Ikeja Electric reacts to viral videos, declares war on anyone who assaults its staff

Ikeja Electric Plc has warned the general public that legal actions would be taken against any individual that launches any form of physical attack on its staff. The company issued the warning while reacting to viral videos showing two of its staff being attacked in the course of duty.

In a statement signed by the company’s Head of Corporate Communication, Felix Ofufue, Ikeja Electric condemned the attack and reiterated its commitment to assuring the safety of its workers.

The statement went further to say that Section 173 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State stipulates that any person who unlawfully assaults another and thereby does him harm, commits a felony and is liable, upon conviction, to imprisonment for three years.

“It is wrong for persons to attack our technical staff who are on the ladder, it is also an offence to throw them off the ladder. Please note that IE has zero tolerance on assault on staff and remains committed to protecting the lives of its staff. We will not hesitate to seek redress through any means within the limits of the law.”

Below is one of the viral videos showing one Ikeja Electric staff being physically assaulted. Another clip shows two men dragging the ladder while another Ikeja Electric staff was on it, atop an electric pole. Yet another clip shows a young man attacking one of the Ikeja Electric staff with a machete.

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So I am not encouraging this.. but yo! This is the funniest and Realest thing I have seen. It kinda gives some sort of satisfaction.. because IN this era, this century, with the rate at which the world is evolving… No one should be climbing laddar to disconnect electricity. The same electricity that is not even available.. yet the GREED IN THE NATION. Won't let us grow. Prepaid meters have become the new thing but GREED won't let them circulate it. I can do a whole analysis on this but I don't have the time for that. As a Nation we know what to do yet we would rather not. I hope the officials start to resign before they break all their legs.. let the ones on the high table come down and disconnect the light themselves. 🙄👀

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Offenders are being brought to justice: Meanwhile, Ofulue assured that the videos are old and the culprits are being punished accordingly

Reason for the recent power outage: The company explained that the reason for power outage is due to damages on some of its distribution facilities. These include snapped cables and fallen poles, which were all caused by the recent heavy downpours and wind.

Nigerian reacts to this: In reaction to the statement issued by the company, some expressed their disdain for the violence on the company’s staff, while a few stated that it was deserved.

Deal book 300 x 250
Deal book 300 x 250

This is not the first time: Early last month, a middle-aged man identified as Abiodun Makinde, was arrested and charged to court for assaulting a staff of the Electricity Distribution Company and also for breaching the peace of the Ogba Magistrate Court in Lagos.


  1. Ikeja electric is quick to make a statement in this case but when Nerc declared that Meter asset providers will commence operations by May 1 this year and distribution companies like eko and abuja has come out on plans to key into it and rollout thousands of meters for its distribution network , I have eagerly awaited what the plans of Ikeja electric would be on this, yet they have been so silent on the matter. You know why? Because Ikeja electric is praying hard that the meter all customer agenda should not see the light of the day hence they have no plans to meter their customers. Soon I will be delivered from your month to month outrageous bills. Soon!


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