Most times, it is  almost always the ladies who get the blame for fashion chaos at the workplace. And I guess when men under dress albeit shabbily, it could be overlooked. Not so for women though and for now, its the society we live in. So, what to do?  Some ladies can actually be mirrored when it comes to workplace fashion but others leave so much to be desired. Ranging from indecent exposure to blinding colors, some ladies can go all out but each one to his/her personality. But then, there are some ‘no-no’s’ when it comes to corporate fashion or what is acceptable in a work environment and I am not being hateful or small minded.

First you have the ‘squeaky shoe’ and her accomplice, the ‘cranky heels’. I don’t know which I find more annoying. The squeaky shoe goes squeak, squeak all over the place followed by the cranky heels with her ‘kpoi-kpoi’ noise. To top it all off, these ladies are the ones who can’t sit still, walking all over the place forcing you to politely smile at them when all you really want to do is yank those shoes off their feet and be done with it.

Ladies please wear shoes that fit and when the sole of your shoe falls off (which is always the cause of that ‘kpoi-kpoi’ sound we always get mocked over), please get it fixed or get new shoes. Don’t forget that good shoes take you to good places.

Next we have the ’over-accessorized’ ladies. They don’t just choose to wear all the accessories at home (probably to show off to colleagues who really don’t care), they wear those noisy ones that go ‘clang-clang’ each time they walk or move their hands. It normally always comes in the form of jewelries like bangles or trinkets.

Leave all the noisy accessories for the weekends when you attend weddings and/or parties (I’m sure you’ll get all the attention you need). When it comes to accessories for you work place, always remember that ‘less is more’.

This set would probably amuse you but its really a challenge when you’re forced to work with someone who does it all the time. I’m referring to the ‘chewing-gum popping’ ladies. I can’t help but wonder; who ever told these ladies that gum-popping is fashionable? They go ‘kpa-kpa-kpa’ like fireworks and you can’t even bring yourself to tell them to stop (cause they are usually the feisty ones who have no problems mouthing off).

Chewing gum is great for when you’ve been quiet for a while, it refreshes your mouth keeping the foul odor away. Popping it in that annoyingly noisy way though is unladylike. If you must chew gum, do so discreetly and not for long either. Fresh mouth mints are the best option.

While I’m certain you’ve had a good laugh, don’t fail to make corrections if this applies to you. You could also share this bit of info with a friend who needs it. You might be saving an innocent worker who is being distracted at the office every day. Indecent dressing makes you a target for ‘office talk’ and rude stares so also does outrageous fashion. Do take care in putting clothes and accessories together for work. If it doesn’t fit right, it simply isn’t right.


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