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How to trade Bitcoin as a forex trader

Bitcoin trading is unlike both stock exchange and forex where you exchange currency pairs, instead, you exchange bitcoin.



Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency was designed as a decentralized currency to be used as a means of payment. Bitcoin usage since its inception has grown beyond its original purpose, it can now be utilized as a store of wealth, and more importantly, everyone can buy bitcoin and trade it as a speculative financial instrument.

As a Foreign exchange (Forex) trader, trading bitcoin might look somewhat similar because forex itself is also a decentralized market place with high liquidity. One of the few differences is that in forex, you trade fiat currencies against each other. However, the two require proper risk management skills, some degree of self-discipline, and knowing how to control your emotion.

In this piece we will be introducing bitcoin trading to forex traders, giving the similarities and differences between forex trading & bitcoin trading, comparing and contrasting bitcoin trading & bitcoin HODLing, and some strategies that can be used to trade bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin Trading?

Bitcoin trading is when you trade in bitcoin i.e. when you buy bitcoin in Nigeria for a short or long period capitalizing on the increase and decrease in its price to make a profit.

Trading cryptocurrency is not much different from trading stock or forex. For all three, you have to learn to analyze the market, be able to forecast and make decisions on when to buy and when to sell.

To become a pro trader, you must learn to control emotions and fear, learn that trading is highly risky, and you can lose everything. This is why there’s a popular saying that ‘you should only trade what you can afford to lose.’

However, Bitcoin trading is unlike both stock exchange and forex where you exchange currency pairs, instead, you exchange bitcoin.

Whenever you’re ready to trade bitcoin, all you need to is is create an account on a reputable exchange like Remitano, decide when to buy, place your order and set your price and stating the number of coins you are willing to buy and when bitcoin price hits your target you sell and cash out your profit.

From the little explanation, it might look that bitcoin trading is basically HODLing or investing in bitcoin, but the truth is no matter how similar they might look, there are few differences between the bitcoin trading and bitcoin HODLing. Some of the differences are;

  • When HODLing or investing in bitcoin, you have to create a Remitano account and buy a certain amount of bitcoin in your wallet while in bitcoin trading you can exchange other cryptos for bitcoin and vice versa while you make money off the difference in prices.
  • Bitcoin trading is mostly on a short-term basis while bitcoin HODLing requires you owning a certain amount of bitcoin for a long time to generate high returns over a period of time.
  • When trading bitcoin, you capitalize on the price change whereas in HODLing you are mostly concerned about the accumulated returns.
  • You need a strategy trading in bitcoin while in HODLing, you do not necessarily need a strategy. You buy bitcoin and set a target to sell when it gets to a particular price.

These are a few of the differences between trading bitcoin and holding it. Since our bone of contention in this piece is trading in bitcoin, let’s dig into how to trade bitcoin.

Tips about bitcoin trading

In this segment, we will dig into how to place a trade, and the kind of trades you can make. Before we proceed, some terms you need to understand. Some of them are Bid, Ask, and Spread.

When trading, the bid is the price the buyer is willing to pay. Ask is the price the seller is willing to accept and Spread is the difference between the two prices. Understanding these three terms gives room to make the easiest profits on the exchange. You find out the spread which is the difference between the bids and asks.

There is also the Limit order and stop order, limit order is an order to buy BTC and sell it at a specific price. A stop order is an order to buy or sell when the price surpasses a particular point. The combination of these two orders is called a Stop-limit order.

bitcoin train

The better you understand these terminologies the easier it is for you to develop a strategy to use for trading. Once you have designed a strategy to use the next thing is to open an account on exchange platforms.


Read about 100 popular crypto terminologies so you can improve your knowledge on bitcoin trading.

There are lots of platforms you can trade bitcoin, each has its unique interface and system of trading. Some of the trading popular and reliable platforms are Remitano, Binance, etc.

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Once you have registered on your preferred crypto exchange platform, the next thing is to validate your account by completing your KYC and immediately begin trading. However, just like we mentioned earlier, you have a structured strategy to use so you won’t gamble with your hard earned money and end up losing it.

You need to be able to analyze chart patterns, know when to buy bitcoin, when not to buy, when to take a break, when to monitor the market, and when to sell. You need to define your reason for entering a trade and always take down notes.

Let’s talk about margin trading.

Margin Trading

Margin trading allows you to trade on leverage or borrowed capital. When you buy on margin, you pay a portion of the stock price called the margin and borrow the rest from the platform offering you the money. You basically trade with more money than you have. Margin trading is a good tool to maximize your profit. However, this tool should only be used by experienced traders as the market is highly volatile, and it could result in the loss of an entire portfolio in seconds.

