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Earlier this week, the Founder of Nairametrics, Ugochukwu “Ugodre”  Obi-Chukwu, gave his Twitter followers a simple test on portfolio diversification. In the said test, he listed out 10 options and asked people to decide which ones they would combine if they had N1 million at their disposal.

He then explained that the intention of the exercise was to test how his followers could be able to optimise their portfolio, bearing in mind that there can sometimes be limited investment choices. See his options below:

You must utilise the entire N1m, no more, no less. Choose a combination.

  • A/ Treasury Bills – N300k 
  • B/ Stocks – N500k 
  • C/ Eurobond – N450k 
  • D/ Agrotech – N350k 
  • E/ Fixed deposit – N600k 
  • F/ Mutual Fund – N200k 
  • G/ Boo – N150k 
  • H/ Self – N150k 
  • I/ Tithe – N100k 
  • J/ Family – N250k

As expected, this exercise elicited lots of reactions from Ugodre’s Twitter followers. Many of them made some interesting combinations, even as some of them offered really smart explanations for their choices. We took a closer look at these responses and shall now highlight the ones that caught our attention.

The Twitter user with the best response is probably Modupe. According to him, he would invest the whole money Eurobond, agrotech, and mutual fund. What is even most interesting are his reasons for making these combinations.

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He explained that Eurobond would help him to hedge against currency devaluation, while agrotech investment offers high returns, even as the mutual fund is safe and can take advantage of compounding interesting. Once again, a wise approach! Even Ugodre had to commend him.

Another interesting response to the thread is the one from a Twitter user identified as Mazi Global. According to him, he would invest in treasury bills, Eurobond, and family.

Explaining the reasons for his combinations, he said that treasury bills and Eurobond will yield faster. According to him, those two investment options are also safe because the government is involved. Now, check below for the fascinating reason he would also be investing in his family.


Twitter user, Easyyok Films, said he will invest in Eurobond, agrotech, and on himself. According to him, it is important to also invest in oneself just as much as it is important to invest in Eurobond and whatnot.

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Based on their responses, it is apparent that the majority of those who participated in the test demonstrated commendable portfolio management skills. The question though is – how would you optimize your own portfolio given the specified options?




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