, you can now get a loan from a Nigerian microfinance bank without even visiting their branch.
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A look at some financing options for small business owners

Statistics show that 80 per cent of small businesses started in Nigeria fail within the first five years. This alarming rate of business failure...
Valentine's Day gift box

4 incredible financial gifts for your partner on Valentine’s Day

Here are 4 financial gifts you can get your significant other this Valentine's Day.


Canada invited 3,357 Express Entry candidates with scores as low as 300

Canada invited 3,357 Express Entry Candidates with scores as low as 300

Canadian province, Alberta, has issued a total of 3,357 invitations to apply for a provincial nomination for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) to Express Entry candidates with Comprehensive Ranking System scores as low as 300.
Nigerian Aviation Unions

FG explains why it plans to demolish and rebuild the MMIA in Lagos

FG has explained the underlining reasons for the planned demolition and rebuilding of the 40-year-old Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos.
Gas cylinders, Ibe Kachikwu

Federal Government to stop ownership of gas cylinders by consumers

By this new policy by @AsoRock, LPG consumers are not longer allowed to own gas cylinder.