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E-commerce in Nigeria: Guaranteeing same-day delivery

The Dellyman platform ensures the entire process of pickup and delivery is transparent with complete traceability.



Sometime in June this year, business publication, Stears Business published an in-depth analysis on the challenge of logistics in Nigeria as it affects the eCommerce industry.

Dellyman is happy to have been mentioned as part of the solutions to the seemingly intractable challenge of logistics in the industry. We are grateful to Stears Business.

What we have set out to do with Dellyman is to confront the challenges in the last mile logistics industry head-on by guaranteeing same-day delivery for anyone wishing to move packages in Nigeria and across the African continent. Let me share an experience that motivated me into launching Dellyman.

I had just purchased a new laptop but also needed a licensed Microsoft Office software to be installed on this new system. It was a Wednesday and I figured if I got the Office software delivered by the weekend, I would have enough time to install it, move my files from my old system and do some productive work.

So, I ordered and paid for Microsoft Office 2016 from Jumia and the platform promised delivery would be within 1-3 days. So I hoped I could get it on Friday or in a worst-case scenario on Saturday morning. Sadly, it never arrived all through the weekend.

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That meant that I could not effectively use my new laptop since I didn’t get the Microsoft Office 2016 delivered, even though I had paid for it. That money would later be used to purchase something else on Jumia. This is an all too common experiences for many online shoppers but for me, it was a disappointment I was not prepared to continue to live with.

This issue of delayed delivery is pervasive across the eCommerce industry with provider of service struggling to deliver packages in good time (especially same day or next day). And that is probably the number one reason we launched Dellyman; to attempt to guarantee a same-day delivery especially for priority and time-sensitive packages.

Enters Dellyman…

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Many people are not sure what Dellyman is and why we launched. Well, Dellyman is an asset-light logistics marketplace. Unlike your regular delivery guys, Dellyman is made up of hundreds of last-mile delivery companies.

Arriving at this model was not by chance. It came after a comprehensive study of the last-mile delivery value chain and interrogating the challenges that bedeviled it. And I would share some of those findings.

We found that the logistics market is broken due to a number of reasons. First, we operate in an environment of low trust.  Promises have been broken and nobody trusts that if they pay for delivery, the package will arrive as promised. Sometimes that distrust has been planted by a seemingly harmless lie by a rider who is at Ajah but tells a customer that is expecting a pickup or delivery in 10 – 15 minutes in Ikeja that “he will soon be there”.

And there are more serious problems where the goods never arrive because some riders will just disappear with customers’ packages.

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The industry has not given the kind of assurances that the customers need to be able to trust last mile providers a bit more. This could be because there are no consumer protection regulations and/or that they are not well enforced. So, there is a problem of trust and that was the first thing that we found.

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We also saw that even though the eCommerce retail market is on the rise, the assets which fuel the supply side of the industry were not growing at the same rate. This may be because serious players are yet to make the necessary investment in the industry. And unless sufficient assets are made available to meet the growing demand for eCommerce, last mile logistics will remain broken.

There are other problems as well, including the need to leverage technology, create transparency and provide excellent customer support.

Delivery is about keeping promises. When customers are promised quick pickup and timely delivery, they (the customers) also make the same promises to their own customers (especially in situations involving merchants selling goods). The industry needs trust in order to thrive and keeping to delivery promises across the entire ecosystem engenders that trust.

The Dellyman Solution…

Having interrogated the problems of lack of trust, insufficient asset, idle capacity, etc, the first thing we sought to do was to gain back consumer confidence. This means a situation where a customer would be able to trust that every company listed on the Dellyman platform is fully verified, for safety and quality service. We are able to share information with customers about our partnering companies’ abilities and capacity to deliver quality and prompt services.

The Dellyman platform ensures the entire process of pickup and delivery is transparent with complete traceability. In the sense, a customer is able to see the entire delivery journey from sender to receiver of the package. Our technology solution allows the delivery companies (and their drivers/riders) interact with each delivery order as well as the sender and receiver of the package from pickup to delivery. Customers know the status of their orders and whether they are assigned to riders, picked up and in-transit, delayed or delivered etc. Our offline and real-time tracking tools ensure the customer is never left in the dark.

The Dellyman aggregation model speaks to the issue of capacity. By aggregating logistics assets into a single market place, we can better guarantee availability of assets to customers seeking delivery of packages on our platform. Today, we have onboarded over 600 logistics companies with at least 150 of these fully verified.

