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The greatest shock that can happen to anyone is being met with the unexpected. Also, at some points in one’s life, one will have a disappointing experience which may leave one speechless.

For financial expert, Ugo Obi-Chukwu, shooting above his budget for just taking two shots of liquor was one of the greatest shock of his life. Sharing his experience via his twitter handle, @ugodre, he recounted how he ordered two shots of Hennessy XO for N12,000 about seven years ago.

Obi-Chukwu’s post, which attracted reactions from hundreds of his twitter followers, also posed a question: ‘What’s the greatest shock you ever got from a bill in a high brow restaurant/bar Nigeria?’ 

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While it may be a common piece of advice to tell someone not to eat out because it obviously costs more to eat out than to have the ingredients and cook the meals yourself, we also know that the idea of cooking can be stressful at times. Apart from that, it is always good to dine out with friends and family members occasionally in order to bond and socialize.

It is in this spirit that Nairametrics presents the tips that will help you eat out without overshooting your budget.

  • Research the restaurant: Most people get surprised when they go out, order food, get the bills thereafter and discover it is high. This is avoidable if you look up the internet for the price list of the restaurant before going there. Most fancy restaurants have websites, so use them and research so that you go for the one within the range of your budget in order not to get a shocker.

  • Make it a lunch: If the only thing you want is just to get the experience of eating out,  it is advisable to go during lunch than dinner time because most fancy restaurants charge a bit lesser around lunchtime.

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  • Look for deals/discounts:  Some restaurants give discounts, especially if you are a regular goer. These discounts can help slash down the price you should have paid. Also, you can always look for special deals and offers in the menu to enable you to eat without spending a fortune.
  • Follow your favorite restaurants on social media/sign up for their newsletters: You don’t have to follow just your friends and associates on social media. Connect with your favorite restaurants and sign up for newsletters. This will aid you in knowing when there’s a deal, discount or a new outlet around you. It can also help you know when to eat out, and in that way, you’ll be within your budget and not overspend.


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