The CEO of AfriSwiss Capital Assets Management Limited, Kalu Aja, recently took to his Twitter page to share some important tips on how to run a successful business.

According to Aja, it is important to keep a record of every transaction made when running or setting up a  business. This should be done, regardless of how minimal the expenses are. In other words,  document all receipts.

Accountants are important 

For Kalu, the first professional person to consult before setting up any business should be an accountant. This is because he or she would keep all daily record of all proposed plans and also help in monitoring the business tax liability.

Separate your personal and business accounts

Secondly, the financial planner advises business owners to separate their personal bank accounts from their business accounts. Doing this will give them a vivid record of their business transactions.

Be very brand conscious 

Thirdly, he added that above getting everything else right, business owners should always be brand conscious. This is because perception is everything. Therefore, you must get good letterhead, stamps, and other office essentials. Doing this rightly speaks volume of the business.

Learn to delegate 

Fourthly, Mr Aja emphasised the need for  work delegation. According to him, the main function of the CEO should be the articulation of vision, implementation and business development.

However, he advised startup founders to keep their budgets and focus on doing all the work themselves till they can be able to hire people they could delegate to.

In all that you do, get the cash

Most importantly, Mr Aja noted  that one of the things that can kill a business is lack of cash. He, therefore, advised business owners to get it,  and emphasised the need to never render services on credit to customers.

Standard chartered

Once again, he listed out things small business owners should always bear in mind, in order not to endanger their business.


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