Entrepreneurship holds the key to the future economic growth in Africa and at Dangote Group, we are passionate about creating African success stories” -Aliko Dangote, President/Chief Executive, Dangote Industries.

Dangote Industries and CNN international Commercial (CNNIC)  have renewed and expanded their existing sponsorship partnership with the launch of a new brand campaign on CNN TV and Digital; a media-first that integrates Dangote Industries with a video series to be produced by and aired on storytelling network Great Big Story.

With this development, Dangote Industries becomes the first African company to be featured on Great Big Story which was launched in 2015 by CNN and Turner to tell original business stories that appeal to a global audience of young, intellectual, curious and connected consumers.

More than one thousand six hundred and fifty original stories from over ninety-five countries have been broadcast to the more than ten million global subscribers which Great Big Story has garnered since 2015.

What this deal means for Dangote industries

According to the CNN, the new deal vests CNN International Commercial with the responsibility of overseeing the advertising sales, commercial content development, brand licensing, content sales and marketing for Dangote Industries. In the same vein, the Dangote brand will also be associated with the Great Big World series. All videos will be introduced with Dangote Industries branding, even as sophisticated data-driven mechanisms are used towards ensuring that key audiences are reached via the Great Big Story app/website, Social Media and various other platforms.

In the same vein, CNNIC has extended Dangote Industries’ sponsorship on CNN’s Marketplace Africa; the network’s flagship African business show. Also, Dangote will sponsor the Profit Point,  a segment of the weekly show which asks successful business leaders to share stories about their roads to success.

Meanwhile, CNNIC will produce Touching Lives,  a 360-degree campaign to which will tell the story of how the Dangote conglomerate’s daily activities impact the lives of ordinary Africans. The campaign will be aired on both CNN USA and CNN International.

Business day

 Dangote Industries has been a true innovator for many years now, and we are delighted to extend its relationship with CNN with this media-first. This exciting new partnership is part of a wider trend among leading African brands who are moving towards creative marketing solutions that combine the very best in data, content and platforms. By harnessing the power of TV, digital and social across CNN and Great Big Story, Dangote Industries’powerful message will resonate in Africa and beyond.

Advertising/PR  is integral to business success 

With this new deal, Dangote Industries has taken a giant step; strategically positioning itself as one of the world’s leading companies.

Advertising and Public Relations remains two of the powerful tools utilised in the business world to communicate brand benefits as well as create awareness. By so doing, newer markets are reached even as existing markets are consolidated.

What impact will this have on the Nigerian economy? 

With Dangote Industries gradually positioning itself as one of the leading companies in the world and entering new markets, the Nigerian economy stands to benefit. This is because the more finished products being exported outside  Nigeria, the more foreign exchange income generated.

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