Keyman Insurance

This is why Nigerian firms need Keyman Insurance

The way keyman insurance works is that a company buys a life insurance on the key person and the company pays the premium.
CBN Entrepreneur loan, 7 Tips for Financing Your New Business

7 Tips for Financing Your New Business

If you want to start your own business but don’t have the funding, you can still get it off the ground.
Investing, Invest According to Your Risk Tolerance and Appetite (1)

If this doesn’t encourage you to start investing today, nothing ever will!

Indeed, your savings are being stolen! And not only should this worry you, it should also spur you to start investing today.
financial security, Financing for Small Business, Financing for Small Business

If you’re in your 20s & 30s, here are some ideal investments

It struck me that I have peers who are struggling and confused about how and what to invest in while young, in order to ensure financial security at old age. So, I wrote this article...
Nigerian Millennials

Nigerian Millennials have figured where to invest their money

This why Nigerian Millennials will rather invest in cryptocurrency and ponzi scheme.
foreign stock market

How to make money investing in Foreign Stock Markets

How to make money investing in Foreign Stock Markets #Investing #Stocks #Business
Nigeria’s Pension Fund Asset Value

Nigeria’s Pension Fund Asset Value Crosses the N9 trillion Mark

As more and more Nigerians begin to take their retirement planning more seriously thanks to growing awareness campaigns, the total asset value of pension fund assets has hit a new all-time high.
pension funds, PenCom

About 160,000 more Nigerians registered to participate in Pension Plans in Q1 2019

Efforts by the National Pension Commission and other stakeholders through radio jingles and other enlightenment campaigns seem to be yielding results, as more and more Nigerians are joining the bandwagon of pension participation.
Central Bank of Nigeria

How to get the Central Bank of Nigeria to credit your account

Doesn’t it feel good to be a lender of money? Yes, it does, especially if you know the borrower is creditworthy and would repay you with interest as at when due. The Central Bank of Nigeria could always borrow money from you and repay you when the time is due.

Things to consider when investing in shares (Part 1)

Every time you invest in a company by buying its shares, you become a part owner of the said company. Now, investing in shares has so many moving parts. Here, we will break them down.
International Investor, Here’s the easiest way to invest in your future 

10 quotes that would help you invest better

10 quotes that would help you invest better #Invest #Business
How young Nigerians invest

Exclusive: A look at how young Nigerians invest their money nowadays 

As his phone finally buzzed with the notification of his salary payment, John pondered whether to stick to his investment plans or cheat for the last time. 

Where to make money from investing in 2018

Making extra money in 2018 should be the priority of everyone, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or you...
Here are 10 actions that can make you a successful investor, portfolio diversification

Investment decisions that can ruin your savings

On this blog I preach a lot about investing. It is a habit everyone must inculcate and nurture as route to financial freedom. However,...
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