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As the Pay-as-you-watch revolution is penetrating then Nigerian scene, Kwese TV, a new television operator in Nigeria has launched its three and seven-day subscriptions. The firm also believes that it can enlarge its market share in Africa with its new subscription service. According to the firm, its long term target is to increase television viewers in Africa, which is currently put at 30%.

“PayTv in Africa versus the rest of the world, is still very low, going by the number of household TV owners, which is still around 30 per cent penetration, which is much lower compared to the rest of the world. The target of Kwese TV is to among others increase TV ownership in Nigeria and other part of Africa,” the President and Group Chief Executive Officer, Econet Media, Joseph Hundah said.

He further explained that the PayTv, video-on-demand (VOD) and IPTV services market is growing rapidly in Africa. This rise, occurring simultaneously as the rise in Internet and smartphone penetration, means that there are additional opportunities for Kwese TV to increase its market share and at the same time increase the viewership level in Africa.

The Pay-as-you-watch television movement has garnered increased momentum in Nigeria with the arrival of both TSTV and Kwese TV. However, while the former still has certain issues hindering its operations, Kwese TV has already started operations.


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