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Eid-El-Kabir celebration is here and Nigerians are already enjoying the fanfare that comes with the season, ready to join their families and friends in the festivities. As Muslim ‘faithfuls’ across the globe prepare to celebrate, the acts of buying and slaughtering of rams are regarded as the sine qua non of the celebration and a form of sacrifice to Allah (S.A.W). 

Nairametrics Research, once again, visited major markets in Lagos State to obtain the prices of rams for the benefit of our esteemed readers. Findings from the major markets visited by the Research Team show that the prices of rams dropped compared to what was obtainable last year.   

Specifically, ram sellers in some of the markets visited complained of low sales despite the fact that the prices of the commodity dropped. However, traders in other markets like Island and Berger expressed satisfaction with respect to sales turnover.  

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The markets witnessing low turnouts 

Agege Markets

At the markets in Agege, the smallest size of ram is sold for N21,000 while the biggest size is sold for N250,000. According to Seriki Mustapha, a ram seller in Mongoro market, Agege, there is an extremely low turnout of buyers in the market. He attributed this to the lack of money in circulation.  

“No money this year, sales are very low, unlike last year where people came out en masse to purchase the commodity in various quantity.”  

Mangoro Ram Market, Agege, Lagos

Mile 12 Markets

A visit to Adekunle Market in Mile 12 showed that sales turnover is equally very low despite lower prices. There, the smallest size of ram is sold for N25,000 while the biggest size is sold for N250,000. We gathered that prices of rams at Adekunle market are higher than what is obtainable at Agege. 

Nairametrics huwaii

The Research Team interviewed a seller in the market known as “CSO”. He said, “There should have been a greater influx of people into the market from the later part of July to indicate that a celebration is in sight, but the reverse is the case as the market has been very scanty. “ 

Also, other traders interviewed in the market expressed their grievances with the current situation of sales and opined that lack of money in circulation is the main cause for the low sales. They stated that rams which were brought into Lagos two weeks ago were yet to be restocked, due to low sales. This, according to them, was not the case in previous years.  

Standard chartered
Adekunle Market, Owode Elede, Mile 12

The markets witnessing high turnouts 

Berger Market

Meanwhile, the ram market at Berger along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, witnessed a good turnout, as many buyers were seen bargaining the prices of different sizes of rams and cows. The prices of rams range from N30,000 to N250,000 in the market, depending on the sizes. The prices of small rams, however, appear higher. 

Standard chartered

Mr Babalola Abiodun, a ram dealer in the market expressed joy at the large turnout of customers in the market. He disclosed to the Research Team that they had made considerable sales this year compared to last year, and confirmed that the prices of rams have indeed reduced compared to last year.  

 Abraham Adesanya Flower House Ram Market, Ajah

We gathered that the sales of rams improved more than the previous year as buyers trooped into the market to buy rams. Basically, the smallest size of rams also sells for N30,000 while the biggest size goes for N250,000.  


According to a major Ram Seller, who is known as Mr. Sodiq in the market, “The price of ram is cheaper compared to last year’s price.”  

While further speaking with the Research Team, Sodiq called on the government to help in the construction of roads to facilitate easy transportation of rams and cows from the North to the West.  

Abraham Adesanya Flower House Ram Market, Ajah 

The insights gathered: Following the data obtained from the various markets visited, at the moment, rams are cheaper in markets with low turnouts, while they are relatively higher in other markets with high patronage. In a nutshell, buyers who choose to patronise the ram markets on the Island and Berger will pay more, while Agege and Mile 12 markets sell at relatively cheaper prices. 

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