Once onboarded and verified, the logistics companies get access to our robust technology so they don’t have to build or own one. This means that they can onboard and track their riders, set their prices and manage delivery orders seamlessly from pickup to delivery. When customers initiate a delivery order, we match them first with delivery companies with assets closest to the pickup location to reduce pickup time. Additionally, we provide data such as number of completed deliveries, distance of the closest rider or driver to pick up, social proof (ratings and reviews) from customers who have used the services of each listed company in the past etc.

Driving profitability for logistics players using the Dellyman model


There are three legs to a typical delivery. The first is the distance between the rider and the pickup; the second, the distance between pickup and delivery, and the third leg (what I call going back home), is the distance between the delivery and the logistics provider’s default location. Interestingly, the only billable leg is the second leg, that is from pickup to delivery point.

The problem with being able to bill only one of the three legs in the delivery journey is that the logistics company will bear the cost of travelling the distance to pick up. Sometimes this could be a distance of 30-40km depending on how far the rider is to the pickup location. Apart from the delay in pickup, the cost of fueling this leg of the journey impacts the profitability of the logistics company.

The third leg of the journey (going back home) is even more costly. The reality that a rider could travel back empty after delivery is scary. For most delivery companies, idle capacity remains the bane of growth and profitability.

Kabu Kabu or Uber for Logistics: While Dellyman is using aggregation to solve capacity, it is leveraging geofencing technology to guarantee faster pickup and asset optimization (by reducing idle capacity). We are the Kabu Kabu or Uber for logistics

A Kabu Kabu cab driver sets out from Ikeja with his first passenger going to Lekki. At Maryland, he might encounter a new passenger going to Surulere. And yet another customer heading to Obalende from Yaba. He is picking and dropping passengers along the way.

By the time the driver arrives Lekki, he may pick passengers heading out towards Apapa. And the process of pickup and drop-off continues until the driver is done for the day. So we see the possibility of a Kabu Kabu completing 30 – 40 drop-offs in a day without necessarily staying in a park to be loaded with passengers. He only goes back home when he is done for the day. This is the same model used by Uber taxis.

Our Uber for logistics model ensures that delivery assets don’t travel back empty after each delivery. This helps the return on investment for an average delivery company and they can continue to maintain their assets and invest in new assets. The more assets they contribute to the ecosystem, the more it helps capacity and coverage. Ultimately, the Customer is able to purchase prompt and efficient delivery service at an affordable price.

Transparent billing: Today customers bargain delivery prices with service providers. With the proliferation of logistics companies in a market with no barrier to entry and poor regulation, this sometimes can be to the advantage of the customers. A better and more transparent approach to pricing is to bill based on distance, traffic, weight or size of package etc. For our light assets (such as bikes) we have adopted a distance-based pricing model that applies rates on the distance between pickup and delivery calculated by google map.

Each logistics company on the platform is able to set their price and when customers book for service, they do not have to worry about negotiating price since the price from each provider is automatically displayed at the time of booking the delivery order.

The future of eCommerce: The eCommerce market is increasing in its attractiveness due to convenience, good shopping experience, ability to view and shop for unlimited products across several channels (omni channels) as well as multiple and secured electronic payment options. While shopping online guarantees comfort and convenience, customers’ expectations to have access to their purchases as quickly as they would if buying from a traditional brick and mortar shop remains a huge challenge. According to a Mckinsey report, “customers’ desire to get their goods delivered same day when ordered online tends to increase the value of online purchases but also creates an opportunity for the eCommerce and logistics market”.

Traditional eCommerce today is built around warehousing. When a customer shops online, the order is fulfilled from a warehouse or fulfilment hub closest to delivery, where the order is packaged and sent through a delivery van to the customer. Where the products are not readily available in the warehouse, the merchant or vendor selling on the eCommerce is required to bring the package first to the warehouse operated by the market place.

Certainly, such a structure that requires a vendor to first deliver a package to a warehouse where packages are then aggregated before being shipped to customers, cannot be said to be efficient.

This model needs to change if customers must get their packages delivered same day within the city. Using the Dellyman platform integrated with eCommerce, orders placed by customers trigger a pickup from vendor directly to the customer. The Dellyman platform immediately locates logistics providers closest to vendor location to reduce pickup time. Needless to say, the pooled assets on the platform ensures we find service providers at all times so that same day delivery is guaranteed

Ecommerce and marketplace companies need to be bold and confident to offer same day delivery where customer orders are shipped from vendors directly to the customers. And those are the ones that will win the eCommerce market tomorrow. Dellyman makes this new way of delivering customer orders possible.

While it may be true that logistics alone cannot solve all the problems of eCommerce, addressing the problems with delayed or failed delivery goes a long way to deliver on the same-day delivery promise and by extension the success of eCommerce.

