Konga spots new logo to reflect merger with Yudala

Kongapay website front page

Following the press release of the merger between Konga and Yudala, we noticed the new Konga is spotting a new logo. Check it out;

The new logo

Bua group

Konga still has the same round head with a winky smile but spots the pink background of Yudala. The font color for Konga is also white and no longer blue as we have come to be used to over the years.


The three men in charge of turning Konga’s fortunes around.

Konga Team
From left, Nick Imudia, Olusuji IjogunPrince Nnamdi Ekeh,

The two CEO’s

Konga Team
Nick Imudia shaking Prince Ekeh. Nick will run Konga online while Prince will run Konga offline.

Konga will have two new CEO’s

“Effective from May 1st, Yudala will now operate under the name KONGA, with dual CEOs in the persons of Nick Imudia who will be in charge of online among others and Prince Nnamdi Ekeh who will be responsible for offline. This merger will further strengthen our position in the Nigerian retail market as we creatively position Konga as the first profitable e-commerce company in Africa.” Konga

The team

Konga Team
Konga Team


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