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Julius Berger declares N634 million dividend for 2020, and a bonus issue on its existing shares

The Board of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc has proposed a total final dividend of N634 million to shareholders.



Julius Berger announces board appointments, Corporate Actions: Julius Berger announces closed period as Nigerian Breweries readies for AGM, Julius Berger Nigeria Plc announces N2 dividend to shareholders and bonus shares

The Board of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, one of Nigeria’s leading provider of construction services, has proposed a total final dividend of N634 million to shareholders of the company for the period ended 31st December 2020.

The company’s Board made this announcement in a notification published on the website of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, stating that a dividend of 40 kobo per share will be paid on all the issued 1,584,000,000 ordinary shares of the company.

In addition to the payment of the cash dividend of 40 kobo per share, shareholders will also be issued a bonus of 1 (one) new share for every 99 (ninety-nine) existing shares held in the company.

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Conditions to qualify for the dividend

  • Only shareholders whose names appear in the Register of Members at the close of business on the 28th of May 2021 will be considered.
  • Qualifying shareholders must have completed the e-dividend registration and must have mandated the Registrar (GTL Registrars) to pay their dividends directly into their bank accounts.
  • For the purpose of the dividend payment, the Register of Shareholders will be closed from 31st of May 2021 to 2nd June 2021, to enable the registrar to process shareholders’ dividends.

Dividend and bonus issue declared last year

Last year, Julius Berger Plc paid shareholders a dividend of N2.00 per share on all the issued shares of the company. This is five times the dividend the company is set to pay on each of its issued shares this year.

In 2019 also, the company in addition to the cash dividend, proposed one new ordinary share for every 5 (five) existing ordinary shares held by the company shareholders.

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What you should know

Shares in Julius Berger Plc as of the close of the market on the 1st of April 2021, are currently worth N20 per share.

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At this price, the dividend yield of the company shares is currently pegged at 2%. The company’s market capitalization is valued at about N31.7 billion.

Omokolade Ajayi is a graduate of Economics, and a certificate holder of the CFA Institute’s Investment Foundation Program. He is a business analyst, and equity market researcher, with wealth of experience as a retail investor. He is a business owner and a stern advocate of Financial literacy, who believes in the huge economic prospect of the Nigerian Payment channels and Fintech space.

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Nigerian Stocks: List of Dividends announced in 2021

This is a list of Dividends announced so far in 2021 and their percentage yield.



SEPLAT, OANDO post losses, All Share Index down by 0.03%

As audited accounts start to trickle in, companies will propose dividend payments to their shareholders as recommended by their respective boards of directors. It is also important to track these announcements to know who is eligible to collect the dividend, when it will be approved and when it will be paid. Dividend payment also affects share prices.

This page will be updated from time to time.


Date announced – The date the company announced dividends evidenced by a corporate action published on the website of the NSE.

Dividend during the year – This represents all the dividend announcements made by a company in a given year.

Total dividends – This is the summation of a company’s interim dividend (often announced in a prior year) and the final dividend announced following the publishing of full-year annual report (after announced in the first quarter of the year).

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Qualification date – Shareholders who own shares as of this date will receive dividends. If you buy shares and want to receive dividends make sure it is at least three days before this date. Shares get transferred to you on the basis of the T+3 rule (the date you bought plus 3 working days).

Payment date – This is when the dividend will be paid to you, either via post (dividend warrants) or direct credit to your bank accounts (e-dividend).

Sigma Pensions

Closure of Register – Only shareholders who own shares listed in their register before this date will be paid dividends.

You can also scroll sideways to view the rest of the columns if using a mobile phone.