Dare Ojo-Bello is the founder/CEO of Dellyman Logistics, Nigeria’s pioneer marketplace for logistics companies. You can reach Dare on +234 806 003 1112 or via email at [email protected]

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Viral Click Network to revolutionize digital marketing for Blockchain projects

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The Blockchain industry has come a long way in redefining how people make money, spend money and store money; starting with Bitcoin, the pioneer cryptocurrency along with big chains such as Ethereum, XRP, TRON and Binance smart chain, the industry has witnessed more than double growth in the past two years.

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What is Viral Click Network?

The Viral Click Network is a smart AI powered marketing tool which combines the reach of publishers with the influence of social media users to market Blockchain projects.

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The VCN platform is the first digital marketing platform for Blockchain projects which leverages on the use of AI to authenticate ad impressions and social media shares by participants.

The platform combines the power of human input and artificial intelligence to create an ecosystem of social media marketing that produces specific trends for projects within a specific period of time as requested by advertisers.

We’re taking over the burden of getting Blockchain projects to the right audience that will use and support projects while developers focus on creating and developing the next generation of blockchain products.

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The rationale for creating the Viral Click Network protocol is to create an open-source, transparent and fraud-proof replacement to the existing stack. In a way, Viral Click Network’s mission is to create a new standard in digital advertising for Blockchain projects.

Key Platform Features

The Virial click network is a beautifully designed interface for our publishers, advertisers and partners to seamlessly interact with advertising campaigns.

Secure publisher dashboardEnables publishers to easily display ads on their websites as well as have access to press releases for publications.

Advertiser DashboardAd creation studio Enables advertisers to create campaigns, set budget, and duration; also features interface to drop press releases so our publishers can publish.

Social media posting dashboardAllows our social media posters access to available campaigns, enables them to earn VCN tokens.

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Ecosystem key features

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The Viral Click network is here to revolutionise Blockchain marketing campaigns, below are key features to expect in our unique offering:

Simplified marketing tool for Blockchain projects – we know how difficult and time consuming it takes to market blockchain products and we have made it a few clicks away from success.

Gateway for publication of press releases – Blockchain developers don’t need to contact every publisher for press releases, we make all the contact according to your budget.

Transparent campaign reporting – user-friendly campaign reporting to track campaign impressions, click through rate, opt-ins, etc

Residual income for publishers and social media users – publishers and social media posters make steady income for participating in advertising campaigns.



There are so many reason Blockchain developers will want to use our advertising campaign services for their projects which we have summarized below:

  • The VCN platform is your one stop shop for getting your blockchain projects to the right audience.
  • Our media partners allow discounts on campaigns from our system which will prove cost-effective for advertisers
  • Transparency in reporting campaign statistics builds trust with publishers and advertisers.
  • It is now much easier to publish your press releases on our partner websites with just a few clicks on our system.

Follow us on social media for the latest update on our project:






Telegram channel: @viralclicknetwork

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CFDs on stocks: Make money even in crisis

Broker NordFX offers its clients a large number of instruments on a specialized Stocks account to trade the securities of the world’s largest brands.



Do you want to improve your financial situation? Has the crisis hit your savings? Have you been looking for an opportunity to earn money and have not found a decent option?

Then you should try trading the world’s leading stocks using CFDs. Broker NordFX offers its clients a large number of instruments on a specialized Stocks account. Here, with a minimal investment, you can trade the securities of the world’s largest brands such as Apple, MasterCard, Microsoft, McDonalds, Google, Netflix, VISA, Alibaba and many others.

By the way, stock indices of the world’s leading suppliers are also available on other accounts of the broker NordFX. You can also buy or sell them to profit from any price changes.

Become a Trader Today

You probably think that it is very difficult to become a trader and buy stocks. In fact, this is not the case. All you need to do is open an account with NordFX broker, which will take just a few minutes, and then fund this account.

Speaking of start-up capital. Do not think that you need a lot of money to trade stocks. $100 is enough to start. Once you have opened an account and funded it, you need to download the trading terminal. Now you are just one step away from buying stock. Now you need to select the desired stock and purchase it. That’s it. You just have to wait until its price rises (or falls, but more on that below) and close the deal, making a profit.

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As you can see, everything is really very simple and straightforward. You do not have to study at leading universities for a long time in order to start trading on the financial markets and acquire shares of the world’s leading companies. All you need to do is create a trading account with the NordFX broker, install the platform and buy or sell shares.

