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These top business ideas for housewives cost less than N100k to start

These top business ideas for housewives cost less than N100k to start



business ideas for housewives
  • Being a house wife is perhaps one of the most difficult ‘jobs’ on earth especially for former working women who now become solely dependent on their husbands for every financial need.
  • It is more ideal to be a stay-at-home mum who makes good money.
  • By the end of this article, we should know the jobs/businesses to do to make money as a stay-at-home mum. 

Stay-at-home mum status

There are a number of reasons why some women decide to sacrifice their professional careers and become stay-at-home mums; usually, taking up the responsibility of being the primary caregivers  to the kids is a foremost reason. In some cases, it could be for health or psychological reasons, while at other times, it could be that your job search has yielded nothing at that time therefore, you have no other option but be a stay at housewife. Yet again, your hubby may be of the old school and not want you slaving under anyone and coming home at ungodly hours.

What then do you do as a graduate or a professional? What jobs or businesses are available for you to do that would give financial satisfaction? The answer is one and the same: you have to engage in something you are interested in and have passion for.

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Coming up with a list of lucrative business ideas stay-at-home mums can implement is no mean feat, but the key factor during consideration is looking at windows of options available for the average sit at home mum. The underlying conditions that would guide this factor are: capital, space availability, the educational status, and the background/mental orientation of the individual.

There is no business that is ‘beneath’ anyone. It all depends on packaging and understanding yourself and what you want out of the business.

Making and selling pap

This product is gotten from different types corn and millet which are milled locally. It has a sour taste that makes people love drinking it often. It is usually combined with beans, akara or moin-moin during meals.

Start-up Capital required: N30,000

Target customers: These days pap is mixed for different types of people: Children with special needs and development delay have pap made with guinea corn , millet, crayfish, etc. which can be easily consumed by these babies. There are a lot of children with special needs in Nigeria who have trouble swallowing generic baby food products and parents are desperate to find food suitable for their kids.

People who are particular about hygiene are also potential customers, together with Nigerians in diaspora who miss it; these people would provide a huge market as they are willing to pay a lot to get pap. All one needs to do is supply your products to local supermarkets and make proper arrangements to export your pap to anywhere around the world.

The most important factor to this success of this business is proper packaging; ‘funkyfy’ your business and Nigerians would go crazy about it.

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Possible Risk: Pap is easy to find in the market as many women sell it. It also goes bad if not prepared properly and can all go to waste without being sold in the first place.

Likely Profit: Profit margin is as high as N40,000 monthly for a start.

Payback period: One is likely to get their capital within a month barring any issues and given the right market.

Making of health foods and meal prep

Nigeria is currently agog with weight loss and this applies to both men and women. A considerable number of women are making money from the comfort of their homes packaging health fruits, vegetables, delicacies, meal planning diet food, coconut oil, etc. Most career women have no time to cook or eat healthy, so you would get a lot of customers by meal prepping for them and sending in fresh food to last them for the week.

Jaiz bank

Start-up Capital required: N100,000

Target customers: Women who are overweight, health enthusiasts and career men and women.

Possible Risks: Lack of creativity on your part and lack of interest of clients in your food, storage of food, delivery problems, hygiene and excessive expenditure.

Likely Profit: Food is still cheap and there is a lot of gain. Let’s say you have 10 customers who pay you about N25k weekly, it will total N250,000. Even if you use 100k for cooking  and transportation of the food to your different customers per week, you’d have profit of N150,000 which would be N600,000 monthly as profit.

Payback period: within a duration of 3 months barring all unforeseen circumstances.

Making of beads and wire work 

It is a business that is becoming popular in most major cities in Nigeria, and the market is still massively huge per targeting. You can buy few of the materials needed for the business, and start producing jewelry of different styles for commercial purposes. It is a business that picks up slowly but when people start knowing the quality of work you produce, more customers will patronize you.

Start-up Capital required: N15,000.

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Target customers: Women of all ages.

Possible Risk: Lack of creativity and zero marketing skills.

Likely Profit: The business is so profitable, that with just N1,500 worth of materials used in producing an ornament, a profit of N3000 to N4000 can be achieved depending on the type of design produced. On average, more than three pieces can be completed in a day depending on how complex the work is.