Lastly, let’s briefly take a look at some comparisons between forex trading and bitcoin trading.

  • Bitcoin is a less liquid market compared to forex.
  • Both require a trading plane.
  • Both Forex and Bitcoin carry a high risk.
  • You can close and open positions on both.
  • Bitcoin is more volatile than Forex
  • Bitcoin is still in its infant stage compared to forex.

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Due to recent events, is Remitano P2P the remedy for Nigerians to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria?

Remitano P2P crypto exchange is an escrowed marketplace where crypto buyers meet crypto sellers.



It’s no longer news that the Central Bank of Nigeria popularly called CBN has placed a ban on cryptocurrency in Nigeria. With this ban in place, it is no more possible for Nigerians to buy Bitcoin from their usual exchanges with their debit cards or directly from their Nigerian bank accounts. What’s worse is that a lot of crypto traders now have their assets stuck in their exchanges as they can no longer withdraw directly to their Naira account. This sudden move by the CBN put the Nigerian crypto community in a state of frustration.

In compliance with the crypto ban, Nigerian commercial banks have begun to freeze the bank accounts of people that are associated with crypto. This ban on crypto placed by the Central Bank of Nigeria has indeed affected the people’s ability to buy bitcoin in Nigeria. A lot of people have now resorted to buying Bitcoin the old fashion way, offline purchase.  Unfortunately, many of these people have been scammed of their hard-earned money simply because they had to deal with some unscrupulous few who set out to defraud those who want to buy Bitcoin. It’s like being stuck between the devil and the red sea!

So the question on every Nigerian crypto lover’s mind is – “How do I buy bitcoin safely without getting my bank account blocked or getting scammed?” Well, the answer to your question is – “Remitano P2P exchange!

What is Remitano P2P Crypto Exchange?

Simply put, Remitano P2P crypto exchange is an escrowed marketplace where crypto buyers meet crypto sellers. With Remitano P2P, you can sell and buy Bitcoin in Nigeria from anyone without fear of being scammed or fear of your bank account being frozen. This is because Remitano acts as an escrow between the seller and buyer to ensure a smooth transaction process.

Remitano P2P is currently the leading P2P platform in Nigeria, South Africa, and several other countries. After being in existence for quite a number of years, Remitano has continuously evolved over the years to provide the perfect marketplace for both crypto buyers and sellers thereby creating a high level of trust in the crypto community.

Remitano is so confident in their ability to deliver that they guarantee all transactions are completed within 15 minutes of initiation. In the event that a transaction is not completed, compensation of 50% of the transaction fee will be refunded to the user.

In addition to this awesome service, Remitano offers the simplest and easy-to-use user interface that anyone with or without computer knowledge can interact with. Remitano also has a responsive and friendly customer service available 24/7 to provide help to buyers and sellers whenever needed.

It takes only a few steps to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on Remitano. All you need to do is to choose a buyer you would like to buy Bitcoin from, send the Naira equivalent to the seller’s bank account. Once receipt of payment is confirmed, Remitano releases the Bitcoin into your Bitcoin Wallet.

Find out the exact step-by-step process on how to use Remitano P2P to buy Bitcoin by watching this video.

About Remitano

Remitano is a product of Babylons Solutions Limited based in Seychelles. Remitano’s purpose is to offer a robust, quality trading experience to all users as a fast-moving marketplace. With necessary safety standards in place, buyers and sellers can come together, store, trade, and withdraw assets, thus avoiding issues common to other crypto exchanges.

Launched in 2014, Remitano is a global cryptocurrency exchange serving international markets, such as Malaysia, China, Nigeria, Vietnam, Australia, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

Got Questions?

Reach out to Remitano via:

bitcoin train

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Kimpton Kawana Bay offers African investors the key to global domination



At a time when African investors are pursuing global opportunities to improve their bottom lines and deliver greater value to their shareholders, their intentions are increasingly frustrated by the limited access of the Nigerian passport in regard to global travel.

Among other West-African passports, the Nigerian passport is restricted in its reach to only 54 visa-free destinations, many of whom are other African countries like Ethiopia. This modest number falls short next to that of Ghana, Cameroon and even Côte d’Ivoire, who have visa-free access to 73, 61 and 67 destinations respectively.

But it gets worse– when the Nigerian passport’s visa-free listings are viewed through the lens of La Vida’s Passport Value Report which combines metrics of GDP and international travel popularity to ascertain the true value of each country’s passport, it makes for even grimmer viewing as the access value is only a meagre 2.1% of the world’s GDP and 3.1% of the world’s international travel popularity.