In fact, in order to become a trader and start trading, you don’t need any special knowledge and skills. But, in order to start making stable money on such transactions and not lose your money, you need certain knowledge. You will see Some secrets of how to do this in the section “How to Predict Price Changes?”.

Make Money Even in Crises

It doesn’t matter what the market situation is, whether the share price is rising or falling. You can always buy and sell shares quickly using CFD contracts (English. Contract for Difference, CFD). When buying securities in this way, you get the opportunity to earn on the difference of quotes. If the share price rises, you buy it, and if it falls, you sell it.

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The point is that when dealing with CFDs, securities are not transferred to you. Accordingly, you do not have to wait for registration in various authorities, including the depository. You can dispose of the purchased financial instrument immediately. If, the price of a stock suddenly decreases right after you bought it, you just need to close the trade in order to minimize risks.

Moreover, if there is a crisis in the markets and stocks fall in price, you can sell even those securities that you have not bought before! This is one of the most important benefits of CFDs. You simply open a trade on the platform and watch as the downward trend develops, and your profit grows. The opportunity is truly unique. You will not find it in any other market.

It’s Really Easy to Buy Shares of the World’s Leading Companies

Now let us look at how to buy securities. To do this, you need to select shares of one or several companies and purchase them. To be more precise, open positions to buy them. For example, you are interested in the securities of the Facebook company. Let’s say their current value is $ 300 each and you expect it to rise after the reporting is published.

In this case, you buy CFDs on Facebook and wait. Suppose after the publication of the statements, the price did indeed rise to $320. You can lock in a profit and make $20. It looks simple, doesn’t it?

Now let’s look at a sales example. Let’s say Facebook shares are worth $300 and you decide to sell them because you expect the price to decline further. That is, you open a sell trade. Let us say a few days later, Facebook’s stock actually drops to $280. In this case, you will make $20.

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But what would happen if you actually owned shares of Facebook at the moment when they were falling in price? In this case, you would have lost $20 per share. But with the help of CFDs, you can open sell trades and not only not lose, but also earn on any market movements.

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How to Predict Price Changes?

And how do you know if stock prices will fall or rise? There is fundamental and technical analysis for this. Many well-known investors have worked for more than 100 years to create useful forecasting tools. And you have access to many analytical methods and algorithms with which you can predict future market fluctuations now.

For example, you can use technical analysis indicators that show market trends or indicate the possibility of a price reversal. In addition, you can use economic data or company reporting. The broker NordFX has an economic calendar on its website, where you can see the latest publications of economic statistics from the largest economies.

And most importantly, if you are a beginner and want to improve your trading performance, NordFX offers an extensive library of tutorials and videos that will help you gain a deeper insight into the financial markets and understand how they work. Moreover, here you can learn how to use analytical tools and create your own trading strategies.

Such training, depending on the intensity and your free time and abilities, will take no more than a few months and is absolutely free. Agree, it’s much easier and faster than cramming economic theory at the university.

No Funds for Major Investments? Leverage will Help!

Broker NordFX offers 1: 5 leverage for the Stocks account. What is that? This means that if you have invested $100 in trading, you can increase your trading capital by 5 times thanks to the loan that NordFX will provide you automatically and without any collateral. Naturally, this will allow you to buy more shares and, accordingly, significantly increase the likely profit on transactions.

If we go back to the Facebook stock example, where our profit from $100 was $ 20, in case of leverage, this amount would increase 5 times. So, by investing $100, you’ll earn $100 from the trade. That is, your profit will be 100%.

If you choose to trade such stock indices as Dow Jones, Standard & Poor’s 500, DAX 30, Nikkei 225, etc., your leverage can reach 1:10. That is, when you invest $100 of your own funds, you will be able to make transactions in the amount of $1000. And the potential profit, accordingly, can also grow 10 times.

Finally, if you choose other assets, such as currencies (which is possible, provided you are a NordFX customer), the leverage provided to you can reach 1:1000. That is, with only $100 in the account, you will be able to operate with 100 thousand dollars! Can you imagine what opportunities are opening up for you to increase capital? And, in addition to currencies, you can also make transactions with many cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, as well as oil, gold and silver.

Start Trading Stocks Now

When is the best time to trade in stocks? If you ponder this question for too long, this time will never come at all. Maybe you should start trading right now, after going through a simple registration procedure and investing a comfortable and easy amount for you.


Having read this article, you have already seen that becoming a trader is really easy. And keep in mind that while you are reading these lines, tens of thousands of other traders around the world open and close numerous trades, increasing their profits and making real money! Which could be yours, at least in part.

The decision is yours, though.

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