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An angry Nigerian Uber driver has called out a passenger who messed up his car during a car ride from Mushin to Yaba.

The furious driver, via his Twitter handle, revealed how a certain lady he picked up messed up his car with groundnut peels. He further ‘joked’ about his intention not to accept ‘ride request’ from Mushin residents.

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Many of the driver’s followers sympathized and advised him to always task his passengers on cleanliness whenever he finds them having a meal in the car during a ride.

Who should be blamed? Some Nigerians on Twitter were frantic over the lady’s behaviour as they questioned her hygiene. This led many to question the workability and functionality of Uber’s plans to ban low-rated passengers.

Uber ban: Nairametrics reported that the multinational transportation company included the rating device for customers as well, in order to track customers who abuse its rules and regulations.

For a long time now, Uber drivers have been the ones receiving low rating after every trip. Consequently, the contracts of many drivers around the world have been terminated. But with this new plan, some customers could also get flagged by unsatisfied drivers.

What happens when a customer is badly ratted? According to Uber, passengers with the worst ratings over a period of time known to them will be denied access to all Uber services such as rides, Uber Eats food delivery and JUMP bicycles.

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What could lead to a ban and bad ratings? Uber users or riders who are not polite when addressing drivers; users who encourage their drivers to exceed the speed limit, and users who leave trash in the car will be stopped from using the transportation service.

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