2020 Dividends from companies quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Calculate Dividends

CompanyDate AnnouncedInterim (DPS)Final dividend (DPS)Total dividendShare price (9th April 2021)Dividend yield (9th April 2021)BonusClosure DateAGM DatePayment DateQualification date
Jaiz Bank Plc8th April 202100.030.030.630.047619047619048Nil11th - 18th June 2021TO be communicatedTo be advised10th June 2021
Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc31st March 202100. July 202130th July 202130th July 2021
Fidson Healthcare Plc31st March 202100.250.254.750.052631578947368Nil8th - 14th July 202122nd July 202123rd July 20217th July 2021
Presco Plc7th April 2021022720.027777777777778Nil7th July 202121st July 202126th July 20216th July 2021
McNichols Consolidated Plc31st March 202100. July 202129th July 20215th August 2021
UAC of Nigeria Plc31st March 202101. June 202130th June 20211st July 202114th June 2021
Beta Glass Plc31st March 202101.041.04540.019259259259259Nil11th-18th June 20211st July 20212nd July 202110th June 2021
Stanbic IBTC Holdings31st March 2021Nil#VALUE!48.301 for 611th June 202127th May 2021Nil
Living Trust Mortgage Bank Plc29th March 202100.010.010.680.014705882352941Nil9th June 2021To be advisedTo be advised
BOC gases Nigeria Plc30th March 202100.050.0513.610.0036737692872888Nil7th - 10th June 202124th June 202125th June 20214th June 2021
Cadbury Nigeria Plc30th March 202100.180.1880.0225Nil17th May 202116th June 202117th June 2021
Skyway Aviation Handling Company Plc30th March 202100.1650.1653.330.04954954954955Nil7th June 202122nd June 202122nd June 20214th June 2021
Prestige Assurance Plc30th March 202100.0250.0250.420.05952380952381Nil18th - 21st May 202126th May 202128th May 2021
May and Baker Plc30th March 202100. - 21st May 20213rd June 20214th June 202118th May 2021
Courteville Business Solutions Plc29th March 202100. May 202120th May 202120th May 2021
Linkage Assurance Plc31st March 20210NA#VALUE!0.802 for 53rd May 202120th May 202126th May 2021NA
Eterna Plc30th March 202100. May 202122nd July 202123rd July 2021
GlaxoSmithkline Consumer Nigeria Plc31st March 202100. April 202127th May 202128th May 2021
AXA Mansard Insurance Plc30th March 202100.0550.0550.980.056122448979592Nil23rd April 20217th May 20217th May 202122nd April 2021
Total Nigeria Plc24th March 202106.086.081420.042816901408451Nil19th April 202117th June 202118th June 202116th April 2021
Union Homes Real Estate Investment Trust31st April 202101.861.8636.60.050819672131148Nil15th April 2021Not ApplicableTo be announced14th April 2021
Aluminium Extrusion Industries Plc1st April 202100.0850.0857.30.011643835616438Nil28th May 2021TO be communicatedTo be advised27th May 2021
Sterling Bank1st April 202100.050.051.560.032051282051282Nil19th - 23rd April 20216th May 20216th May 202116th April 2021
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank Plc1st April 202100.040.041.360.029411764705882Nil26th - 30th April 202120th May 202124th May 202123rd April 2021
Access Bank1st April 20210.250.550.88.050.099378881987578Nil16th April 2021NA30th April 202115th April 2021
Fidelity Bank Plc31st March 202100.220.222.480.088709677419355Nil19th - 23rd Aprl 202130th April 202130th April 202116th April 2021
FBN Holdings Plc31st March 202100.450.457.250.062068965517241Nil21st - 22nd April 202127th April 202128th April 202120th April 2021
Berger Paints31st March 202100. - 7th May 202120th May 202121st May 202130th April 2021
Transnational Corporation of Nigeria31st March 202100. April 202126th April 202127th April 202115th April 2021
11 Plc31st March 202108.58.52280.037280701754386Nil30th April - 4th May 2021To be advisedTobe advised29th April 2021
Caverton Offshore31st March 202100.10.11.950.051282051282051Nil28th April 202127th May 202127th May 202127th April 2021
Bua Cement30th March 202102.0672.06772.70.028431911966988Nil12th - 16th July 202122nd July 202123rd July 20219th July 2021
Nem Insurance Plc31st March 202100. - 11th June 202124th June 202124th June 20214th June 2021
Julius Berger Plc30th March 202100.40.4200.02Nil31st May - 2nd June 202117th June 202118th June 202128th May 2021
First City Monument Bank26th March 202100.150.152.920.051369863013699Nil9th - 13th April 202121st April 202121st April 20218th April 2021
Stanbic IBTC24th March 20210.43.6448.30.0828157349896481 shares for every 6 shares15th April 202127th May 202128th May 20217th April 2021
Lafarge Africa Plc24th March 2021011210.047619047619048Nil4th - 7th May 202125th May 202125th May 202130th April 2021
Dangote Cement Plc19th March 2021016162150.074418604651163Nil28th April 202126th May 202127th May 202127th April 2021
Cap Plc22nd March 202102.
Union bank of Nigeria18th March 202100. April 202113th April 202113th April 202131st March 2021
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc18th March 20210.32.7328.90.1038062283737Nil1st April 20219th April 20219th April 202131st March 2021
United Bank for Africa9th March 20210.170.350.5270.074285714285714Nil22nd - 26th March 20211st April 20211st April 202119th March 2021
Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc1st March 202101.51.516.950.088495575221239Nil18th March 202118th March 202124-48hrs after AGM17th March 2021
Africa Prudential Plc2nd March 202100. - 20th March 202125th March 202126th March 202115th March 2021
NASCON Allied Industries Plc1st March 202100.40.415.20.026315789473684Nil23rd April 20214th May 20215th May 202122nd April 2021
MTN Nigeria Plc1st March 20213.55.99.4163.90.057352043929225Nil5th May 202125th May 202126th May 20214th May 2021
Seplat Petroleum Dev. Company Plc1st March 202119.28920.539.7895500.072343636363636Nil5th May 202120th May 202128th May 20214th May 2021
Nestle Nig Plc1st March 20212535.560.514200.042605633802817Nil24th - 28th May 202122nd June 202123rd June 202121st May 2021
Custodian Investment Plc1st March 20210.10.450.5570.078571428571429Nil12th - 16th April 202122nd April 202122nd April 20219th April 2021
Zenith bank Plc23rd February 20210.32.7321.950.13667425968109Nil9th March 202116th March 202116th March 20218th March 2021
United Capital PLC22nd February 202100. - 15th March 202123rd March 202126th March 20215th March 2021
Nigerian Breweries17th February 20210.250.690.94510.01843137254902Nil11th - 17th March 202122nd April 202123rd April 202110th March 2021
PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc7th January 202100.10.14.850.020618556701031Nil11th - 15th January 202129th January 20211st February 202119th October 2020
Ardova Plc11th March 202100.190.1914.150.013427561837456Nil26th March 202112th April 202113th April 202125th March 2021
Neimeth International Phamaceuticals30th December 202000.0650.0651.950.033333333333333Nil23rd February 20219th March 202112th March 202122nd February 2021
Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund333312.322.6785714285714Nil21st January 2021NA22nd January 2021
SFS Real Estate Investment Fund (REIT) March - 2nd Aprl 2021NA16th April 2021
Vitafoam Nigeria Plc0. February 20214th March 20215th March 2021