For Africa’s most populous country preparing itself for a future without oil by leading the continental charge to export technology and talent globally, these numbers are simply unacceptable.

Global Opportunities lie in wait, yet remain gated by visa-restrictions

One instance of the myriad opportunities that exist beyond the continent for Nigerian business executives and buttresses the need for global travel is remittance. According to global Audit Firm, PWC, there are an estimated 15million Nigerians living in the diaspora whose remittance is projected to hit $34.8bn in 2023 with 40% of these remittances coming from 5 European countries alone.

This presents one of the greatest opportunities to set up banking and technology infrastructure across the EU to help more Nigerians and Africans send money back home, which even at a modest 0.1% margin could add around $17m in revenue to their bottom line.

To achieve this however, executives would need to jet in and out of Europe to set up, conduct business and oversee operations. But the limitations of the Nigerian passport mean they will require visa approvals to travel, which may not only delay the speed of execution, but also bring with it the possibility of their requests being outrightly denied.

Enter the need for a second passport and visa-free travel through Citizenship By Investment Programmes.

The Case For A Powerful Second Passport

How to get a second passport by investing in Government-approved real estate projects

As African countries grapple with insecurity, inflation and currency devaluation, the need for second citizenships have never been more apparent, especially as a ‘Plan B’ to hedge against whatever may come. And as the continent’s affluent middle class are becoming wealthier, their needs are evolving, from global business mobility, better visa-free travel to high-quality education opportunities abroad for their children.

It is at this juncture that the opportunity offered by La Vida Golden Visas to acquire a Grenadian citizenship through investment in the soon-to-be-completed Kimpton Kawana Bay Resort serves to transcend this existing gap and provide the much-needed hedge African HNWIs and executives need to expand and safeguard their earnings, businesses and families.

The Grenadian Passport is an instant value-add for Africans

Upon acquiring Grenada’s lifetime citizenship, the combined value for the Nigerian passport grows to 58.7% of the world’s GDP; with the Grenadian passport granting visa-free access to over 163 countries and territories including the UK, EU Schengen zone and uniquely China and Russia. At once, African HNWIs and leading execs gain unrestricted access to the countries at the forefront of global development.

“Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme offers several added attractions that many of its competitor countries do not”, says Chief Executive Officer of La Vida Golden Visas, Paul Williams, in a recent interview. “The application takes only 60-90 days, has low family fees, and no interview, education, language test or management experience is required. There is no residency requirement and dual citizenship is permitted as well. Grenada also does not tax worldwide income, wealth, gift, inheritance or capital gains- which make it more attractive to business elites”.

bitcoin train

Obtaining Grenadian Citizenship: Kimpton Kawana Bay Resort CBI


Grenadian citizenship can be obtained by investing in Government-approved real estate at a minimum of $220,000, as is the case with title deeded studios in the island’s prime project—Kimpton Kawana Bay Resort, the new beachfront 5-star luxury resort currently under construction in Grenada by True Blue Developments—a company with an impressive 20-year record in development.

“The resort, which is 79% sold out, is ideally positioned on Grand Anse Beach, voted by CNN and Condé Nast Traveller as one of the world’s best beaches. The hotel will feature an infinity-edge pool overlooking the turquoise Caribbean Sea, state-of-the-art gym and spa facilities, exquisite fine dining restaurant, roof-top bar, beach bar, lounge with terrace, and, water sports facilities,” says Tom Scott, Managing Director of Kimpton Kawana Bay.

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The resort, heralded by forbes as one of the most anticipated luxury openings in the world is set to open in 2022 and will come under the operation of the internationally recognised hotel brand—Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, part of the InterContinental Hotels Group, one of the largest in the world.

The nature of the real estate investment also allows for personal accommodation usage for up to 2 weeks, while generating a projected rental income of 3-5% through the transparent revenue-sharing model. The investment also provides the option of recouping the initial investment after 5 years without effect to the acquired Grenadian citizenship.

In further providing global access, an investment in Kimpton Kawana Bay Resort would grant citizens access to live in the UK for up to six months every year, as Grenada forms a part of the commonwealth. Another peculiarity is the E-2 Visa option, which is a secondary application open to Grenadian citizens who want to live and work in the US.

Africa’s Battle-Ready Investors are finally unleashed

At a time when African investors have their sights firmly trained on the opportunities existing beyond the borders of the continent in search of growth and starring roles in shaping the present and future of global business, technology, medicine and so on, Kimpton Kawana Bay is finely positioned as the bridge between hopeful thought and ground-breaking reality.

For once, African investors are finally equipped for expansion and global domination. The rest of the world better take notice.

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