Nigeria's election delay

2019 is just around the corner. With the political season heating up and partisan activities already in progress, let me tell you before it is too late… join the many Nigerians that have been smart enough to take hold of the opportunities that this season presents. While this is not in any way suggesting illegal activities to engage in, there are many lucrative endeavors that you can engage in that will make you sleep well at night.  

Whether you’re a political enthusiast or not, you too can tap from the money that goes around during the time of political election campaigns. Here are 12 ideas you can explore to make you get your share of the national cake you have craved for so long. 

Social media marketing

Being one of the most powerful tools available today, if you have a social media profile with a huge followership, or you are a highly skilled social media marketer, then you can make money by helping aspirants spread word of their ambitions. Media strategists use their influence on social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter to garner support for candidates who hire them.  

T-shirt design, hats, umbrella design

T-shirts, hats, and umbrellas are commonly used for publicity during election campaigns. Aspirants for public offices have their pictures and names boldly printed on these materials and then distribute them to people free of charge. This is with the aim of drawing attention, since people tend to read whatever they notice on these materials. You could come up with unending ideas, while supporting your favorite cause or candidate, or you could be politically neutral and come up with funny products that zing both sides. 

Bulk SMS 

SMS is certainly one of the means through which aspirants will communicate their manifestos to the people. Though the profit per unit SMS may seem meager, you can make millions by sending customized bulk SMS for political office aspirants, since they will be reaching out to several thousands to millions of people. 

Business investors

These are also people who tend to make money from politics without actively participating in politics. What business investors basically do is invest money in a political party by supporting them financially during fund raising events. If the party ends up winning and becoming part of the government, the business investor would get contracts and or lower taxes and considerations on their businesses.  

Graphics design

During election campaigns, virtually all the publicity done by aspiring public office holders is based on graphics, which means that there are usually huge opportunities for creative graphics designers to make more money. If you have strong design skills, then you can also tap from the money thrown around during the period by starting a graphic design business. 

Bus Hire

If you have a bus or any big vehicle that can convey a decent number of people, then consider approaching an election candidate. Aspiring politicians hire vehicles for easy movement from one region to the other with the hope of convincing voters to vote for them over the opposition. Also, politicians hire trucks for advertisement purposes and to transport voters from one place to the other. 

Radio or TV show

You can consider starting a show that will feature aspirants for political offices and give them the chance to communicate their ambitions and manifestos to viewers and listeners. Of course, aspirants will pay you to get featured on your show because they want to take advantage of every available publicity opportunity. 


If you can set up a blog that discusses politics, or especially centers on the elections, then you can make cool cash by helping aspirants with their campaigns. However, to build a popular blog within a short period, you will need strong internet marketing skills, funds for aggressive promotion to attract traffic, and a huge social media following to build the blog upon. 

Campaign rally participation

If you have a lot of free time on your hands and enjoy going to places, then you can make money off public office aspirants during their campaigns. How? By joining their campaign teams and following them to every place they visit, while trying to communicate their ambitions to the people. These participants are usually paid decently. 

Campaign bills posting

One of the strongest indicators that elections are fast approaching is the display of election campaign bills in most public places. Of course, you know that aspirants do not post these bills themselves. Most of the time, they pay people to help them with that. If you are comfortable with this idea, you can make some money from it. 

Sell snacks/drinks

Another great way to make money during election campaigns is to sell snacks and drinks at political campaign rallies. Thousands of people usually grace these rallies, so you will have a large pool of potential customers who will need to refresh themselves at intervals.  

Photocopy and printing business

Posters and billboards are everywhere, on walls in each street, each business enterprise and even on the roadsides. Apart from the posters and the billboards, manifestos are also printed seeing a boom in the business. 


NB: In the bid to make money, please try as much as possible to stay away from being used as tools for political violence during this period.  


  1. Nice one. This got me laughing… By joining their campaign teams and following them to every place they visit. ANy which way na way jor 🙂


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