Akin Alabi, Value selling,
Akin Alabi, founder NairaBet.

Prominent Nigerian entrepreneur, politician, and Founder of NairaBET, Mr Oloye Akin Alabi, recently took his Twitter page to talk about the importance of constantly working on oneself in readiness for possible opportunities.

According to Mr Alabi, while connections might get one to the doors of opportunities, only resourcefulness, a good attitude, and work ethics would keep the job at last.

Furthermore, Mr Alabi stressed the need for people to continually improve on themselves as they await the connections that would bring them closer their goals. This way, they will be more prepared for opportunities.

A closer look at work ethics? – Basically, ethics are the guiding principles that determine how people conduct themselves in every aspect of their lives, including the workplace.

Having a good attitude to work is a good thing, as it drives the principles of decency and fairness, and helps to boost overall morale in the workplace, whilst ultimately helping to actualise long-term success in the company.

Why it matters – Across many Nigerian companies and the civil service to be specific, workers often do not make extra effort to improve on their capacities. Yet, they expect opportunities and promotions to be presented to them. People abuse the basic rules of work ethics, either out of ignorance or pure neglect.

But the truth remains that successful companies are built by dedicated and resourceful people who are grounded in the tenets of work ethics and good behaviour.

That said, it is important people continually improve on their work ethics and behaviour, because doing these will help set out values that would guide one in performing their job well.

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And as Akin Alabi also stated, being resourceful adds more value to an employee, because it makes one more valuable to their workforce. Having your company believe in your ideas and objectives sets you aside from the rest of your team and put you on the forefront of things.


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