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List of Dividends announced so far in 2017 (Updated December 6, 2017)



Guinness Nigeria AGM

As audited accounts start to trickle in companies will propose dividend payments to their shareholders as recommended by their respective board of directors. It is also important to track these announcements to know who is eligible to collect dividend, when it will be approved and when it will be paid. Dividend payment also affect share prices.

This page will be updated from time to time.


Date Announced – The date the company announced dividends evidenced by a corporate action published on the website of the NSE

Payment date – This is when dividend will be paid to you either via post (dividend warrants) or direct credit to your bank accounts (e-dividend).

Closure of Register – Only shareholders who own shares before this date will be paid dividend. If you sell before this date you won’t get dividend. If you sell after you will still get dividend but the new owner will not get.

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CompanyDPSDate AnnouncedBonusClosure of RegisterAGM DatePayment Date
Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc (2015 financial year)5 KoboJanuary 3rd 2017Nil3rd January 20177th March 20179th March 2017
Neimeth Int'l Pharmaceuticals PlcNilJanuary 3rd 20171 for 1031st January 20177th February 2017N/A
Vitafoam Plc12 KoboJanuary 3rd 2017Nil13th – 17thFebruary 20172nd March 20179th March 2017
Greif Nigeria Plc60 KoboJanuary 31 2017Nil22nd – 24th March 201721st April 20175th May 2017
United Capital50 koboFebruary 17 2017Nil3rd - 6th March 201717th March 201722nd March 2017
Nigerian Breweries258 koboFebruary 20 2017Nil9th - 15th March 20173rd May 20174th May 2017
Transcorp Hotels Plc40 koboFebruary 21 2017Nil8th March 201715th March 201716th March 2017
Africa Prudential30 koboFebruary 23 2017Nil6th- 10th March 201628th March 201728th March 2017
Zenith Bank177 KoboFebruar 27 2017Nil13th March 201722nd March 201723rd March 2017
Dangote Cement850 koboFebruary 28 2017Nil15th - 19th May 201724th May 201726th May 2017
Nestle Nigeria1000 koboMarch 02 2017Nil8th – 12th May 201723rd May 201724th May 2017
Access Bank40 koboMarch 06 2017Nil14th March 201729th March 201729th March 2017
Guranty Trust Bank175 koboMarch 09 2017Nil29th March 20177th April 20177th April 2017?
Total Nigeria Plc700 koboMarch 17 2017Nil17th – 21st April 20179th June 201712th June 2017
Lafarge Africa Plc105 koboMarch 23 2017Nil23rd – 29th May 2017?7th June 2017?7th June 2017?
Custodian and Allied Plc18 koboMarch 27 2017Nil18th – 21st April 20173rd May 20173rd May 2017
MRS Oil Nigeria Plc173 KoboMarch 27 2017Nil26th – 30th June 201725th July 201726th July 2017
United Bank for Africa Plc55 KoboMarch 27 2017Nil3rd April 20177th April 201710th April 2017
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nig. Plc30 KoboMarch 29 2017Nil13th – 19th April 201728th April 20172nd May 2017
Unilever Nigeria Plc10 KoboMarch 29 2017Nil17th – 21st April 201711th May 201712th May 2017
FCMB Group Plc10 KoboMarch 29 2017Nil13th – 19th April 201728th April 20172nd May 2017
Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc60 koboApril 6 2017Nil10th – 12th April 201727th April 201728th April 2017 - E-Dividend 2nd May 2017 - Dividend warrant
Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc5 koboApril 6 2017Nil4th April 2017To be Adv?isedTo be Advised
Pharma-Deko Plc5 koboApril 6 2017Nil18th April 20174th May 20175th May 2017
UACN Plc100 koboApril 6 2017Nil16TH – 19th May 201714th June 201715th June 2017
AIICO Insurance Plc2 KoboApril 6 2017Nil8TH – 11th May 201718th May 201719th May 2017
Chemical and Allied Products Plc220 KoboApril 6 2017Nil30th May – 5thJune 201713th June 201613th June 2017
Trans-Nationwide Express Plc5 KoboApril 6 2017Nil3rd – 7th July 201713th July 201714th July 2017
AXA Mansard Insurance Plc5 KoboApril 6 2017Nil3rd May 201719th May 201719th May 2017
Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc800 koboApril 6 2017Nil28th April - 1stMay 2017 24th May 201731st May 2017
Beta Glass Plc98 KoboApril 6 2017Nil12th  – 16th June 2017 To be Advised30th June 2017
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank Plc3 KoboApril 6 2017Nil28th April 20178th May 201710th May 2017
NASCON Allied Industries Plc70 KoboApril 6 2017Nil20th - 21st April 20174th May 20178th May 2017
B.O.C. Gases Plc5 KoboApril 6 2017NilTo be AdvisedTo be AdvisedTo be Advised
Learn Africa Plc10 KoboApril 6 2017NilTo be AdvisedTo be AdvisedTo be Advised
NEM Insurance Plc8 KoboApril 6 2017NilTo be AdvisedTo be AdvisedTo be Advised
Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc22 KoboApril 6 2017Nil22nd – 26th May 201713th July 201713th July 2017
May and Baker6 KoboApril 8 2017Nil   24th – 28thApril 2017 1st June 20175th June 2017
Med-View Airline3 KoboApril 7 2017Nil2nd - 5th May 2017May 17th 2017May 17th 2017
Fidelity Bank14 KoboApril 10 2017Nil18th - 21st April 2017May 4th 2017May 4th 2017
Okomu oil150 KoboApril 10 2017Nil16th - 19th May, 201723rd JUNE ,201727th JUNE ,2017
Regency Alliance3 KoboApril 21 2017Nil24th - 28th April, 201725th May, 201726th May 2017
Presco Plc150 KoboApril 21 2017NilTo be AdvisedTo be AdvisedTo be Advised
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc2 koboApril 22 2017Nil2nd – 5th May 201711th May 201711th May 2017
Nestle Nigeria Plc1000 KoboApril 22 2017Nil8th – 12th May 201723rd May 201724th May 2017
Aluminium Extrusion Industries Plc8.5 KoboApril 28 2017Nil26th – 30th June 20174th August 20177th August 2017
Berger Paints Plc50 KoboApril 28 2017Nil28th April 201718th May 201723rd May 2017
AIICO Insurance Plc2 KoboApril 28 2017Nil8th May 201719TH May 201719TH May 2017
FBN Holdings Plc20 KoboApril 28 2017Nil8TH – 12TH May 201719TH May 201722ND May 2017?
NPF Microfinance Bank15 KoboMay 2 2017Nil12th  – 16th June 2017 7th July 20176th July 2017
Newrest ASL Nig17.7 KoboMay 3 2017Nil12th  – 16th June 2017June 28th 2017June 29th 2017
UAC of Nigeria Plc100 KoboMay 4 2017Nil16th – 19th May 201714th June 201715th June 2017
Chemical and Allied Products Plc220 KoboMay 4 2017Nil30th May – 5th June 201713th June 201713th June 2017
Continental Reinsurance Plc14 KoboMay 4 2017Nil19th – 23rd June 201729th June 201730th June 2017
Ashaka Cement15 KoboMay 22 2017Nil17th - 18th April 201718th May 201718th May 2017
Smart Products Nigeria Plc22.5 KoboMay 22 2017Nil28th – 13th July 201727th July 201712th August 2017?
Lasaco Assurance Plc3 KoboJune 6 2017Nil19th – 23rd June 20175th July 201714th July 2017
Eterna Plc30 KoboJune 6 2017Nil6th – 8th June 20175th July 20176th July 2017
The Initiates Plc3 KoboJune 12 2017Nil19th – 23rd June 201730th June 20173rd July 2017
