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DJ Cuppy, the celebrity daughter of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola, has been doing great things since many years ago. She has done it all, from disc jockey to music, modelling and philanthropy. And then yesterday she did something else particularly unexpected (but nice) when she rang the opening bell for the New York Stock Exchange.  

A proud Otedola: Reacting to this development, the young woman’s billionaire father shared a picture of the moment on his favourite social media platform – Instagram. He also praised her, talking about how very proud of her he was. The picture, which was liked by fellow billionaire Tony Elumelu, has garnered many comments, many of which commended DJ Cuppy for yet another feather on her feathered cap. 

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Why this is a big deal: The New York Stock Exchange is the world’s number one stock exchange in terms of market capitalisation. As of March 2019, the New York bourse had a market cap of $24230840.32 trillion according to Stock Market Clock.

Therefore, ringing the opening bell to kick off a trading session is usually reserved for individuals of high repute such as A-list celebrities, top global business executives and politicians. 

More so, the fact that DJ Cuppy rang the bell on behalf of Global Citizen is yet another thing worthy of mention. Global Citizen is a philanthropic organisation which is made up of mostly young people who are willing to eradicate extreme poverty in the world.

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The organisation occasionally organises concerts where some of the world’s musicians and singers perform. Money raised through ticket sales is channelled towards charitable courses.  

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26 years old DJ Cuppy has established herself as a world class entertainer. And from all indication, her billionaire father is very supportive of her. In the meantime, DJ Cuppy is always dragging her businessman dad into pop culture discourses. Recall that not too long ago, the two of them trended all over social media after visiting Italy for an hour just to eat gelato ice cream. 



Emmanuel holds an MSc. in International Relations and a B.A in Philosophy & Logic, both from the University of Ibadan. He is a communications professional. As a Lead Business Analyst at Nairametrics, he focuses mostly on quoted companies, their products/services, and the economy in which they operate. Emmanuel is also experienced in the areas of corporate communication, brand communication, corporate storytelling, public relations, business research, management/strategy, etc. You may contact him via his email- emmanuel.abara@nairametrics.com.


  1. This is not the initial topic that went with this story. Mentioning Femi Otedola’s name makes the story much more qualified to be on Nairametrics instead of just saying DJ Cuppy. Nobody cares to read about DJ Cuppy on Nairametrics. If we want to read about her, we go to Pulse. However, we can read about her here from the perspective of her father, which is what this story and the initial headline accomplished. I don’t understand why the headline had to change to “DJ Cuppy rings bell on New York Stock Exchange”
    I’ve been hearing a lot that Ugodre is losing focus of his Nairametrics. And the more I see mediocrity all over this website, the more I tend to believe it. It’s time for Nigeria to have another quality business website, Just as it is time for quality Nairametrics talents to pitch their tents with better companies…

  2. Who is DJ Cuppy and who cares if she’s ringing the bell of heaven? This title is different from what I saw on Twitter by the way. The Twitter title is what made me click to come here.


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