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If you have been keeping abreast of the latest developments in Nigeria, then you probably know that electricity workers down tool yesterday, a development that led to a nation-wide power blackout.

On Naija Twitter, Nigerians in their large numbers are ranting about this development. Little wonder things like NEPA, National Grid, and PHCN have been trending since yesterday. 

Nairametrics reported that the blackout is due mainly to an industrial strike action that was embarked upon by electricity workers in the country. The strike was embarked upon after the Nigerian Government failed to negotiate with the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) over an industrial crisis that has lingered.  

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DisCos like Ikeja Electric, yesterday, informed its customers about the strike, warning them to brace for the blackout that would ensue. Indeed, there was blackout across most parts of Lagos State and elsewhere. But then again, Nigerians were not really surprised. 


What they said on Twitter 

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Nigerians’ reactions to the nation-wide power blackout are as thought-provoking as they are hilarious. Many of those commenting on Twitter were not really surprised by the industrial action embarked upon by the electricity workers. In the same vein, they were not quite surprised by the blackout that heralded the strike. As a matter of fact, some were even happy about the development because now, “they won’t be paying bills for no reason”. 

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Another Twitter user identified as Udo Chukwudubem posted a rather thought-provoking tweet that a lot of Nigerians can relate to. We have no further comment about the tweet. So, just take a look at it. 


Oga Kpatapata even said that electricity workers in Nigeria have actually been on strike for decades but only decided to make it official yesterday. Again, we have no further comment about that. 



Somebody else had a rather interesting suggestion for power holding companies in Nigeria. According to them, the electricity workers should have just left the light on before embarking on their strike action. Other Twitter users supported this suggestion. 



In the meantime, the strike had been called off. Nairametrics confirmed the development through a press statement that was issued by Ikeja Electric.  


  1. Whether they go on strike or not as far as General Electricity supply was not or is not 24Hours Nigerians are use to it.
    If it is really business as we claim the GenCoys , TCN and DisCoys are doing, they’d use a better business model independent of Nigerian government support, Supply electricity 24 Hrs and bill us properly, let us Nigerians will not pay. If Nigerian government cannot pay for the power they use, cut them off( disconnect)


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