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Diversification of your resources is necessary towards achieving a risk-adjusted return of your investment capital (alpha). One of the best ways to diversify is to invest internationally, be it investing in the stock market, startup, or simply setting up a business.

Below are lists of countries you can invest in as a Nigerian;

  1. Singapore: According to United Nations’ estimates, Singapore has a population of 5.85 million as of May 2019.  The country’s total GDP as of 2018 is $361 billion. It has a GDP growth rate of 3.2%.

Reasons to invest in Singapore:

  • Singapore is known for its well-developed financial and trade sectors, its low tax regime, and openness towards foreign investment.
  • The company formation process in Singapore is a quick and easy one, another important advantage for foreign investors.
  • Singapore is a strong financial centre that offers a number of trade and investment options.

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  1. Switzerland: This European country has a population of 8.6 million as of May 2019. This is according to United Nations’ estimates. Its total GDP as of 2018 is $703 billion. GDP grows at 2.5% (2018 estimated).

Reasons to invest in Switzerland:

  • Switzerland is a good climate for investments due to its financial stability, strong purchasing power, low inflation, a strong currency, and solid public finances.
  • Switzerland provides a business-friendly environment mainly through the legal structure and special tax regimes. Switzerland offers the necessary platform to host small and medium-sized businesses with more than 90% of Swiss companies having less than 250 employees. – Source: sigtax.com
  1. Hong Kong: With a population of 7.4 million people (May 2019) according to United Nations’ estimates, Hong Kong has a total GDP of $484 billion (2018 estimated). GDP growth is 2.3% (2018 forecast).

Reasons to invest in Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong is a doorway to China and the rest of Asia for foreign investors.
  • Hong Kong has a low, simple, and competitive system.
  • Hong Kong has an open business environment.
  1. Canada: The country’s population is 37.2 million (May 2019) – Source: United Nations estimates. Total GDP is $1.8 trillion. GDP growth is 1.8%.

Reasons to invest in Canada:

  • Canada has a sound, vibrant and innovative financial system with a proactive approach to long-term fiscal policy. – Blackrock, 2016
  • Canada has a diverse and inclusive economy, a skilled and talented workforce with accessible programs to enhance and boost innovation. – investincanada.ca
  1. USA: Population stands at 328 million (May 2019) according to United Nations’ estimates. Total GDP is $19.5 trillion. GDP growth is 2.9%.

Reasons to invest in the USA:

  • The USA offers the largest consumer market on earth. Household spending is the highest in the world, accounting for nearly a third of global household consumption.
  • The USA is consistently ranked among the best internationally for its competitiveness and ease of doing business. – Source: selectusa.gov

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  1. Ireland: This country has a population of just  4.8 million (May 2019) – Source: United Nations’ estimates. Total GDP is $366 billion.  GDP growth is 6.7% according to Countryeconomy.com.

Reasons to invest in Ireland:

  • Ireland has a small, highly globalized economy, with a well-established FDI sector generating significant exports business sectors.
  • The Irish economy is the fastest growing in the Eurozone.
  • Key rankings for Ireland according in the 2018 IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook are as follows;
  • Economic Performance: 1st for real GDP growth.
  • Government Efficiency: 1st for investment incentives.
  • Business Efficiency: 1st for productivity industry.
  • Infrastructure: 1st for value added in knowledge and technology. Source: Reports on facts about Ireland by IDAIRELAND
  1. China: Population is 1.4 billion (May 2019) according to United Nations’ estimates. Total GDP: $27.3 trillion. GDP growth is 6.7% according to Countryeconomy.com

Reasons to invest in China:

  • China has many free trade zones. Therefore, establishing a business has many advantages for foreign investors, including tax exemptions and free conversion of Chinese currency to any international currency.
  • China has a highly educated and competent workforce.
  • China has a large local market so this presents an opportunity for investors to sell to a sizeable Chinese market.
  1. Philippines: The population is 261 million (May 2019) – Source: United Nations’ estimates. Total GDP is $330 billion. GDP growth is 6.2%.

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Reasons to invest in the Philippines:

  • Philippines has evolved from its agricultural focus towards a much more service-based model with the agricultural sector accounting for about 9% of its GDP, while the service sector accounts for around 60%.
  • Experts are predicting the country to be the second fastest growing economy in Asia (behind India) in the next few years, and the world’s 15th largest economy by 2050.


  1. Thanks for this, Nairametrics. Could you also cover the practical “How to” of investment in these Countries, please? I think that will be a huge value-add.

  2. I think beyond reasons to invest in those countries is how to invest in those countries. I have tried researching how to invest in USA for quite some times now with no result so far. I would appreciate your input on this please.

  3. How do you go about investing in this countries shares? Are there online Nigerian enabled platform and can you list them.


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