As audited accounts start to trickle in companies will propose dividend payments to their shareholders as recommended by their respective board of directors. It is also important to track these announcements to know who is eligible to collect dividend, when it will be approved and when it will be paid. Dividend payment also affect share prices.

This page will be updated from time to time.


Date Announced – The date the company announced dividends evidenced by a corporate action published on the website of the NSE

Payment date – This is when dividend will be paid to you either via post (dividend warrants) or direct credit to your bank accounts (e-dividend).

Closure of Register – Only shareholders who own shares before this date will be paid dividend. If you sell before this date you won’t get dividend. If you sell after you will still get dividend but the new owner will not get.

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CompanyDPSDate AnnouncedBonusClosure of RegisterAGM DatePayment Date
Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc (2015 financial year)5 KoboJanuary 3rd 2017Nil3rd January 20177th March 20179th March 2017
Neimeth Int'l Pharmaceuticals PlcNilJanuary 3rd 20171 for 1031st January 20177th February 2017N/A
Vitafoam Plc12 KoboJanuary 3rd 2017Nil13th – 17thFebruary 20172nd March 20179th March 2017
Greif Nigeria Plc60 KoboJanuary 31 2017Nil22nd – 24th March 201721st April 20175th May 2017
United Capital50 koboFebruary 17 2017Nil3rd - 6th March 201717th March 201722nd March 2017
Nigerian Breweries258 koboFebruary 20 2017Nil9th - 15th March 20173rd May 20174th May 2017
Transcorp Hotels Plc40 koboFebruary 21 2017Nil8th March 201715th March 201716th March 2017
Africa Prudential30 koboFebruary 23 2017Nil6th- 10th March 201628th March 201728th March 2017
Zenith Bank177 KoboFebruar 27 2017Nil13th March 201722nd March 201723rd March 2017
Dangote Cement850 koboFebruary 28 2017Nil15th - 19th May 201724th May 201726th May 2017
Nestle Nigeria1000 koboMarch 02 2017Nil8th – 12th May 201723rd May 201724th May 2017
Access Bank40 koboMarch 06 2017Nil14th March 201729th March 201729th March 2017
Guranty Trust Bank175 koboMarch 09 2017Nil29th March 20177th April 20177th April 2017?
Total Nigeria Plc700 koboMarch 17 2017Nil17th – 21st April 20179th June 201712th June 2017
Lafarge Africa Plc105 koboMarch 23 2017Nil23rd – 29th May 2017?7th June 2017?7th June 2017?
Custodian and Allied Plc18 koboMarch 27 2017Nil18th – 21st April 20173rd May 20173rd May 2017
MRS Oil Nigeria Plc173 KoboMarch 27 2017Nil26th – 30th June 201725th July 201726th July 2017
United Bank for Africa Plc55 KoboMarch 27 2017Nil3rd April 20177th April 201710th April 2017
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nig. Plc30 KoboMarch 29 2017Nil13th – 19th April 201728th April 20172nd May 2017
Unilever Nigeria Plc10 KoboMarch 29 2017Nil17th – 21st April 201711th May 201712th May 2017
FCMB Group Plc10 KoboMarch 29 2017Nil13th – 19th April 201728th April 20172nd May 2017
Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc60 koboApril 6 2017Nil10th – 12th April 201727th April 201728th April 2017 - E-Dividend 2nd May 2017 - Dividend warrant
Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc5 koboApril 6 2017Nil4th April 2017To be Adv?isedTo be Advised
