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Afen, a blockchain company, to digitize tourism in Nigeria

Afen takes a large step towards exploring the metaverse through a smart tourism initiative in partnership with the Plateau State government.

On January 31st, 2022, the approval was received. In an exciting project to digitize tourism on the plateau, Afen will collaborate with the Plateau State smart tourism group (PLA2SMART).

It is worth noting that the Plateau State is one of the most tourist-friendly in Africa. In addition to rocks, mountains, and a game reserve, the state also offers a zoological garden, an ancient temple, and a volcano.

Through this partnership with Afen, the Plateau State Tourism Corporation is exploring ways in which it can improve, sustain, and maintain tourism in the state following government approval to create a new dimension for tourism.

In addition, Afen hopes to use smart tourism to explore the metaverse worldwide as part of its mission to present a new narrative for African society using NFT.

Plateau State gained access to Africa’s geographical beauty as the first official African state in Afen’s vision to redefine access to the continent, as recorded in the annals of futuristic development.

Unlike cryptocurrency tokens (such as Bitcoin and Ether), and security tokens, which imply equity ownership, NFT tokens are issued on blockchains that verify ownership of unique digital assets.

Hence, they have been less scrutinized by regulators around the world, but with the sky-high growth of the market, and the ability to trade them for profit, that could all change. The DappRadar industry report for 2021 estimates the NFT trading volume to exceed $23 billion for the year.

In last year’s NFT boom, multimillion-dollar sales, celebrity endorsements, such as Shawn Mendes, Paris Hilton, and the former first lady Melania Trump, caused the token’s popularity to explode.