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Not less than 80 Nigerians have been put in the public domain by the United States Government over fraudulent activities, the FBI described this to be one of the biggest frauds that have gone down in history.

The United States Department of Justice released a statement on Thursday which included the list of the group of fraudsters who have been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to launder money, and aggravated identity theft among other substantive charges.

Nairametrics understands that the Nigerians had been implicated in several internet fraud cases before this latest fraud one which involved collaboration with federal and state agents to scam people most especially senior citizens.

According to FBI, one Valentine Iro, aged 31, and Chukwudi Christogunus Igbokwe, aged 38, were the lead suspects in the crime. The FBI made it known that once a victim deposited funds into a bank account or a money services account, the aforementioned suspects coordinate with others to further launder the funds.

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What you should know: The US attorney, Nick Hanna revealed that the FBI, are targeting the 80 suspects involved in the Business email compromise (BEC) scam including the operatives responsible for enabling the fraud cases. He noted that so far a total of 14 suspects in Los Angeles have been arrested but unfortunately many of these suspects are also located in Nigeria.

About BEC scams: Business email compromise attacks (BEC) is a form of cyber-crime in which email accounts are hacked to convince businesses or individuals to make payments that are either completely bogus or that should have been otherwise paid to legitimate companies.

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What this means for Nigeria: The 80-man fraud list has indeed once again, put Nigeria and Nigerians in bad light on the global map of integrity, denting an already fragile image among nations. This news comes barely a week after Obinwanne Okeke was also arrested by the FBI for committing computer fraud. Nigerians are yet to get over that and here comes a new shocker.


  1. I think it’s good for the American FBI arresting innocent young Nigeria.WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE,IS GOOD FOR THE GENGER.the sss and the dss should detain those American spies in Nigeria operating as nn partner The are,paying some and using some Nigerians through some Nigeria website,undermining our national security,allowing nnamdi kanu operating in new York spreading mis-information amongst young Igbo boy,conspirating with agents of CIA,to break -up the unity of Nigeria.
    Now the nm partners thinks,we Nigerians are stupid,seeking attention on Nigerian media out-fit,if I want their opinion,i read it on their website or Bloomberg.WHEN YOU ARE IN ROME,YOU DO AS THE ROMANS DO.nm parters have no special right to be in Nigeria,they are on licence,residence and business like-wise.WHAT AN INSULT TO US NIGERIANS,YOU COME TO NIGERIA AND YOU TELLS US ON WHAT WE THINK AND ON WHAT WHAT DO WE DO.
    for 500 yrs we Africans,have suffered un-told sorrows and pain under the hands of white people and EUROPEANS,we Africans have not recovered from the trading of African slaves by white folk,now we are weaken by depopulation,now we are visited by this tragedy of colonization.now as we start to recover.NOW WHAT WE SEES NOW IN AFRICA BY EUROPEAN NEO-COLONIZATION OF THE MINDS OF AFRICAN.AFERALL THEIR PRESIDENT DID SAID WE AFRICAN,BLACKS AFRICAN ARE ONLY GOOD AT LOVE MAKING.
    Mr Trump did said,and he have not denied itThe SEC knows on how to regulate commodities,stocks,financial derivation


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