Pharma-Deko Plc5 koboApril 6 2017Nil18th April 20174th May 20175th May 2017
UACN Plc100 koboApril 6 2017Nil16TH – 19th May 201714th June 201715th June 2017
AIICO Insurance Plc2 KoboApril 6 2017Nil8TH – 11th May 201718th May 201719th May 2017
Chemical and Allied Products Plc220 KoboApril 6 2017Nil30th May – 5thJune 201713th June 201613th June 2017
Trans-Nationwide Express Plc5 KoboApril 6 2017Nil3rd – 7th July 201713th July 201714th July 2017
AXA Mansard Insurance Plc5 KoboApril 6 2017Nil3rd May 201719th May 201719th May 2017
Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc800 koboApril 6 2017Nil28th April - 1stMay 2017 24th May 201731st May 2017
Beta Glass Plc98 KoboApril 6 2017Nil12th  – 16th June 2017 To be Advised30th June 2017
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank Plc3 KoboApril 6 2017Nil28th April 20178th May 201710th May 2017
NASCON Allied Industries Plc70 KoboApril 6 2017Nil20th - 21st April 20174th May 20178th May 2017
B.O.C. Gases Plc5 KoboApril 6 2017NilTo be AdvisedTo be AdvisedTo be Advised
Learn Africa Plc10 KoboApril 6 2017NilTo be AdvisedTo be AdvisedTo be Advised
NEM Insurance Plc8 KoboApril 6 2017NilTo be AdvisedTo be AdvisedTo be Advised
Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc22 KoboApril 6 2017Nil22nd – 26th May 201713th July 201713th July 2017
May and Baker6 KoboApril 8 2017Nil   24th – 28thApril 2017 1st June 20175th June 2017
Med-View Airline3 KoboApril 7 2017Nil2nd - 5th May 2017May 17th 2017May 17th 2017
Fidelity Bank14 KoboApril 10 2017Nil18th - 21st April 2017May 4th 2017May 4th 2017
Okomu oil150 KoboApril 10 2017Nil16th - 19th May, 201723rd JUNE ,201727th JUNE ,2017
Regency Alliance3 KoboApril 21 2017Nil24th - 28th April, 201725th May, 201726th May 2017
Presco Plc150 KoboApril 21 2017NilTo be AdvisedTo be AdvisedTo be Advised
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc2 koboApril 22 2017Nil2nd – 5th May 201711th May 201711th May 2017
Nestle Nigeria Plc1000 KoboApril 22 2017Nil8th – 12th May 201723rd May 201724th May 2017
Aluminium Extrusion Industries Plc8.5 KoboApril 28 2017Nil26th – 30th June 20174th August 20177th August 2017
Berger Paints Plc50 KoboApril 28 2017Nil28th April 201718th May 201723rd May 2017
AIICO Insurance Plc2 KoboApril 28 2017Nil8th May 201719TH May 201719TH May 2017
FBN Holdings Plc20 KoboApril 28 2017Nil8TH – 12TH May 201719TH May 201722ND May 2017?
NPF Microfinance Bank15 KoboMay 2 2017Nil12th  – 16th June 2017 7th July 20176th July 2017
Newrest ASL Nig17.7 KoboMay 3 2017Nil12th  – 16th June 2017June 28th 2017June 29th 2017
UAC of Nigeria Plc100 KoboMay 4 2017Nil16th – 19th May 201714th June 201715th June 2017
Chemical and Allied Products Plc220 KoboMay 4 2017Nil30th May – 5th June 201713th June 201713th June 2017
Continental Reinsurance Plc14 KoboMay 4 2017Nil19th – 23rd June 201729th June 201730th June 2017
Ashaka Cement15 KoboMay 22 2017Nil17th - 18th April 201718th May 201718th May 2017
Smart Products Nigeria Plc22.5 KoboMay 22 2017Nil28th – 13th July 201727th July 201712th August 2017?
Lasaco Assurance Plc3 KoboJune 6 2017Nil19th – 23rd June 20175th July 201714th July 2017
Eterna Plc30 KoboJune 6 2017Nil6th – 8th June 20175th July 20176th July 2017
The Initiates Plc3 KoboJune 12 2017Nil19th – 23rd June 201730th June 20173rd July 2017
