Leading telecoms services provider, MTN Nigeria Plc, has disclosed its unaudited second-quarter (Q2) 2019 financial performance which shows an impressive 34.8% increase in profit. The details of the financial disclosure can be seen below.

Unaudited Revenue: MTN Nigeria’s revenue for the period under review stood at N566.9 billion, as against N505.6 billion during the same period in 2018. This indicates a 12% increase in revenue.

Profit Before Tax: This stood at N141.8 billion in H1 2019 as against N108.3 billion in H1 2018, indicating an increase of 30.9%.

Profit for the period: MTN Nigeria’s profit for the period is N98.9 billion as against N73.3 billion in H1 2018. This marks a 34.8% increase.

Earnings per Share (basic/diluted) stood at N4.86 in H1 2019 compared to N3.61 in H1 2018.

MTN Nigeria Plc’s shares are currently trading at N125 on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

You may download the full result HERE

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