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If you experience these signs then know your salary is not enough

Some times, having a job simply isn’t enough. Find out subtle signs to know you are not earning enough.




Some times, having a job simply isn’t enough. Because a lot of people strive really hard while hunting for jobs, they immediately settle for whatever placement that opens and salary compensation they’re paid. Of course, you cannot because of earning less (under-employment) quit your current job; you just need to consider adding “something extra” as monthly support stream of income.

As a matter of fact, a long list of rich folks did not rely on salaries alone. They probably had tons of investment or “side hustle” you didn’t know about. If you experience these signs then know your salary is not enough;


This does not apply for chronic debtors (people who can’t be bothered to pay off their debts). If you find out that your debts keep piling up, you may not be making as much as you thought you were. You have bills piling up here and there to the point that you start choosing which bills to pay with the current paycheck and which to put off for next month’s pay.

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Don’t earn enough to save

With your paycheck, you should be able to pay your bills, live a moderate yet satisfying lifestyle and still have enough left for savings. Ideally, you ought to save first and spend later. A lot of people don’t save because their salary is barely enough to meet their needs. If you fall into this category of people, you’re not making enough money.

save money monthly, salary

You’re always behind on payments

There are bills that should be paid on a monthly or annual basis. They are not springing up on you, you’ve been aware you would have to pay yet when they are due, you’re unable to meet up. Bills like these include; rent, school fees (for kids if you have any), electricity bills, cable subscriptions and others. If you’re consistently behind on paying your bills, you aren’t making enough.

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Always cutting budget

Every month, you need to cut something off some expenses in order to meet up with other things on your budget. In doing this, you’ve to cut humbly so much that there’s nothing left to cut. Evidently, this is a clear sign that you’re not earning enough just yet.


Emergencies scare you

You are always worried that something would come up and you wouldn’t be able to handle it. The case is worse when you don’t have any savings and are solely dependent on your next paycheck. If you’re not making enough to have provisions for emergencies, you clearly aren’t making enough.

emergency expenses

There are several remedies to not earning enough. We mustn’t fail, however, to mention that some people who experience the above mentioned scenarios are solely responsible for their situation due to their extravagant lifestyle and mismanagement of funds which might simply be solved by making adjustments to their lifestyle and their spending habits.

bitcoin train

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If, however, you do not belong to the class of reckless spenders and find yourself in a tight financial corner; you might consider getting a part time job or starting a side hustle to increase your net income.

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Chacha Wabara-Ogbobine is a Legal practitioner with over 9years post call experience. A research Consultant, professional writer and a blogger at heart,owner of four thriving websites with well over 10years of experience.Totally in love with keeping fit and coaching weight loss enthusiasts. I love my quiet time, being with my kids, watching TV series for hours on end.



  1. Laolu

    July 12, 2019 at 10:16 am

    Nice post. That hit home! lol

  2. Ak O

    July 12, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    Nice one Chacha.keep it up

  3. Adedapo Adebayo

    November 5, 2019 at 10:56 am

    Big stones…you are throwing

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