Herbert Wigwe, the Group Managing Director of Sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest bank, Access Bank Plc, recently took to his Twitter page to talk about what a good business networking entails.

He told his nearly twenty four thousand followers on the micro-blogging site that networking is beyond handshakes and exchange of cards. Instead, it also involves showing deep interest in the goals and aspirations of the other person, showing up for them, reaching out and trying your best to add value to the person.

Why it matters – In a world when everyone is busier than before, with little or no time to sit, wait and listen to each other, networking is becoming a difficult thing to do.

And this should not be the case, seeing as networking is an important way of getting to meet people who share same goals and ideologies with you. As it is often said, many great businesses and establishments were born out of great friendship.

Indeed, effective business networking is necessary for linking individuals who, through trust and relationship building, become walking, talking advertisements for one another.

Before thinking of networking ask yourself what your goals are – This will guide you to pick groups that will help you get what you are looking for. You should know that some meetings are more about learning, making contacts, or simply volunteering; instead of making business connections.

Meanwhile, some of Mr Wigwe’s followers agreed with what he said. Others, however, pointed out the difficulties that may be associated with networking; especially when someone of a lower social standing is trying to relate with someone of a higher social standing.

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Others also noted that networking is more about learning from others. After all, nobody knows everything. And in today’s world, we are all required to know a bit of everything. Therefore, networking with knowledgeable people is also very important.


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