Vetiva Griffin 30 ETF15 KoboJune 12 2017Nil14th june 2017N/A16th June 2017
Fidson Healthcare Plc5 KoboJune 12 2017Nil26th – 30th June 201720th July 201721st July 2017
eTransanct10 KoboJune 15 2017Nil26th – 30th June 201727th July 20173rd August 2017
Conoil310 KoboJune 28 2017Nil10th - 14th July 201711th August 201721st August 2017
UPDC Real Estate Investment Trust24 KoboJuly 7th 2017Nil5th – 6th July 201720th July 201720th July 2017
Redstar Express40 KoboJuly 7th 2017Nil2ND – 4TH August 201731ST August 20177TH September 2017
University Press10 KoboJuly 7th 2017Nil4th – 8th September 201728th September 201728th September 2017
Honeywell Flour Mills6 KoboJuly 7th 2017Nil14TH – 18THSeptember 201722ND September 201722ND September 2017
Tripple Gee and Company3 KoboJuly 7th 2017NilTo be advisedTo be advisedTo be advised
Flour Mills Nigeria100 KoboJuly 7th 2017NilTo be advisedTo be advisedTo be advised
Stanbic IBTC ETF 30143 KoboJuly 14th 2017Nil24th July 2017N/A7th August 2017
Stanbic IBTC Pension ETF 40143 KoboJuly 14th 2017Nil24th July 2017N/A7th August 2017
Rak Unity Petroleum Plc?10 koboJuly 24th 2017Nil31st July – 4th August 2017?23rd August 2017?28th August 2017
Redstar Express Plc?40 koboJuly 24th 2017Nil?2nd – 4th August 2017?31st August 2017?7th September 2017
SKYE SHELTER FUND700 koboJuly 24th 2017Nil15th Sept 2017N/A29th Sept 2017
Flour Mills Of Nigeria Plc100 KoboAugust 2nd 2017Nil7th August – 11thAugust 20176th September 201712th September 2017
Custodian And Allied Insurance Plc (Interim Dividend)10 KoboAugust 2nd 2017Nil21 August – 25 August 2017N/A5th September 2017
Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc (Interim Dividend)50 KoboAugust 2nd 2017Nil11th August 2017N/A17th August 2017
McNichols consolidated Plc3 KoboAugust 10th 2017Nil25th – 30th August 201728th September 201710th October 2017
Zenith Bank Plc (Interim)25 KoboAugust 10th 2017Nil21st August 2017N/A25th August 2017 GDR: 1st September 2017
GT Bank (Interim)30 koboAugust 15th 2017Nil24th August 2017N/A5th September 2017
Access Bank(Interim)25 KoboAugust 23 2017Nil7th September 2017N/A21st September 2017
UBA (Interim)20 KoboAugust 24 2017Nil31st AugustN/A11th September 2017
UnityKapital Assurance5 KoboAugust 29 2017Nil11th – 13th September 201714th September 201715th September 2017
Stanbic IBTC Holdings60 KoboAugust 29 2017Nil7th September 2017N/A27th September 2017
Guiness Nigeria64 KoboSeptember 5 2017Nil25th - 29th September 201725th October 201726th October 2017
?PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc50 KoboSeptember 13 2017Nil2nd - 6th October 2017?12th October 201713th October 2017
Nigerian Enamelware Plc?NilSeptember 13 20171 for 518th - 22nd September 20175th October 2017N/A
Cutix Plc18 KoboOctober 10 2017Nil16th – 20th October 201727th October 201721st November 2017
Nigerian Breweries Plc (Interim)100 KoboOctober 26 2017Nil16th - 22nd November 2017N/A23rd November 2017
Total Nigeria Plc (Interim)300 KoboOctober 26 2017Nil4 - 8 December 2017N/A18th December 2017
Nestle Nigeria PlcN15November 22 2017Nil27th Nov.2017- 1st Dec. 2017N/A11th December 2017
Sim Capital Alliance Value FundN10December 4 2017Nil12th December 201719th December201727th December 2017
UPDC Real Estate Investment Trust44 KoboDecember 4 2017Nil11th December 2017N/A20th December 2017


