This is the second part of our 2016 review and 2017 outlook for the Every Day Money Matters Podcast. Get the Part 1 here


  1. Good job on btc, that Gold bar analogy is quite dope. However, I think you should flog the cryptocurrency more. You’ll be amazed at the interest of people in investing in btc, there is a website Luno (an online exchange) that particularly outlined traffic from Nigeria as the reason of slow response of customer service.

    People need more information and basic factors to monitor so as to make smart investment.

    For instance, I know monetary policies in China, performance of Yuan, and the Indian economy has humongous effect on prices. Popularityof Ponzi-Schemes also have marginal effect.
    People don’t know those stuffs; they just heard its the new thing and they wanna buy without any knowledge. Please epp them!!!

    Good job guys, Good job

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