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At some point in our work life, we have come across an example of digital transformation and how it has impacted the business space.  Who remembers, the revolution of cash collection with the introduction of ATMs?

Digital transformation is the process of realigning or reinvesting in tech business models and processes to drive new values and experiences for businesses, customers and employees.  

Technology is becoming such an important part of the world today and so many businesses are learning how to adapt and incorporate tech into their current systems to work better and continuously stay relevant.   

Phillips Consulting Limited (PCL) is launching a webinar series to promote the transfer of innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions in twelve insightful topics. The aim of these webinars is to give the audience a crash course on topics that have a huge impact on the present and future of businesses and organizations.  

 To kick start, the Webinar series, the first free session will be on Digital Transformation.  This session is geared towards providing a detailed introduction to digital transformation while looking at its evolution and its effect on business today.  


By attending this webinar, you can expect to come away with:  

  • An introduction to Digital Transformation. 
  • Knowledge of evolution of Digital Transformation. 
  • Insights on why Digital Transformation matters. 
  • Digital Transformation Implementation Framework. 
  • Case Studies. 
  • PCL’s Digital Transformation courses.  

With these Webinar Series PCL hopes to connect more with individuals located across several locations, on topic areas that are relevant to the exciting, innovative, and dynamic Knowledge Age that we are currently in.  Webinars are a great way to get your leg in the door on areas that you may have always been interested in or only recently found an interest.   

  Save your Seat. Register Now!  at https://bit.ly/2TdSGVZ  

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 For more information, follow Phillips consulting on Twitter @pclafrica or Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn: Phillips Consulting Or contact Matinat on 08171535616 or at matinat@phillipsconsulting.net  

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