Payback period: Within a duration of 1 month barring all unforeseen circumstances.

Fashion and design business

Starting a fashion and design business is highly recommended. If you have a passion for creating brand new designs and you are able to turn ordinary fabrics into world class designer outfits, then this business is definitely for you.

Start-up Capital required: N80,000

Target customers: Men and women of all ages

Possible Risk: Getting clients at the onset could be tough as most people will find it difficult abandoning their familiar designers for a new one. Lack of creativity, zero marketing skills, dissatisfied customers are other risks.

Likely Profit: Your profit is the fee you charge and this depends on the type of design chosen, the materials used, and the status of the client.

Payback period: Within a duration of six months.

Freelance writing

This is one way of making money that is unending, exciting and stable. If you have the time and also a flair for writing, all you need are clients and opportunity. Freelance writing is a new major source of income if done the right way. You can do this via blog writing; the thing about blogging though is to get the right niche. You could be a freelance writer for companies and other blog owners. Being a research writer can get way more than blogging but to write academic submissions, you have to be ready to sit down, research, read and do serious work.

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Start-up Capital required: N60,000

Target customers– Companies, blog owners, men, women, students.

Possible Risk: Blogging once in two months won’t get you anywhere. If it is your means to get money, you have to put in a lot of effort into your blogging. Almost everyone blogs but NOT everyone gets money from it. You also shouldn’t expect to start making money from day one; it is a gold mine that you have to cultivate to reap the fruits eventually. Give it six months and you start seeing results .Get writing jobs as a freelance writer takes chance and luck, you need a lot of patience as there are many other writers.

Likely Profit: Writing product reviews, putting up ads on your sites and AdSense, as well as other advert platforms can aid you in earning money in dollars which could be up to N400,000 for a small-time up and coming blogger. As a freelance writer for companies and other blog owners, having these writing gigs from 5-6 places a month could get you over N200,000 or more monthly. For a seasoned research writer, you could make well over 1Million Naira monthly. For a starter though, making 60,000naira is a big win and you’d be sure to grow within six months.

Payback period: A period of 8 months.

In Conclusion

Being a stay-at-home mum need not mean that you have to be financially dependent on your spouse. With the execution of any of these lucrative business ideas, you would be on your way to being a work-from-home mum as well and while it is rewarding to watch your children grow under your care, your feeling of self-worth also gets a boost.

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Chacha Wabara-Ogbobine is a Legal practitioner with over 9years post call experience. A research Consultant, professional writer and a blogger at heart,owner of four thriving websites with well over 10years of experience.Totally in love with keeping fit and coaching weight loss enthusiasts. I love my quiet time, being with my kids, watching TV series for hours on end.

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    How to invest in Nigerian Eurobonds

    Before investing in Eurobonds, weigh the bond’s risk characteristics and set them against the interest rate to know if it is worth it.



    Treasury Market T-bills, African Finance Corp. issues $750 million 7-year Eurobond at lowest yield to date

    As of 2019, Nigeria’s Eurobonds were regarded as one of the top 5 best-performing Eurobonds in the world.

    Although Nigeria’s Eurobonds remain one of the most profitable in the investment world, not many individuals know how to invest in them. The Federal Government and a number of corporate organisations in the country subscribe to Eurobonds and issue them quite often, lending credence to their attractiveness as an investment tool.

    What is Eurobond?

    Basically, Eurobonds are financial instruments issued by a country or corporate organisation in a currency different from the currency of the issuer.

    Nigeria typically issues Eurobond instruments denominated in US dollars. For example, the 6.75% $500 million January 2021 Eurobond was denominated in US dollars.

    There is the sovereign, which is referred to as a government bond, and the corporate bond. Eurobonds operate like fixed income securities in terms of bond instruments. It has a coupon, an interest rate paid on bonds (which is paid bi-annually), a price at which the bond will be purchased, and also a yield.

    The price and yield have an inverse relationship meaning that when the price goes up, the yield comes down. When the yield is coming down, the instrument is trading at a premium compared to when it was issued.

    An investor can buy Eurobonds while the primary auction is ongoing or later, at the secondary market, for those who were unable to participate in the primary auction.