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                                Stanbic 728 x 90

                                We began in 2002 as a transaction switching and electronic payments processing business, building and managing payment infrastructure, delivering innovative payments solutions and driving transactions across Nigeria and other African markets. We provide secure solutions and services that facilitate convenience and real value for consumers, businesses, governments and other organizations, helping to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and drive sustainable revenue growth.

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                                Corporate Press Releases

                                Shareholders applaud FCMB, approve dividend of N2.97bn at AGM

                                The virtual meeting is also in accordance with Section 254 of the Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020 and as approved by the CAC.




                                Shareholders of FCMB Group Plc ( have restated their confidence in the financial institution to sustain its impressive performance and deliver more value. The shareholders gave the commendation at the 8th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Group held on April 21, 2021 at its corporate head office in Lagos. They also unanimously approved the payment of a dividend of N2.97 billion, translating to 15 kobo per ordinary share for the year ended December 31, 2020, as against 14 kobo per share the previous year.

                                The AGM was held virtually due to the prevailing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and streamed live via to shareholders of the financial institution. This is in conformity with government’s directives on physical distancing and the restriction on maximum number of people at every gathering due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual meeting is also in accordance with Section 254 of the Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020 and as approved by the Corporate Affairs Commission.

                                FCMB Group is a holding company divided along three business groups; Commercial and Retail Banking (First City Monument Bank Limited, Credit Direct Limited, FCMB (UK) Limited and FCMB Microfinance Bank Limited); Corporate & Investment Banking (The Corporate Banking Division of the Bank, FCMB Capital Markets Limited and CSL Stockbrokers Limited) and Investment Management (FCMB Pensions Limited, FCMB Asset Management Limited and FCMB Trustees Limited).

                                The Chairman of FCMB Group, Mr. Oladipupo Jadesimi, along with the Group Chief Executive, Mr. Ladi Balogun; Company Secretary/General Counsel, Mrs. Funmi Adedibu; a Director of the Group, Mrs. Olapeju Sofowora; Executive Director, Corporate Banking & Investment Banking of the Group, Mr. Olufemi Badeji, representatives of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Securities and Exchange Commission as well as leaders of shareholder Associations, were present at the meeting.

                                Speaking at the AGM, the Co-ordinator of Independent Shareholders Association of Nigeria (ISAN), Sir Sunny Nwosu, praised the institution for efficiently running its affairs and the appreciable growth recorded in key operating areas.

                                According to him, “FCMB is a great institution and we are glad that its value is growing. The fact that it has been able to meet all its financial obligations to its creditors is a very good sign of strength. It also shows the seriousness of the management to remain worthy of doing business with. From the results, it is clear that the management has done its best to grow all the subsidiaries, thereby contributing significantly to profit and the overall performance of the Group. We appreciate the results and dividends declared by FCMB, while looking forward to many more years of prosperity”.


                                Also commenting, the National Co-ordinator of Pragmatic Shareholders Association of Nigeria Mrs. Bisi Bakare, stated that, “we are impressed by the digital transformation drive of FCMB which has impacted positively on customer service and financial inclusion. We commend FCMB for the introduction of paperless and cardless transactions at branches and other touch points. We are also happy that the Bank intervened to support the government and Nigerians to ease the problems caused by COVID-19 through various support. It is also a thing of joy to see the Bank carrying out several activities to grow businesses and empower Nigerians, especially youths. The 2020 results are a welcome development”.


                                The National Chairman, Progressive Shareholders Association of Nigeria, Mr. Boniface Okezie, said, “FCMB as a Group has done so well over the years in every aspect of business. The institution is growing rapidly with branches all over the country. It is also performing well in terms of innovation, technology and customer service. Profit and dividend are rapidly increasing going by the 2020 financial results. The dividend payment of 15k to shareholders is a very good one in the midst of the difficult situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, FCMB Group has done excellently well and we are optimistic of a brighter future”.

                                Presenting the report for the year ended December 31, 2020, the Chairman, Mr. Jadesimi, assured that FCMB Group is well-positioned to continue to succeed in the years to come, even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. He attributed the optimism to the decisions that the financial institution has made over the past few years, especially those around leveraging new digital technology, to expand access to financial transactions.

                                According to him, ‘’the Board of Directors has adopted a policy that seeks to provide investors with a stable and sustainable form of capital distribution, with consideration given to the growth and capital requirements of the business, thereby maximising long-term share value for shareholders’’.

