Ben Murray Bruce

Nigerian senator, Ben Murray-Bruce, who represents Bayelsa East Senatorial District, has taken to his Twitter page to share two of the bills he recently proposed before the Senate.

One of the bills he proposed is the Electric Car Bill, which is basically seeking that the National Assembly approves the use of electric cars in Nigeria.

The reason for the bill

According to Bruce, the reason for proposing the bill is to help Nigeria actualise a clean energy policy, encourage the use of modern technology, de-emphasise on oil consumption, and also reduce air pollution.

Nigerians reaction to the bill 

Interestingly, some Nigerians on Twitter “dragged” the senator because they felt that his proposed bill is a misplaced priority. Some people specifically questioned the need for electric cars in a country that cannot boast of 24 hours electricity supply.

Some others even went as far as saying that the Senator’s proposed bills show how disconnected he is to the people he is representing.

Another person questioned his idea and asked if the proposed electric cars can function in the constituency he is representing.

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Moving forward 

In as much electric cars are not exactly what many Nigerians need at the moment, it is important to consider the fact that Senator Bruce might be finding solutions to future problems.

Many countries are discovering crude oil, even as the world-wide usage of electric cars keeps rising. Nigerians will, therefore, have to find an alternative to their daily use of oil. Doing this will also help the country contribute to the fight against climate change.

It should be noted that some Nigerians on Twitter also agreed with his idea, arguing that it’s time the country starts thinking about the future, along with other countries who are already using technology to their advantage.

Other countries are doing it

According to reports, Norway is introducing zero-emission cars in their roads by 2025.

It is also worthy to note that electronic vehicle sales in Norway in March outstripped sales of gasoline and diesel cars combined. This development confirms the Nordic country’s undisputed global leadership in the EV market. It also sets it on the road to achieving its national goal of having all cars sold by 2025 be zero emission.

Other countries such as China have also been making effort to introduce more electric cars onto their roads. Therefore, it’s about time Nigeria does same.


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