Vetiva Griffin 30 ETF15 KoboJune 12 2017Nil14th june 2017N/A16th June 2017
Fidson Healthcare Plc5 KoboJune 12 2017Nil26th – 30th June 201720th July 201721st July 2017
eTransanct10 KoboJune 15 2017Nil26th – 30th June 201727th July 20173rd August 2017
Conoil310 KoboJune 28 2017Nil10th - 14th July 201711th August 201721st August 2017
UPDC Real Estate Investment Trust24 KoboJuly 7th 2017Nil5th – 6th July 201720th July 201720th July 2017
Redstar Express40 KoboJuly 7th 2017Nil2ND – 4TH August 201731ST August 20177TH September 2017
University Press10 KoboJuly 7th 2017Nil4th – 8th September 201728th September 201728th September 2017
Honeywell Flour Mills6 KoboJuly 7th 2017Nil14TH – 18THSeptember 201722ND September 201722ND September 2017
Tripple Gee and Company3 KoboJuly 7th 2017NilTo be advisedTo be advisedTo be advised
Flour Mills Nigeria100 KoboJuly 7th 2017NilTo be advisedTo be advisedTo be advised
Stanbic IBTC ETF 30143 KoboJuly 14th 2017Nil24th July 2017N/A7th August 2017
Stanbic IBTC Pension ETF 40143 KoboJuly 14th 2017Nil24th July 2017N/A7th August 2017
Rak Unity Petroleum Plc?10 koboJuly 24th 2017Nil31st July – 4th August 2017?23rd August 2017?28th August 2017
Redstar Express Plc?40 koboJuly 24th 2017Nil?2nd – 4th August 2017?31st August 2017?7th September 2017
SKYE SHELTER FUND700 koboJuly 24th 2017Nil15th Sept 2017N/A29th Sept 2017
Flour Mills Of Nigeria Plc100 KoboAugust 2nd 2017Nil7th August – 11thAugust 20176th September 201712th September 2017
Custodian And Allied Insurance Plc (Interim Dividend)10 KoboAugust 2nd 2017Nil21 August – 25 August 2017N/A5th September 2017
Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc (Interim Dividend)50 KoboAugust 2nd 2017Nil11th August 2017N/A17th August 2017
McNichols consolidated Plc3 KoboAugust 10th 2017Nil25th – 30th August 201728th September 201710th October 2017
Zenith Bank Plc (Interim)25 KoboAugust 10th 2017Nil21st August 2017N/A25th August 2017 GDR: 1st September 2017
GT Bank (Interim)30 koboAugust 15th 2017Nil24th August 2017N/A5th September 2017
Access Bank(Interim)25 KoboAugust 23 2017Nil7th September 2017N/A21st September 2017
UBA (Interim)20 KoboAugust 24 2017Nil31st AugustN/A11th September 2017
UnityKapital Assurance5 KoboAugust 29 2017Nil11th – 13th September 201714th September 201715th September 2017
Stanbic IBTC Holdings60 KoboAugust 29 2017Nil7th September 2017N/A27th September 2017
Guiness Nigeria64 KoboSeptember 5 2017Nil25th - 29th September 201725th October 201726th October 2017
?PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc50 KoboSeptember 13 2017Nil2nd - 6th October 2017?12th October 201713th October 2017
Nigerian Enamelware Plc?NilSeptember 13 20171 for 518th - 22nd September 20175th October 2017N/A
Cutix Plc18 KoboOctober 10 2017Nil16th – 20th October 201727th October 201721st November 2017
Nigerian Breweries Plc (Interim)100 KoboOctober 26 2017Nil16th - 22nd November 2017N/A23rd November 2017
Total Nigeria Plc (Interim)300 KoboOctober 26 2017Nil4 - 8 December 2017N/A18th December 2017
Nestle Nigeria PlcN15November 22 2017Nil27th Nov.2017- 1st Dec. 2017N/A11th December 2017
Sim Capital Alliance Value FundN10December 4 2017Nil12th December 201719th December201727th December 2017
UPDC Real Estate Investment Trust44 KoboDecember 4 2017Nil11th December 2017N/A20th December 2017


