Nigerian realtor and human rights activist, Segun Awosanya, took to his Twitter page to opine that salaries are bribes companies pay their employees so that they can forget their dreams.

In his tweets, @segalink argued that salary earners are wasting their time and resources working for others, when they should be creative and find other things to do for themselves.

His reasons 

Segun Awosanya said there is nothing that can ever make earning a salary worth it. According to him, that not even the fact that salaries take care of people’s basic needs and facilitate their dreams can be good enough reasons.

His argument is that after the average employee spends their monthly salary, they are practically left with little or nothing.

You shouldn’t stay at your job forever 

While Awosanya admitted that at a point one needs a job in other to drive their goals, he argued that nobody should stay forever on their job or think there is nothing achievable outside of their job.

He added that having a job prepares one for positions that may come up, helping them to think big for a bigger life work. And it’s not just about self-fulfilment; it’s also about having the opportunity to impact other people’s lives.

Merely earning a salary should never be your dream

For Segun, one should never say that earning a salary is their dream. Doing that is more or less tantamount to accepting to be enslaved.

Standard chartered

There is something greater than entrepreneurship

Tweeting further, he added that the notion that everyone mustn’t be an entrepreneur is a lie, as there is nothing greater than entrepreneurship. He advised that people should dig deeper into their purpose in life.

Making his last points, Segun noted that the excuse people give about breaking the norms is because it comes with comfort. He said if people will be able to be brave enough to leave their comfort zone, they can be able to achieve other things for themselves.


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