                                Stanbic 728 x 90

                                On his part, the Group Chief Executive of FCMB Group Plc, Mr. Ladi Balogun, reported that in spite of the challenging macroeconomic environment, the Group grew profit after tax by 13.4% to N19.7billion. He added that this increase had a direct correlation with earnings per share, which grew from 87 kobo in 2019 to 98 kobo in 2020, while return on average equity also rose to 9.2% from 9%.

                                He stated that, “our businesses continue to improve with growth in other key indicators, such as loans and advances 14.9% and total assets 23.4%. Customer deposits grew by 33.3% to over N1.2 trillion with a large portion of the growth coming from current and savings accounts. Our customer base in the Group also increased from 6.8 million to 8.3 million. Our investment management businesses increased their assets by 23% to almost N500 billion at the end of the year’’.

                                Mr. Balogun further reported that, “across the Group, our digital transformation gathered momentum, with the total number of internet banking growing by 43% to 6.6 million. Transaction volumes from mobile banking (App and USSD) grew by 74% in 2020. Our digital loans grew from N14.5 billion in 2019 to N54.6 billion at the end of 2020. Innovation and efficiency gains will be the key pillars on which we seek to raise our game in the near future. We expect that in 2021, we will continue with the strides we have made with our digital initiatives, as our technology platforms and products continue to contribute to our performance and competitiveness. We will remain resilient and innovative in charting new avenues for growth. We will also remain committed to elevating the quality of life of all our stakeholders’’.

                                Speaking on the response of FCMB Group to the challenges of COVID-19, he disclosed that the financial institution contributed immensely to the efforts at combating the spread of the pandemic and alleviating the pains of the most vulnerable members of the society by donating N250 million to the CACOVID initiative.

                                The Group Chief Executive added that, “we also supported state governments across the country to provide testing, palliatives, various medical items, including Personal Protective Equipment and ambulances to assist them effectively equip and secure health workers. We also provided catalytic support for Through this initiative, one million vulnerable Nigerians had access to meals during the height of the government lockdown’’.

                                Coronation ads

                                FCMB Group and its subsidiaries have consistently proved their mettle as resilient institutions with significant improvement on all financial fundamentals over the years.

                                Among other results for the year 2020, the Group’s gross revenue increased to N199.4 billion, a 10% increase from N181.3 billion achieved in 2019. The results also showed enhanced customers confidence in FCMB, as deposits grew by 33% to N1.3trillion from N943.1billion in the previous year. Loans and advances surged by 15% to N822.8 billion as at December 2020. Total assets of the Group increased by 23% to N2.06 trillion last year. Moreover, FCMB Group’s net interest income was up by 20% to N90.8 billion for the full year 2020 from N76.0 billion in 2019. Non-interest income equally increased to N37.8 billion, representing a 9% growth, as against N34.8 billion prior year. The Group’s Assets Under Management (AUM) also sustained its growth trajectory by rising to N495.2 billion for the year ended December 2020, up by 23%.

                                Similarly, capital adequacy ratio remained stable at 17.7% for the retail and commercial banking subsidiary of the Group (that is, First City Monument Bank). The capital adequacy ratio of 17.7% is above the benchmark set by the Central Bank of Nigeria for deposit money Banks in the country. Liquidity ratio of the Bank stood at 34.2% as at the end of the financial year 2020, indicating that the financial institution is in a very healthy position. Non-performing loans to total loans ratio stood at a modest 3.3%.


                                Analysts have already expressed broadly positive views on FCMB’s 2020 financial results. An analyst described it as, “very encouraging”.

                                A financial expert stated that, “the 2020 results of the Group is a clear indication that the business is on a stronger pedestal with capacity to deliver more value to shareholders, the market and other stakeholders”.

                                FCMB Group is a frontline financial services institution in Nigeria with subsidiaries that are market leaders in their respective segments. Having successfully transformed to a retail banking and wealth management-led group, FCMB has continued to distinguish itself through innovation and the delivery of exceptional services.

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