  1. Zenith Bank has declared dividend and has announced the AGM date. Why is it not included in this list please?


  3. Gtb 2016 year end final dividend has been announced, yet to announce the closure, payment & AGM dates. Hope it will be posted on this page before today is out.

  4. Love this website. I come here every day to get information on the Nigerian Economic and Financial happenings.

  5. I am highly disappointed in the management of Fidelity bank. The bank is yet to release its last year full result (2016 FY), while other Banks are about releasing their First Quarter result for 2017. This is bad press for the Bank.

  6. CONTINSURE PLC will declare dividend and they will not pay it, since this new registrars took over we dont understand again. PEACE REGISTRARS LTD. I called they said i should be patient for how long.

  7. I am sure you will not including Union bank. Since I read the quack article you wrote about the bank raining N50billion capital. Calling the Bank a small bank.

    • But Union bank is bad business. It managed to escape distress and has not fully recovered. No dividend, no bonus for a long time. Why is somebody contesting appellation of small bank?

  8. I am ejoying this site,admin thank you very much for making all these important information available for us

  9. I am confused,I need urgent response pls,I have 200,000 of fidelity bank and I don’t want the dividend and I have instruct my stock broker to sell it but I just discover that they we close their dividend on 18 to 21 April,what does it mean ?..
    If my shares is sold on 18 will I benefit for d dividend and when pricely the shares will mark down between that date….
    Pls help.

  10. Your website has become my favourite in terms of providing the key metrics for making investment decisions in the stock market.
    Kudos, kudos and kudos!

    • Yea what is status of transcorp? The operators abandoned investors in unprofitable transcorp plc after diverting their share capitals to profitable transcorp hotels for themselves. No feed back since the unfortunate investment.

  11. Well done, you have helped me to make informed decisions wrt the market for about a year now. God bless you.

  12. Is lassaco insurance still in existence. If yes why no dividend no bonus no news on stocks for close to 10years. Haba SEC should do something

  13. Recieved my First Bank Dividend today (22/05/2017). Please was any Bonus declared in the last AGM and is there a way I can see the volume of my shares online as I do not have direct access to my Stockbroker since they relocated to another state.

  14. Please what is going on with lasaco insurance shares. For years now nothing has been heared. Is the company still in existence

  15. nee to know more about this japaul oil and costain no dividend no bonuses for the past couple of years now while first aluminium have been able to change their price of thier stock

  16. Since I purchased Trascorp shares years back, I have never received any dividend up till now. Pls what has happened to my money. Worried.

  17. Your site is quite informative. Please how do I trade on my shares in a suspended stock brokerage firm if I am unable to transfer the shares to another firm immediately? Thanks.

    • Approach any active brokerage firm with the following documents, recent passport size photograph, valid means of identity such as any of the following: Drivers licence, Permanent Voters Card, National Identity Card and or International Passport.
      Utility bill, evidence of share ownership such as dividend warrants or Contact note or receipt of previous transactions with the Suspended Stock brokerage firm, bankers confirmation of signature to be adressed to

      The Managing Director,
      CSCS Nigeria Plc.
      (Stock Exchange House)
      2/4, Customs Street,
      Tinunbu CBD,

      You will be required to do Bio data capturing at the CSCS office if you are in Lagos or Abuja but if outside any of these two places, you will have to get your valid means of identity to stamped and sealed by a Notary Public Legal Practitioner.

      you can call/SMS/whatsapp me on 08023203251 for this service.

  18. Kudos to Sec DG with the e=dividend progamme. It is working, shareholders are getting their dividends after many years. My concern is how can one know if the e-dividend mandate send to bank has been received by the appropriate authority, Investors should be notified,

  19. Please all can someone tell me what is going on witnh NEIMETH shares no dovidend and bonues declare so far

  20. Please what can be done about Transcorp shares after the exodus of some to Transcorp Hotels. Are the rest of us expected to forget our investments and what is the regulatory doing about it.

  21. You claimed that the list of dividend was updated Aug 04, 2017, but it appears that this claim is not correct. Honeywell Flour has annouced its dividend proposed as 6kobo while the AGM date is Sept. 22, 2017 at Civic Center, V/I, yet you are reporting “to be advised”. Please do something about this misinformation. Thanks.

  22. Please advise me on what to do. My Firstbank shares are with Genesis Sec.& Invest., now that they are inactive, how do I move them out to my other Broker?


  23. My account has not been credited with my Zenith Bank Stock Dividend for February 2017. I completed an E-Mandate Form last year which has been approved since then. I don”t know the reason for the delay. My shareholder account No. with Veritas Registrars is 702227.

  24. Kindly list the dividends announced so far be ordered by the most recent dividends to the least so that the recently released dividends can easily be spotted. Thanks.

  25. I Okewuyi Oyeronke Okefunke bought 10000 units of shares in 2008,I want my dividends to be paid to my Gtbank account number 0032752446, I will be glad if my request is granted.

  26. Good Evening, please i want to buy shares but i dont know of any company that is offering its shares. If there is any, please let me know.

  27. Goodday admin.

    I remembered having a share with Japaul oil since their first public offer in 2007 there about. havnt received a devident once the next year

    Please i will appreciate if u tell me the number of time their devident have been released till date.

    Thank you.

  28. Good day,

    Please I need information on dividends paid by quoted insurance companies from 2007 to 2016.

    Thank you for your quick response

    Abbas Abdullahi Umar

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