On this eposide of MTN Business Half Hour on ClassicFM 93.7, we had as our special guests, Akin Oyebode.

Akin is the Executive Secretary of the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF).

The Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) is a Lagos State Government Initiative created as part of its commitment to boost the Lagos economy through job creation, access to finance and support for micro, small, medium Enterprise (MSMEs) operating in the State.

Akin took questions about the LTEF and how entrepreneurs can access the fund to grow their business.

Here is a break down of questions we asked Akin for your guide.

  • Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your work experience prior to LSETF ?
  • What has the experience been like working in the public sector compared to the private sector?
  • What is the LSETF? Why was it established? How is it funded?
  • Who can apply for loans or training from the LSETF? What is the maximum amount one can apply for? Is there a minimum age requirement? Can people apply as a group or cooperative?
  • Are the application forms free? If yes, how are they allocated?
  • Is there a deadline to submit the forms?
  • What do the most common mistakes people make in filling the application forms?
  • Is there special provision for new growth areas such as information technology? What extra effort is being made so women and those without formal education can access the fund?
  • How are we sure that the LSETF will grant loans and training devoid of political interference?
  • In your experience as a banker, what are the most common mistakes owners of small and medium scale enterprises make and how are they avoided?

Please note that the Podcast truncated in the first two minutes of the live program but captured all the questions and response.

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