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Would you consider ditching your job to go work for a startup?


Would you leave your job at an established company where you’re well paid to go work for a startup that just barely got launched? Sounds crazy right? Your current job seems like a more prospective choice especially for your career goals. A startup just got started with no certain future. Why would anyone want to risk his future on the uncertainty that is a startup?

Truth is, the market is constantly changing. Chances are that the supposed ‘established’ company could face a number of challenges that could bring it down and fast regardless of how long it’s been around. When it comes to business, there’s no certainty. It is the uncertainty of it all that pushes us to do the most we can.

The fear of quitting your regular job to go work for a startup is understandable since a lot of people are not only afraid of change but also unwilling to embrace new things. The fact that it’s just starting doesn’t mean it is without its prospects.

Why would it be advantageous to join a startup?

  • You stand a better chance of advancing career wise. Startups are more likely to have few people up the ladder giving you room to climb to the top fast. Much unlike an established company where you’ll probably go grey before you climb a few steps.
  • your team spirit will definitely grow since you’ll have to work closely with the few others that work at the startup
  • Quality becomes important to you as you are directly held responsible for any mishaps. Mistakes can easily be hidden in big organizations but for startups, perfection is demanded to the last detail.
  • Creative thinking is activated. When you have fewer hands, you begin to put your mind to work; thinking up creative ideas.
  • You’ll be listened to. Your voice tends to drown out in a large crowd; your opinions or suggestions ignored in the sea of other opinions and ideas. This is less likely to happen in a startup. When your ideas are genuinely accepted or considered at least, it has a way of boosting your morale.
  • You get the satisfaction of watching the business grow and know that you are instrumental to its growth.

Don’t be fooled into thinking there aren’t downsides either. Of course the pay will be nowhere close to what you’re earning now with double the responsibility. Money might be tight for a while. There’s also a very high chance that the startup won’t survive the first few years. You have to be certain that you’re willing and prepared to take that leap. The best bet though would be to find a way to keep both jobs.


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