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JostPay a Nigerian payments startup launched in 2014 just launched a screening solutions platform that helps businesses with their Know Your Customer needs called JostKYC. JostKYC helps businesses KYC needs by verifying their customer’s identities through email authentication, bank name verification, live face capture, driver’s license verification, and live identification capture.

The need for JostKYC arose following the flaws found in the processes used over the internet in terms of KYC which had given room for cybercriminals to intercept people’s private and delicate information. Olubowale Obayomi, founder and CEO of JostKYC said as much to Disrupt Africa. He said;

“An online platform collects information from registering customers, so as to enable these customers to use the platform. The popular sign-up form is not developed to be able to filter false information from what is real

A fraudster could access an online business platform by supplying false names, fake identification cards and much more. The success of fraudsters on your platform could have a damaging impact on the business. Businesses have suffered financial and even personal losses due to KYC negligence.”

So far, JostKYC has been eagerly embraced although pluggins for CMS based platforms are still being developed. Obayomi clearly believes that when the CMS based platforms are ready, user uptake will increase. The success of this new platform could be the ticket the startup needs to go international.


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