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    How to invest in Nigerian Eurobonds

    The process of investing in Eurobonds in Nigeria is not any different from that of investing in local bonds. Both bonds can be bought from either the primary market at the initial offer level or at the secondary market for existing bonds.

    All that is required is for the investor to complete the tender for the Federal Government of Nigeria or corporate bonds form, submit the tender through any of the authorized dealers and make the required payment when the bid is successful.

    Basically, for banks, your account has to be funded with the desired currency. For instance, to buy a dollar-denominated Eurobond which is the conventional one issued in Nigeria, you have to fund your account with dollars, then send an instruction for the bond purchase.

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    Be mindful of the bond’s risk profile before investing

    Eurobonds can either be corporate or government bonds. Corporate bonds may offer higher interest rates than government-issued Eurobonds but they also come with higher risk.

    If you want to invest in Eurobonds, ensure that you weigh the risk characteristics of the bonds and set them against the interest rate to know if it is worth it. Most Eurobonds come with credit ratings, which serve as a measure of their quality and risk profile.

    Usually, bonds with the highest quality credit ratings come with the lowest yields while bonds with lower credit ratings offer higher yields. The yield, in this sense, is a measure of the bond issuer’s creditworthiness meaning that the greater the credit risk on an investment, the higher the yield investors would demand to compensate for it.

    Jaiz bank

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    How to obtain an FG Eurobond

    When bonds are issued at the primary market, the issuance document contains a list of the banks or brokers that have been authorized to sell the bonds. The FGN issued bonds are purchased through the Primary Dealer Market Makers (PDMMs). These are banks appointed by the Debt Management Office (DMO), to act as authorized dealers of FGN bonds.

    Can you fund a Eurobond with a naira account?

    Not at the moment! You need a dollar account (domiciliary account) that is funded but your bank can easily guide you on how to obtain one.

    Next is to fill out instruction documents after which the bank will send you a market price and the expected yield. The bank then debits your account for the purchase. Every six months or on the specified coupon dates, you will receive your coupon and at maturity, you will get your principal back if the issuer does not default. A coupon or coupon payment is the annual interest rate paid on a bond, expressed as a percentage of the face value and paid from the issue date until maturity.

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    Here is a simplified example of the process:

    You walk into a branch of your bank and ask to purchase $100,000 worth of Eurobonds. Note that your domiciliary account should already be funded with the amount. You would be required to fill out and sign the letter of instruction which would then be sent to the bank’s treasury unit for processing. The treasury unit responds with the available Eurobond prices and requests you to confirm the purchase. When that is done, the treasury unit executes the deal and holds it in their custody.

    You can also sell the bonds at the secondary market.


    Minimum investment as an individual

    The minimum conventional investment tranche is $200,000, but a $100,000 worth of investment is also permissible. Amounts lower than this are however problematic because the secondary market trades in tranches of $200,000.

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    Can people invest through mutual funds?

    Basically, what mutual funds do is amass investors’ funds and buy Eurobonds in the secondary market. A mutual fund is just like a vehicle that helps you to buy bonds so that you are not faced with the issuer’s risk directly. Therefore, individuals or institutions can also buy Eurobonds through mutual funds.

    Mutual funds make it possible for you to participate in bond-buying with less than the statutory amount since they operate by pooling resources together from a large number of investors.

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    Financial Literacy

    How to grow rich with the power of profitable relationships (Part 2)

    The idea that you can build rich relationships with zero value is best left at Disney land.



    How to grow rich with the power of profitable relationships (Part 2)

    Hello friends, to catch up on this topic, you can read up on the first part by clicking here. Now let’s continue…

    The two rewards for solving high-income problems

    There are two rewards you can get for being a high-income problem solver. The first is the value reward and the second is the cash reward.

    The value reward is earned when you enter into relationships solely to extract value. This means that someone has what you need to succeed and you have what they need to succeed. And both of you are willing to enter into a value for value exchange relationship.

    For example, if you need a job and you meet someone that can help you get a job. And if this person needs contacts or a certain service that you can provide. Both of you can enter into a value for value exchange relationship and solve your problems. The important thing for this kind of relationship to work is that both of you must come to the table with value. And the value must be comparable and worthy of the exchange.

