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One thing billionaires have in common is the desire to associate with billionaires like them, to learn how they think and to emulate a thing or two from each other. Therefore, it came as no surprise that Bill Gates and Dangote have lauded each other in recent times.  

Bill Gates, in a recent tweet, called Aliko Dangote his friend and an impactful partner in his foundation. 

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Recall that Nairametrics had also previously reported when Dangote spoke highly of Gates, saying he was impressed with his display of philanthropy and he wished to emulate the trait. Dangote was quoted saying he would like to be like Gates, giving a chunk of his wealth to charity

Unlike Nigerians, Bill Gates addresses Dangote differently 

In a blogpost, Gates talked about the first time he met Dangote. He said he knew there was something they both had in common which is their keen interest in improving the health and education sectors. 

Gates words: “As soon as we shook hands, it was clear we had a ton in common. We both started successful businesses in the late 1970s. For our second act in life, we both chose to start foundations aimed at improving health and education. (Today, the Dangote Foundation is the largest such organisation in sub-Saharan Africa.)

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That first meeting sparked the beginning of a fruitful friendship. In 2016, our foundations announced a joint, five-year $100 million commitment to reducing malnutrition in Nigeria… 

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“Improving health in Nigeria is critical to making progress in sub-Saharan Africa. The country is home to nearly a quarter of all people living in sub-Saharan Africa, and that population is only going to grow in the future. By solving problems in Nigeria, you can have a huge impact on all of Africa. 

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Aliko Dangote understands this, and that’s why he’s committed to making progress in his home country. Melinda and I are lucky to have him as a partner (and friend!) in improving health.”







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