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Mega corporations payout N950 Billion dividends in 2020

Corporate Nigeria paid over N958 billion in dividends in 2020, according to data from the annual reports of the companies.




Corporate Nigeria paid over N958 billion in dividends in 2020 according to data from the annual reports of the companies. This figure topped the N851.9 billion paid in 2019 by the same companies under review.

The data was obtained from financial statements of 34 of some of the most capitalized companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange who reported dividends paid out of their cash flow statements. The report focused on dividends paid out rather than what was declared by listed companies.

The higher dividends paid during the year represent a 13% increase from the year before suggesting that corporates kept their commitments to return cash to their shareholders despite a precarious year that was marred by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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At the height of the pandemic in March 2020, some companies like Julius Berger cut back on dividend payments, instead of pushing for bonus issues in combination with dividends. From our estimates, out of the 166 listed entities, a record 9 declared bonus issues during the year compared to just three in 2019 and 2018. Most of the companies that opted for script issues were insurance firms as they faced a recapitalization mandate by the National Insurance Commission.

Dollar adjusted dividends – Despite the 13% increase in dividend payout year on year, the figure is flat in comparison to 2019 when adjusted for exchange rate devaluation. At an exchange rate of N410/$1, the N958 billion paid adjusts to $2.33 billion while the N852 billion paid in 2019 adjusts to $2.36 billion at an exchange rate of N360/$1.

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Sigma Pensions

Top dividend payers The top ten dividend payers made up over 87% of the dividends paid during the year buttressing the dominance of a few mega-corporations in Nigeria’s business and economic landscape.

  • As expected,  Dangote Cement topped as the highest paying dividend company in Nigeria returning N272 billion to its shareholders in 2020 seemingly unchanged from 2019. Next in line was MTN with N172 billion paid out in 2020. MTN’s dividend grew by 29.5% year on year.
  • Zenith and GTBank were the highest paying banks with each paying N87.9 billion and N83 billion respectively dwarfing the likes of UBA and First Bank who paid N33 billion and N14.2 billion respectively.

Growth in dividends Cement giant, BUA reported a whopping 1000% in dividends largely due to the consolidation of the group’s cement businesses across the country. BUA Cement paid out N59.2 billion in dividends in the year. Union Bank also recorded over 1,400% increase in dividends paying out over N7 billion in 2020. It skipped dividend payments in 2019 except for minority shareholders.

What to expect in 2021: Nairametrics expects dividend payments in 2021 to top what was paid in 2020 as companies recover from the challenges of Covid-19. Corporate profits were much higher during the year despite pandemic challenges, while the cash reserves of the mega-corporations were hardly impacted.

The latest earnings season buttresses our expectations as we have already seen a significant increase in dividend payout of some of the mega-corporations. The final dividends of most of the companies that have announced dividends topped what was proposed in the same period last year. For example, 2021 (2020) Access 55 kobo (40 kobo), GTB N2.7 (N2.5), BUA N2.07 (N1.75), MTN N5.9 (N4.97), etc.

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