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    The idea that you can build rich relationships with zero value is best left at Disney land. Frankly, it never truly works this way. In the corridors of wealth and power, it is value for value. This is why the rich keep getting richer. They are always exchanging value that creates more wealth. If you want to be rich or build profitable relationships you must approach relationship building this way. You must bring value to get value. And you must constantly strive to increase your personal value every day. The value for value exchange is common in the relationship among peers, friends, and business partners. It is also common in the relationship between the older and younger generation.

    Right now, there are certain relationships that you need in your life. But those relationships will not just fall on your laps for nothing. You need to have what these relationships need to attract them to you. And you must become a person of value to attract them. Success in the value for value exchange relationship thus begins with first becoming a person of value.

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    Sometimes a financial reward is what you get in return for solving high-income problems. This is common where there is a customer involved. And where a problem can be solved using products or services. When you engage in a customer-type relationship you must offer products and services, that can solve customers’ problems in exchange for cash. And there are two ways to achieve this.

    The first way is to sell your own products and services to customers. This is a slow and laborious way especially if you are a working professional. The second way is to find products and services that are already selling. And are owned by companies or organizations that you care about. And then sell them in exchange for income. This is the faster way. All you need to do here is connect people who need a solution to the companies that can offer those solutions. This is what I call Relationship Brokering and it simply means connecting two people who need each other and getting paid for your connection. To succeed as a relationship broker, you must become a value connector and this brings us to the second point.

    2. Become a value connector

    Becoming a value connector means connecting people with a similar problem that you have solved or are solving with the organizations that have helped you solve the problem or are helping you solve the problem in exchange for cash. It is connecting people that need help with those that can help them. And it means that you must first solve a personal problem for yourself, then partner with the company that helped you. And then find people with similar problems who are ready to solve them.

    Successful value connectors thus build three kinds of relationships. They build-relationship with business owners. They build relationships with customers and they build relationships with other value connectors. The key to succeeding as a value connector or broker is to focus on solving high-income problems for yourself. And to choose companies that you have used, tested, and trusted.

    You must also ensure that the company you choose has a good reward system that can help you earn a high income or at least is willing to negotiate one with you. If you do this successfully you will not only transform your life, you will transform the lives of other people and enlarge your income in the process.

    Jaiz bank

    The beautiful thing about being a value connector or broker is that you don’t work alone. You work in partnership with reputable organizations and people that can increase your value and credibility. All you need to do is be the one that connects people who need help with the companies that can help them.

    Perhaps you are thinking to yourself where do I find these companies, how do I know which problems are high income-producing problems, how do I negotiate a reward for myself and how do I do all of these with my busy work schedule etc. The solution is to join a problem-solving platform.

    3. Join a problem-solving platform. 

    A problem-solving platform is a platform that exposes you to a diverse range of problem-solving opportunities that produce high income, help you build rich relationships, and develop high-income skills. This means that you don’t need to set anything up all by yourself. All you need to do is join a platform that has already set it up for you. So if you want a one-stop-shop for solving high-income problems, entering into value for value exchange relationships, or developing high-income skills our platform is the answer.

    Our Relationship Brokering platform is focused on helping people solve financial, investing, retirement, wealth, business, and relationship or networking problems. So, if you want to solve any of these problems for yourself. And want to help other people solve this kind of problem in exchange for cash. You can join our platform. However, you must qualify to be considered. To learn more, send an email to [email protected].

    About the author

    Grace Agada is the most sought-after Financial Planning expert in the country and is quoted frequently in leading Newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Grace is a Renowned Keynote Speaker, Author, and Column Contributor in Punch Newspaper, This Day Newspaper, Vanguard newspaper, Business Day Newspaper, Leadership Newspaper, The Tribune Newspaper, and Online Platforms like Nairametrics, Proshare, and Bellanaija. Grace is the Founder of “The University of Wealth” The author of “The Financial Freedom MBA Program”, “The Better Life in Retirement Planning Blueprint” and “The Wealthy Business Blueprint”. Grace is on a mission to shrink the middle class and populate the upper class. She has been featured on BBC Africa. Business Day TV. Inspiration FM. and inside Naijatv. And she consults for Numerous Top Organizations, Company Directors, CEOs, Senior Executives, and High-Income Professionals.

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